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Grape Ice cream?

It's banned in the USA until 2028.

Hakka in Mississauga

Just went to Eddys Wok n Roll and the food was awesome! Only problem was it was super busy, I'd say avoid Saturday nights!

Nesquik Vanilla Syrup - York Region or GTA Grocery stores

If you check the website, unfortunately they only show they offer the chocolate and strawberry syrups, no mention of the vanilla.

Toronto's Best Chicken Wings

Agreed. Although, I would say more like two decades ago.

Whole Foods to open Buffalo, NY store in 2016

Whole foods in Ontario sucks!

Best Doughnuts/Donuts in Toronto: 2014

I hope so;)

Best Doughnuts/Donuts in Toronto: 2014

I know, right? I would be the guinea pig but the locations are so far from where I live in Markham. How about someone taking one for the team;)

Best Doughnuts/Donuts in Toronto: 2014

Anyone try the two new doughnuts being offered at Krispy Kreme, they look really good. Birthday Cake Batter and Brownie Cake Batter.

A surprisingly disappointing Haagen Dazs Product!!

I don't think their gelato line is very strong. I was very excited to try the pistachio gelato and found it pasty and also overly sweet. Stick to the simple ice cream flavours.

Apr 05, 2014
callitasicit in General Topics

groupon deals- Toronto restaurants

I second that!

The Old Toronto Restaurants you make the wishes for the comeback

I miss Lime Rickeys not so much for the food but for the atmosphere. Shout outs to Chi Chi's and Viva Zapata's too.

Recommendations at St Lawrence market

Haven't been in like a decade but I always liked the churrasco chicken with hot sauce and fries.

Kelseys...what to order?

By no means, am I a fan of chain restaurants but I can vouch for at least a couple of American chains such as Dave's Famous BBQ and Chili's (can't vouch for its only Ontario location though)

Cross-Border Grocery Shopping

Thanks for looking out, Magic.

Cross-Border Grocery Shopping

Thanks but chances of me going downtown for that is slim. The Red Baron deep dish were very good though.

Best cookies in Toronto

I just had one yesterday, confident to say its now the best cookie I have ever had.

Cross-Border Grocery Shopping

Oh man, if the big bags are at Costco, I must go asap!!

Cross-Border Grocery Shopping

I just came back from Buffalo a couple of weeks ago and brought quite a bit back from there. I usually bring a cooler and fill it with ice after I buy my frozen foods e.g pizza, ice cream etc. Since it was rather hot, sometimes you run the risk of the ice cream melting but I have been very fortunate not to have anything melt on me as of yet. On my recent trip, I brought back Haagen Dazs Peanut Butter Pie Ice cream, Mango ice cream and their Pistacio ice cream too. I highly recommend the Mango, it was delightful. I also brought back a couple of small pepperoni deep dish pizzas from Red Baron. I brought back some Tahitian Treat cases and Loganberry carbonated sodas. I really love Snapple Apple so I bought ten small glass bottles of those, lucky only a buck each with my Tops card;) I also bought my sour ice pops from blue bunny, pretty impossible to find. Only Walmart in Niagara Falls carried it. I was disappointed in my chips selections but I will say that the TGIF's potato skins were awesome. I would get those again.

Donut Shop Coconut Mocha Coffee for Keurig

I doubt you will find it in the GTA to be honest with you. I picked up the same kcups in Buffalo too lol along with my favourite apple cider at Tops.

Best prime rib in Ontario

Can anyone recommend a restaurant that serves the best prime rib in Ontario?

Momofuko Milk Bar

No milk or ice cream at this store.

The Saint Tavern on Ossington

This place looks great! Thanks for the heads up.

Good eats near Westin Grand Central Hotel

Thanks for all your suggestions on your great city. I guess a lot of the places I tried were more in Brooklyn than in Manhattan so I hope I don't get in trouble for posting on this board. I didn't care much for the Pearl Oyster Bar but it was a convenient lunch for us and it was on our first day there. Loved Grimaldi's in Brooklyn, the pizza in NY just blew my mind to be honest. I tried a pizza chain a few times called Bravo and even that was incredible. Toronto, Ontario Canada where I am from has god awful pizza, I don't quite get why we can't at least try to replicate the type of pizza offered in NYC or Chicago. We went to three steakhouses on our visit, Keens, Capital Grille and Peter Luger's. What I love about all three were that there was no dress code even though they were all pretty upscale steak houses. Highlights of Keens were the scotch, service and the hot fudge sundae. For Peter Luger's, loved the thick sliced bacon and the hot fudge sundae, definitely the best I have ever had and slightly better than Keen's offering. Capital Grille was near our hotel but it was very good too. Loved the setting and atmosphere, the caesar salad was the best I have ever eaten and they had a great clam chowder too. Very expensive though but we knew that going in. I will say I was disappointed with Junior's cheesecake, I thought it was too dense and creamy. I like my cheesecakes light and with a graham crust. That being said it was still good but imho nothing special. Overall, a very nice culinary experience. I really enjoyed my time there visiting the Empire State Building, 911 memorial such beautiful pools in honour of the victims, really took my breath away. The view of the pier in Brooklyn along with a river tour to see the sites including the Statue of Liberty. Times Square was also awesome especially at night, how it lit up the city. What a site to see! One thing I wasn't ready for was how much walking I would do lol. Just proved to me how poor shape I am in;) Thanks for all the suggestions on possible food options!

Jul 20, 2013
callitasicit in Manhattan

butter tarts

Well done Justsayn. I guess I deserved a taste of my own medicine this time;)

butter tarts

My response was somewhat tongue and cheek, I knew she meant Dufflet. Dick move on my part but hey, I couldn't help myself;)

Moo Milk Bar, Beaches, Toronto: Anyone been?

I loved their banana milk. I thought it would taste artificial but it was really good! Must try the others!

Momofuko Milk Bar

Spot on BokChoi! The shake I had reminded me of fruity pebbles in milk. I would go back for that occasionally but not for the "crack" pie lol.

Momofuko Milk Bar

Yes, it is very similar to a butter tart but more like a thin pie and more eggy.

Momofuko Milk Bar

I was in NY about a week ago and visited this place. Tiny space, packed full of young people looking to get their crack pie fix. I tried the fruity cereal milkshake which was very good and the crack pie which I thought was a rip off for $5, tiny slice that tasted like sweet butter. If this place is not going to sell ice cream and milkshakes, I won't be going there personally.

ISO: A Decent Cheese Steak

I was also impressed with I Went To Philly, best cheesesteak I have had, of course I've never been to Philadelphia before.