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Insalata Ricotta In Denver or Co Springs?

I'm making Cannoli tomorrow and I really need to score some Insalata Ricotta - anyone know where I can find it?

Dec 10, 2010
enigmakairos in Mountain States

lunch in columbia, md

I really enjoy Pho Dat Thanh (9400 Snowden River Pkwy). I almost always have Pho and a spring roll, but I know they've recently expanded their menu to include more traditional Amer-Asian dishes. Don't know about dinner service, but the lunch service is usually decently efficient, and I think it's some of the better, meatier Pho in MD.

Bowie BBQ

The hubster and I went yesterday evening. Here's our rundown:
We both ordered the 1/2 slab platter with baked beans and mac and cheese (we try to switch it up, but we couldn't help being in the mood for the same thing!) Hubster had the dinner roll while I had the cornbread.

The sides were great. The baked beans were amongst the best I've ever had, while the mac and cheese was quite tasty in comparison to most restaurant casserole versions.

The cornbread was a little too dry, not as flavorful as I'd prefer.

The ribs were tender, but not "fall-off-the-bone" boiled as another poster noted. They lacked any kind of complexity, however, and needed more of a rub at the very least. The texture lends me to think they're oven broiled. In either case they were certainly edible, and I thought both of the available sauces were great (though I wasn't happy to find that they charge extra for more sauce). They could also use a better beverage selection.

Overall, living in MoCo, i'd probably prefer to make the trip up there to KBQ before paying for Red Hot and Blue. Perhaps not over Urban BBQ in Rockville though. Next time I'll try different sides though. :)

Sorry, Cakelove Haters.

QFT. Agree wholeheartedly. I also think that at this point (after 50 years of a fast food lifestyle) people don't have a clue what the taste difference is between something made with land-o-lakes or plugra. Shortening or real butter. For $3 a pop I better be getting something that cost at least a buck to make.

As a "professional," I wouldn't let anything leave out of my door that taste anything remotely like a CakeLove cupcake. Not to mention - we're talking cupcakes. They should be ready-to-eat when you leave the store. There's no real reason for the excessive refrigeration other than poor production schedules and the inability to properly estimate daily sales. I shouldn't have to wait an hour for them to come to room temp. (Not that it mattered for my CakeLove experience!)

Fish 'n Chips in MD

Menu looks good. Will try tonight, thanks! :)

Fish 'n Chips in MD

We're trying to figure out what dinner will be tonight, and I've just determined I have a hankerin' for fish n chips or other Brit-related foods (Shepherd's Pie, Bread Pudding, that type of thing). I thought about Elephant and Castle, but it's a bit of a hike from us and is so-so at best anyway. Are there any good places to go in MD? My route this evening will take me from Bowie all the way to Damascus, so anywhere other than points north-east like Laurel/Columbia/Bawlmore will probably work out.

Thanks in advance. :)

Semi-Local In Vegas...

No clue! :) Since mom is local we're going to see what we get via the half-price ticket booth places. We do, however, have firm plans to see Blue Man and Zumanity. (How I'm going to watch Zumanity with my mom beside me...ugh). We're also considering that water thingamajiggie at the Wynn and I'm trying to talk the spouse into seeing Wayne Brady.

I forgot that this is Vegas and everyone is out to rip a new hole in your pocket. Does $75/pp make it ANY better?

Dec 22, 2007
enigmakairos in Southwest

Semi-Local In Vegas...

The "hole in the wall" request wasn't meant to necessarily coincide with "pre-show dinners." We'll have some days where we'll probably stay southern near Henderson or just finding weird stuff (Like the Pinball Hall Of Fame and Museum), so I figure that's when the tiny home-spun joints will work out. :) We may also take a hike to the Grand Canyon if we don't get too lazy.

Budget: we'd prefer to stay around 50/pp (no drinkin') on average, but we'll probably splurge a few times.

There's no good Dim Sum in the DC Metro (seriously. it's shocking) so we'd LOVE that.


Dec 20, 2007
enigmakairos in Southwest

Semi-Local In Vegas...

Hi Vegas Hounds!

We're DC hounds coming to Vegas from Dec 28-Jan 4. We need to know where to chow. We're going there to visit my folks, who moved there over the summer and have only had limited time to check out the various culinary options. Anywhoo, we're staying with them in Henderson, and we'll have transportation, so distance from downtown is no big deal.

Specifics: we're perfectly fine skipping the 'trendy' places or places too loud to hear each other/places that may as well be nightclubs.
Just want good food. No genre or ethnicity limitations.
Want a mix of those great hole-in-the-wall spots and nicer joints for when we venture onto the Strip to see shows.

So far we have a reservation at Firefly, but that's as far as I've gotten.
Also, I'm a classically trained pastry cook, so places with awesome desserts would be appreciated.

thanks in advance, guys. :)

Dec 20, 2007
enigmakairos in Southwest

Cheap Cheese in MoCo

I'm having a fondue dinner this weekend, and I need help -
I'm accustomed to places like the Pennsylvania Macaroni Co. in Pittsburgh and the like - old world grocers / cheesemongers who charge decent prices for cheese and don't make everything out to be "artisan" just because it's not plain-ol' Cheddar. I refuse to pay $15/lb for a decent Double Gloucester (and God forbid I actually want to buy a little aged Manchego!)

Suggestions for reasonably priced cheese in Montgomery County? Northern mo-co preferred.


Pho in Northern MoCo?

A friend and myself vowed to go out for Pho this evening, but the problem is that we have no clue where to go! Anyone have any recommendations for Pho in or preferably north of Gaithersburg?


"Gourmet" Items In Northern MoCo????

Just an update:
- BBB does not carry cream whippers, nor does World Market.
World Market does carry syrups, but they're Torani and their selection is mostly Sugar-Free (yeeeech).
- Haven't tried Rodmans for the syrups yet.
- Le Gourmet Chef way the heck over in Columbia does have a whipper (though it's not stainless :( ) but they don't carry the chargers because junkies keep rippin' em off. So I ended up having to drive from Columbia down to White Flint to go to Williams-Sonoma for the chargers. *sigh*

Thanks for all suggestions so far.

"Gourmet" Items In Northern MoCo????

Help! It's a long story, but I need to find
a) Monin flavored syrups (Will settle for Torani...if I have to)
b) A cream whipper (and NO2 chargers)

I'm in northern MoCo (Germantown area) and I'm trying to accomplish this without having to drive as far south as either Sur La Table (for the whipper) or spend quite as much money as I would have to at rip-off Williams-Sonoma...

any ideas?