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Lunch on Route 2 in Mass?

yeah, that looks right up our alley. we'll be getting through there a little late for lunch, but it looks to be worth the wait.

Lunch on Route 2 in Mass?

Oy, I shoulda thought of that. Sorry!

Lunch on Route 2 in Mass?

My husband and I are heading from Portland to the Berkshires for a quick overnight trip tomorrow (going to see Wilco at Mass MoCA - woohoo!). I'm wondering where we should stop for lunch along the way - we'll be getting on to Route 2 from 495 and then (obviously) heading west. I'm guessing we'll be ready for lunch between Leominster and Greenfield. Would love any suggestions. Thanks!

Healthy, Casual Lunch Options Near the Merritt Parkway?

Just wanted to bump this thread up a bit -- we used it yesterday, on a drive from NJ to Maine, and LOVED our lunch at Katz's. Shoes is right about it being crowded - we had a few-minute wait for lunch at 2pm, and the line only got longer while we were there. Service is quick, and the food is very good. Best diner fries I can remember having in a long time - and a very good tuna melt on rye.

Foodie anniversary dinner in Portland

Any of your three dinner options will meet the upscale but not stuffy criteria. Bresca can be romantic - it's tiny, which can work for or against you; Fore Street tends to be busier. I think if you're excited about Hugo's, you should check it out - we had an amazing meal there a while back.

I'm surprised that Five Fifty-Five isn't on your list - perhaps because my husband and I are thinking of having our anniversary dinner (also Sunday!) there this weekend. It feels very much like a special occasion place.

Of your other dinner options, the only one I wouldn't recommend wholeheartedly is Salt Exchange. The food is lovely, but the service can be really uneven.

Happy anniversary!

Fore Street
288 Fore Street, Portland, ME 04101

Five Fifty-Five
555 Congress Street, Portland, ME 04101

111 Middle Street, Portland, ME 04101

The Salt Exchange
245 Commercial Street, Portland, ME 04101

takeout or family-friendly recommendations in Falmouth Maine?

Right in Falmouth, Stonyfield Cafe is very family friendly *if* they are into healthy food. Ricetta's is a decent pizza place that is mobbed with families.

Portland is really only 10 minutes or so from Falmouth, and there are some great options there, including Flatbread Co. (hippie pizza on the waterfront) and Silly's (crazy array of ethnic food/burgers/kid stuff in a funky atmosphere).

40 Washington Ave, Portland, ME 04101

Flatbread Company
72 Commercial St Ste 5, Portland, ME 04101

Ricetta's Brickoven Pizzeria
240 US Route 1, Falmouth, ME 04105

Ricetta's in South Portland is closing on Sunday

Our new go-to mallside option w/ our four-year-old is Chipotle. The key is getting there far before the kid is actually hungry, as the line can be really long.

Miyake with someone who doesn't eat raw fish

We had a fabulous meal at Miyake last Saturday, and my non-fish-eating brother-in-law was thrilled with the food. The other three of us ordered the five-course omakase (chef's tasting menu), which was outstanding. Highlights included the first course of sashimi, including lobster with garlic oil, salmon and a few other pieces, all of which were delicious. Another course involved both cod and cod sperm, which was insanely delicious. Somewhere along the line we had gyoza with foie gras and duck... it was just an incredible meal.

As for my brother-in-law: he ordered the 3-course vegetarian tasting menu, plus the gyoza and another pork item that I can't recall. Joe Ricchio of Portland Food Coma was our server, and he thought this order was pretty entertaining - but he also took care to let the kitchen know about my BIL's shellfish allergy.

The only - incredibly minor - drawback to this setup was that my BIL's dishes came out at a staggered pace, after the rest of us had finished the same course. It all worked out just fine, and we drank plenty of wine while we took turns eating, but if you are fussy about everyone eating at the same time, this likely isn't for you.

Miyake with someone who doesn't eat raw fish

A few of us are considering a special dinner out and would love to try Miyake - we've been to the noodle bar and LOVE it. However, one of the birthday boys does not eat raw fish, and in fact is allergic to shellfish. Is there enough other stuff on the menu to make this worth the trip for him? Or should we hit one of our other favorites (Bresca, Caiola's, etc.) and save Miyake for another time?

