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Spice and Herb Oven-Braised Brisket

thank you so much , it looks fatastic Moss

Mar 23, 2010
mostafa in Recipes

How the Other 10 Percent Lives

yes its high risk , it effects with the mood of the customers , somtimes up and down , its hard work to manage with the employees , if they aren't well qualified and dishonest , its risk with the row materials specially specially if it slow moving items and many other things , also dealing with guests and looking after them and cheking their comment and making correction to reach certain standered that is challenging job, any way if you love runing restaurants you should be ready to fight fo success.
mostafa Egypt-London

Apr 16, 2007
mostafa in Features

Shawarma and Then Some

very nice
would you kindly provide me with some pictures about Shawerma
thank you

Mar 28, 2007
mostafa in Features