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Santiago, Casablanca Valley, Valparaíso, Puerto Montt, Ushuaia, Montevideo & Buenos Aires

Hi All-
I am travelling with my boyfriend & parents to S. America in the winter. We are taking a cruise from Valparaíso to Buenos Aires with some stops before, after and along the way.
We LOVE food, and I would like to take any chance possible to get local food before, after and while on the cruise. I speak Spanish- so options off the beaten path are great!
We will be landing in Santiago and be there for one night- so I am looking for one really great restaurant. Most important is food, and then atmosphere. This doesn't need to be fancy- just really great and local food!
From Santiago we will be travelling through the Casablanca Valley and stopping at a few wineries. I'm looking for somewhere delicious to stop for lunch. We were in La Rioja, Spain last year and had the best meal of our trip at a small little restaurant I found on chowhound- Hector Oribe- for anyone who is interested.
In Valparaíso we also have one night- we are willing to take a taxi and currently have a reservation at Hotel Ultramar in Valparisio and the Best Western in Vina Del Mar. We are not sure where we will stay yet. I have heard seafood is the best in Valparaíso- so any recommendations would be great!
From Valparaíso we take the cruise and I think we should have some time to grab lunch on our own in Puerto Montt, maybe Punta Arenas, Ushuaia and Montevideo. Again- looking for the best, authentic food.
In Buenos Aires we also have one night- I know there are a million amazing steak houses to choose from- but which one is the best?

Thank you all for your help on this- I know it is very long winded!!


48 Hours in Seattle

Heading to Seattle to celebrate my boyfriends 35th birthday! We LOVE Seattle and LOVE Seafood. Our favorite place to sit for hours on end in the afternoon is Elliott's... but I am also looking for new ideas.

I am looking for both places to eat oysters and drink white wine both during the day... and at night. I read about the Walrus and the Carpenter and Rays Boathouse- Also considering a day trip to the islands, or somewhere else fabulous to dine.

For the evening- steak and seafood, italian seafood, seafood. We like the Metropolitan, and how about Anchovies and Olives?

Planning to stay downtown, so walking or short taxi is ideal- though we would be willing to travel out of downtown for amazing food!

Thanks for any advice!!!

Sep 08, 2011
sarabara79 in Greater Seattle

WA roadtrip-worthy restaurants

I'm heading up to Orca Island (I think) for my boyfriends birthday in September. Where should we eat? We live in SF so have lots of variety- looking for great seafood! Thanks!!

Sep 01, 2011
sarabara79 in Pacific Northwest

San Sebastian, La Rioja, Barcelona & Paris!

Hi All,

Looking for some great recommendations in all of these areas:
Will be in San Sebastian 2 nights, La Rioja 3 nights, Barcelona 4 nights, Paris 3 nights.
We like: great food, great wine, sangria and atmosphere. One of my favorite experiences was a Spanish Restaurant in Amsterdam that was cozy and friendly with a man playing guitar and singing flamenco music.
In Spain definitely looking for tapas and maybe in Barcelona a nice place to have Christmas Dinner? I think we are going to stay in Las Ramblas.
Paris- we would like to experience one really amazing restaurant, aside from that we love French Bistros! I think we will stay in the Latin Quarter- unless there are arguments for otherwise.
In Spain we will be driving from San Sebastian to La Rioja and down to Barcelona. Would love any advice on cheese, olive oil etc factories that we can stop and visit along the drive.
We will spending one day in Champagne- any special places to visit? Also, would love to do a tour, doesn't have to be private, but very much don't want commercial.

Thank you for all the help!!

Dec 03, 2010
sarabara79 in Europe

Key Largo/The Keys


I am traveling to the Keys, I think Key Largo next month with my boyfriend who grew up in Miami. He claims he knows everything about the Keys, but I want to find something new and special, from restaurants to a great hotel and any other fun and unique activities that a "know it all" Floridian might not know. We currently live in San Francisco and I have never been down there, so any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!!

Sep 18, 2009
sarabara79 in Florida

new southern in charlotte, nc

Hi, thanks for the replies! I guess I am not 100% what I mean by New Southern Cuisine... but it seems that restaurants like Barringtons and Noble's might fit the category.

I am looking for something lively and trendy... if the Ballantyne Resort is a more remote area, maybe a suggestion for a hotel in a better location?

Thanks so much for all the help!

new southern in charlotte, nc

I will be traveling with my boyfriend to Charlotte and Asheville NC in July. We will be in Charlotte for one night and Asheville for 4. I am hoping to get some advice on good southern/new southern cuisine restaurants... something interesting that I cannot get in San Francisco. I already tried Barringtons in Charlotte and they are closed the one night we are there. Also, in Charlotte we are planning to stay at the Ballantyne Resort... advice on if this is a good place to stay and a restaurant somewhat near by would be wonderful.

Thank you!