58 Pine St, Portland, ME 04102

Glen, NH recommendations

Yeah, whs is right - not much in Glen. But I highly recommend Moat Mountain Smokehouse, on the Glen side of North Conway. Great BBQ and really good beers. If you're going to stay for a week, it's worth investing in a growler of beer - they're $15 the first time, then you bring the empty bottle back and refills are only $9.

Moat Mountain Smokehouse
3378 White Mountain Hwy North, Conway, NH

Personal chef in Norfolk?

Hi there, mid-Atlantic hounds. My brother- and sister-in-law in Norfolk have just had their first child. We'd like to buy them some good-quality meals; in the past I've had luck doing this type of thing by finding a personal chef who will deliver. So far my Googling has only turned up a service called Eat Dessert First, run by a chef named Jennifer Peronnet.

I'd love either feedback on her or suggestions of other ways to get our family members some food while they grapple with their transition to parenthood. Thanks!

Jun 24, 2010
sopobungalow in Mid-Atlantic

Cambridge Coffee Bar and Bakehouse - South Portland, ME

I've got no details, but am THRILLED to hear this news. A friend also mentioned a yoga studio is "coming soon" in that plaza - I may never leave!

On another note, anyone know when the expansion at JP Thornton's there is going to be ready? I've eaten there a few times and have been pleasantly surprised at the value for the money. It's not great cuisine, but it's totally solid and relatively affordable - a nice combination.

Portland Saturday mid-afternoon: HELP!

The North Star - sandwiches, rice & beans, etc.

Toddler appropriate, Portland

I second the rec of Paciarino. We had lunch there w/ my three-and-a-half year old a few weeks ago, and the staff was fantastic. Friends have had large extended family meals there - from preschoolers to grandparents - and raved about how well they accommodate everyone. Not to mention the fact that the food is fabulous.

Flatbread is great, too. Can be tough if your kids are sensitive to noise - it's a big open space and it can get pretty loud. But the food is excellent and so is the beer list.

We eat at Becky's Diner every once in a while - they're great with kids, and they have a special kids' bathroom, with an itty-bitty toilet and sink. We've actually had to institute a rule that you can only go to the bathroom twice (once before you eat, once after) b/c of its popularity with the short set.

Norm's East End is another good one for kids, especially if you go early (5-5:30 for dinner) - otherwise the waits can be long and there's really no kid-friendly spot to hang out if you don't get a table right away.

Vermont lunch stop/Driving 91 North from CT to Canada border?

I was up that way a week or so ago; we stopped at the Flying Goose Brew Pub in New London, NH. It may be slightly south of where you want to stop, but it was a decent lunch break - good portions, excellent onion rings and good beer, too. It's about a mile off the interstate.

Good EATS south of Portland?

That's a pretty big area; Portland is awash in great choices. (Search the old New England board for recs.) In Kennebunkport, we often end up at Federal Jack's, the brewpub owned by Shipyard Brewing. It's not going to rank among the top five meals of your life, but they do solid pub food at decent prices, and the beer is fresh.

Portland and Cape Elizabeth Recommendations

Don't miss Scratch Baking in South Portland (between Cape and Portland) while you're in town. Excellent bagels, bread, pastries + wine. You can't eat in, but it's not to be missed.

snow squall in s.portland

I only have 2nd hand info - but a friend was there over the weekend and was entirely unimpressed. She described it as mediocre food that was "dressed up" with white tablecloths.

Portland Me

There's jazz at One Longfellow tonight - it's a great listening room with a small bar (a couple kinds of local beer, a few choices for wine, some cookies), and the prices are right...

Happy birthday, and enjoy! Sounds like a great trip.

One dinner in Portland, ME: Bresca vs. Street & Co?

I largely agree w/ domain, but I'd say that Street & Co. has a slight advantage on this one... maybe just 2 or 3 blocks closer to Art Walk festivities, but an advantage nonetheless, IMO.

