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Waukesha County, WI - Hounds on the move

I have been to Key Westconsin twice. I wasn't terribly impressed with my lunch there. I had mini lobster rolls and they were unimpressive (needed some acid, maybe a squeeze of lemon juice) and the bun was kind of stale. The the crab cake sliders were overpowered by the pretzel roll buns. Neither was terrible but a little extra effort and ingredient selection would have yielded better results. The crab cakes would have worked well with a Sweet Hawaiian dinner roll bun or a mini brioche and some spicier aioli.

However I loved brunch there. I had the lobster Benedict too and it is really good. Having breakfast and one of their great Bloody Marys during Farmers Market season is one of the best dining experiences in Waukesha.

May 08, 2012
EatWisconsin in Great Lakes

Waukesha County, WI - Hounds on the move

Jimmy's Grotto delivers but their menu is limited (they may have spaghetti but not much else in the way of pasta or chix parm). Nobody gets anything but PonzaRotas anyways.

I don't know of any other non-chains that deliver. You are better off doing Matteo's, Mia's or Michaels (I love all of their veal dishes) carryout.

Apr 19, 2012
EatWisconsin in Great Lakes

Waukesha County, WI - Hounds on the move

All of these replies and not a single mention of Fuzzy's in Waukesha? For shame :).

Fuzzys is great. Its a dive bar that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, all of which are great. Its the type of place that would be a prime candidate for Diners, DriveIns, and Dives. The breakfasts are what I usually go for. I love their biscuits and gravy (served on weekends) and the breakfast tostadas and burritos. For lunch and dinner don't miss their awesome wings and the Mean Jean, a large burger with a giant mound of onion strings.

To answer your question about Matteo's, it is the best pizza spot in Waukesha. Maybe even the best in Waukesha county. I love their pizzas. The antipasto salad is another staple. I have eaten there (carry out or dine in) probably 50 times and still haven't tried anything but pizza, salads, and appetizers.

Apr 13, 2012
EatWisconsin in Great Lakes

Moving to Milwaukee - would love vegetarian-friendly restaurant recs!

For Indian food in a casual setting you have two great and very cheap options; Bombay Sweets and Indian Bazaar.


Also for the best Vegetarian bar food around, check out Palomino Bar.


Mar 26, 2012
EatWisconsin in Great Lakes

The *other side* of the Food Truck argument... [DTW]

I can see why businesses would be upset. You spend all kinds of money to open up in a neighborhood and then someone can just come park outside your business and undercut you. People claim free enterprise but its not a level playing field. Businesses that have brick and mortar stores pay taxes (either directly or indirectly) that pay for streets and sidewalk maintennce, snow plowing, etc and then someone who doesn't pay property taxes just comes and uses that space for free (or a nominal fee).

Mar 26, 2012
EatWisconsin in Great Lakes

Merquez sausage in Milwaukee

The only place I have seen it with any regularity is Grasch's, as Kool Whip indicated. I usually end up substituting Greek Acres Farms (Waukesha Farmers Market) lamb bratwurst when I need that style of sausage in a recipe.

Mar 26, 2012
EatWisconsin in Great Lakes

Milwaukee dining?

I cannot rave enough about Crazy Water (mentioned a couple of times here). The food is creative and always delicious.

I think Le Merenda is the best place in the City for tapas.

Maxies Southern Comfort is a great place for cajun & southern cooking. Fun atmosphere and great food.

AJ Bombers (in my opinion) has dethroned Sobleman's as the best burger in Milwaukee.

Cubanitas has creat Cuban food and is very inexpensive. The cuban sandwiches and the Lechon Asado are awesome.

Jan 19, 2010
EatWisconsin in Great Lakes

Johnsonville Brats--what's the big deal?

I'll be honest, my love of Johnsonville is tied to my youth. I have been eating them my entire life and the Johnsonville brat is the measuring stick I use when comparing other brats. Dont' get me wrong, I am not saying they are the best (that award goes to the Lake Tomahawk Meat Market) nor are they the worst, but they are a great brat that you can get anywhere. When I crave brats, I typically am craving that Johnsonville taste.

My preparation method has changed over the years. I am no longer a boil first person. I like to grill them right out of the package and then when they are done, keep them warm in a pot with beer and onions. You get a more pronounced beer flavor.

Jan 19, 2010
EatWisconsin in General Topics

MKE: Roots

I think that much of the praise heaped on Roots is because it’s a hip hangout. What they are doing (working with farmers, growing their own stuff) is admirable but I think they just miss the mark on the food. I have never had a bad meal there but I have never had a great one either.
If I were to recommend one restaurant it would be Crazy Water. Lake Park Bistro is excellent but I always steer clear of recommending a French restaurant to an out of town visitor because most of them have French restaurants in their own Cities. You can get most of the dishes from Lake Park Bistro or Coquette at other French restaurants. I try to steer people towards unique places which is why I really like Crazy Water. La Merenda is great too but if Brad is dining solo its not as fun as when you have a group and can order 10 different plates.

Wisconsin Cheese .... amazing

They have some fenugreek gouda at Brennan's but I cannot remember if its that brand. Nonetheless that stuff was awesome. I bought a wedge and it was gone in 3 days.

Iron Mountain, MI (and vicinity) - Need suggestions

I will be up in northern Wisconsin in a couple weeks not to far from Iron Mountain, MI. I haven't bee to this area yet so I am asking Chowhounds for suggestions for food (especially breakfast and dinner places) and fun bars/drinking establishments. I want to avoid any chain restaurants too.

Princeton/Montello Wisconsin - Pizza?

We have 13 people so it sounds like they could accomodate us. I just checked out their menu and it looks awesome. Buffalo wing pizza? Sign me up. Thanks a ton for the tip.

Princeton/Montello Wisconsin - Pizza?

I will be in the Princeton/Montello area and I am wondering if there are any good pizza places. We have a large group so if need be we can do carry out, but dine in is preferred. Bars that serve good homemade pizza are also okay with us. Any recommendations would be great!


Cafe Esperanza in Waukesha, WI

La Estacion...one of the few places where two people can go, have a couple of beers and dinner and have a bill that is under 20 bucks. I love how inexpensive, yet good La Estacion is.

Cafe Esperanza in Waukesha, WI

Has anyone eaten at Cafe Esperanza in Waukesha? It is a restaurant that is used to train local chefs and I saw an ad in the newspaper for it today. I am thinking of trying it out but wonder if any Chowhounds have tried it yet.