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Good and Kid-friendly in Cobourg?

We ended up at the Buttermilk Cafe. The kids had a chicken wrap, I had an open faced grilled chicken sandwich (a tartine). Both were fine, the fries were good, and the staff friendly. Would go back.
Thanks for the recs. Will try some of the other ones next time we are there-- Cobourg has a great beach!

Jul 08, 2012
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Good and Kid-friendly in Cobourg?

Will be in Cobourg this weekend for a tournament. Any good restaurants worth checking out? A search of the boards only mentions Zest restaurant (which is in nearby Port Hope). Anything in Cobourg proper? Any place that highlights local fare?
Looking for any recommendations at all! Thanks!

Jul 04, 2012
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Dinner rec's before the opera?

We have tickets for the opera this week at the Four Seasons Centre. They have a pretty strict no seating for latecomers policy, so we need to get there before the 7:30 start time. Anyone have any rec's for restaurants in the area?

Oct 19, 2010
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Ideas for a 40th b-day dinner?

Looking for a restaurant (preferably with a private room) that can accomodate between 35 and 40 people. There will probably be a few kids too. Location is not really an issue, though uptown would be more convenient. Any kind of cuisine (except Chinese, we get that enough) is fine.
Any suggestions/experiences?

Oct 05, 2010
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Black Hoof Cafe - Review with Pics

Am planning to go check out the Hoof after all these great reviews. I know it opens at 6pm, how early should I arrive on a Friday afternoon to get a table (for two)?

Jun 15, 2010
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

rec's for St Jacob's this weekend?

Searched the board and the last comments were a year old. Any recommendations for places to try/ things to buy when out at St Jacobs? Will be there for the May 24 weekend.

May 20, 2010
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

New Izakaya joint @ Yonge & Eg

Went to Fin today for lunch. Looks like they have changed their lunch menu-- focusing more on donburi (rice bowls with toppings). Don't know about their dinner menu.
I had the slow-cooked pork belly on rice. Came with a soft quail egg on top. Very nice. Wife had the special marinaded beef on rice. Flavour was good. Also had the tempura. Good, very nice and light batter. Came with three different kinds of dipping salts, instead of the usual sauce.
Overall, a solid choice for lunch in the 'hood. Service was very friendly. Will be back, hopefully to try the dinner menu next time.

Jan 26, 2010
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Thai in North York

Thai Bistro. On Yonge near Church (between Empress and Finch).

Oct 12, 2009
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

fennel pollen in TO?

Anyone know where to get fennel pollen? Is it a seasonal ingredient? How long does it keep?

Nov 10, 2008
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Burgers in Markham / Richmond Hill

Try Golden Star. On Yonge just a bit north of Steeles. Very good burger.

Jul 31, 2008
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Where to get great Carrot Cake?

Recently had the carrot cake at Oliver and Bonacini. Excellent! Surprising, as I am not usually a huge fan.

Mar 29, 2008
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Here's a Challenge

Don't know if it is open Mondays, but Amuse-Bouche on Tecumseh would be classy.

Feb 19, 2008
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

New to the area, looking for Trini-Indie food.

Drupati's. Bit of a drive for you, but worth it.

Oct 30, 2007
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Anyone been to Tomi Kro

We were there this past Saturday after the Cirque. In general, I agree with most of the other reviews-- good food, a bit pricey, service was nice.

The menu format isn't entirely small plates: there is an apps, mains, sides, and tapas section. Not clearly defined, which may be a bit confusing. I also thought that many of the small plates (if ordering that way) would clash.

I had the foie gras creme brulee, and thought that it was very tasty. (Probably the best of the dishes I tried that night.) The Miami ribs and the risotto are good (I ate them together) but not spectacular. Also had the tempura shrimp-- three large, moist shrimp in a nice crispy batter. Which was nice, except that it was $12. (Is $4 per shrimp a bit much, or is it just me?)
My wife had the butter chicken, which she really liked. It wasn't swimming in sauce, and rather looked more like a chicken tikka, but she said the flavour was good.
Total cost, including a glass of wine, tax and tip, was about $100.
I would go again if I was in the 'hood, but it wouldn't be a destination place for me.

Oct 16, 2007
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Thai in Toronto

Thai Bistro. On Yonge between Finch and Sheppard.

Aug 27, 2007
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

toronto noodle adventure - suggestions wanted

Thai Bistro. On Yonge between Sheppard and Finch. Run by a Thai family. Not North Americanized.

Aug 23, 2007
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Want great breakfast?

Thanks for the recs on this board, I tried Homeway this morning with my wife. It's a nice neighbourhood kind of place without being a greasy spoon diner.
The food was OK, good straightforward kind of cooking, nothing fancy... my wife had the bacon and egg sandwich, which she liked, and was happy that the portions were a good size for her. I had the eggs Benedict, which was fine, and the server brought out a ramekin of Hollandaise which he said was fresh made...tasted fine. I agree with nummanumma though that the homefries were a little underdone. Service was so-so, as the waiter spent most of his time up front, we weren't asked if we wanted refills of the coffee or hot water for tea.
I would go again, but I think I prefer Smalltalk down on Bayview for their slightly fancier menu and fresh baked goodies.

Mar 28, 2007
alvar in Ontario (inc. Toronto)