Dinner in Danbury (off I-84) w/ 3-year-old

Thanks for the responses, everyone. The Poconos portion of the trip got canceled, so we ended up taking a different route thru CT en route to NJ (where, sadly, there was no glass of wine waiting). We had dinner at the Neptune House Diner in Wallingford, CT, which was serviceable at best. It fit my criteria of easy-off the highway (Rt. 15/the Wilbur Cross Pkway), but the food was mediocre - even for diner food! - and the atmosphere was downright depressing. Actually made me wish we'd stopped at the IHOP at the same exit.

Dinner in Danbury (off I-84) w/ 3-year-old

My daughter and I will be traveling from Maine to the Poconos tomorrow afternoon. We'll likely be in the Danbury area when we're ready for dinner. I'd love recommendations for an easy-on/off spot anywhere in that neck of the woods on 84. Diner-type food or burgers would be perfect - we typically stop at Rein's but the timing of this trip won't permit that.

Also, if you're curious: Will there be a big glass of wine awaiting me in the Poconos? Why, yes, indeed there will.

The Farmer's Table - Old Port Dining (Portland, ME)?

Caiola's is about 3 blocks from Local 188, if that - you could totally walk there if you wanted to. You can't go wrong w/ dinner at Street and Co., though. And Caiola's brunch *is* good... if you come back w/ the little one, it's actually pretty kid-friendly (for brunch specifically).

The Farmer's Table - Old Port Dining (Portland, ME)?

I second HD - Caiola's would be fantastic for dinner, and it's definitely got a casual vibe a la Local 188. I've only had brunch at Local 188 once - about a year ago - but it was great. Really loved their bloody mary.

Off-season lunches/dinners on Martha's Vineyard

Thanks, thos. We're staying right across the street from Sweet Life, which sounds great. I'll check out your other dinner recs, too - it would be really nice to eat someplace particularly beautiful while we're there.

Twin Mountain and Portland End of October

You can't go wrong with Caiola's brunch. 555 also does a great brunch; I haven't been there in a year or so, but it is pretty amazing.

For Sunday dinner, if you want really casual, hit Flatbread Co. on Commercial Street- great pizza, great beer -- it's a favorite of many Portlanders.

Off-season lunches/dinners on Martha's Vineyard

My husband and I are heading to MV on Friday - we'll be staying in Oak Bluffs until Monday, to celebrate our 10th anniversary. Neither of us has ever been to the Vineyard, so we'd love some suggestions on not-to-miss spots for lunch and dinner. (We'll have breakfast at the inn, and we will be bringing our car.)

We'll be looking for (at least) one special dinner to celebrate - we're omnivorous, and are big fans of places like 555, Caiola's and Street & Co. in Portland, ME, where we live. Doesn't have to be seafood-oriented. For lunches we'll likely be looking for more casual, cheap-ish fare. Any suggestions welcome!

Red's Eats in Wiscasset, Maine - Overrated?

I visited Red's for the first time a few weeks back - I've lived in Maine for more than 10 years and have always avoided it b/c of its touristy nature. But I have to say, my sister (also a Maine resident) and I were really impressed with the food. Her lobster roll was enormous - they claim to put more than a lobster's worth of meat in each roll, and it definitely seems plausible - and she said the flavor was outstanding... much better than a lobster roll she'd had a few days earlier at the Lobster Shack in Cape Elizabeth.

I had a fried haddock sandwich, which was seriously good - an enormous slab of haddock that the woman at the counter said they'd filleted that morning. In essence, I'm surprised to find myself recommending Red's.

Portland -The Corner Room and Grace?

I don't have 1sthand knowledge, but a friend ate at Grace last night and absolutely raved about the food, the space, the experience.

Portland recs?

Local 188 is great for a drink or tapas, but I'd recommend Caiola's more readily -- wonderful food, great atmosphere and really impressive hospitality. We've eaten there a number of times in varying situations - with a toddler, with parents, with friends, with a business contact -- and have loved it every time.

I agree w/ PPs that you really can't go wrong w/ the places you mentioned.