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What kind of kitchen knives do you use?

This thread and many of the replies remind me of pool players and the makers of high end pool cues and the way they market them. The same can be said for golf clubs. Anyway, ever see a guy come in with a very expensive cue, make a big show of opening the case, assembling the cue, roughing the tip and chalking it. Then he gets totally owned by a guy using a house cue.

As for the knives, I never spent much money on knives but my wife bouhgt a set of Cutco knives before we were married. She has had them now for over 12 years. They are still extremely sharp and cut through anything like a hot knife through butter. The scissors can cut a penny and are still as sharp as new afterwards.

I just watched a sales video for Shuns. In it the guy gives a list of things that you you shouldn't place things on to be cut when using your Shuns. Amazingly the "inferior" Cutco knives have no problmes like this. In fact, the cutting board I use the most because of the large size is a glass cutting board. Taboo to the Shun and yet it hasn't affected the Cutco knives. Another thing about the Cutco knives are the fact that we haven't had to sharpen them at all. Not one time.

I could care less which knives you use or intend to use. I figure most of the high end knives are pretty good so at that point, it's more a matter of personal preference. Just remember that the marketers will tell you anything to get you to buy their knives. Keep in mind the old saying about fighter pilots, it's 10% machine and 90% pilot. In otherwords, a lesser quality knife won't make you a bed chef and a top quality knife won't make you a better chef. It's just a tool. Find the one that you like and forget what other people say. If they are happy with theirs, more power to them, it doesn't however mean you will be equally as thrilled with them.

Good luck in your individual quests for the perfect knife.

Mar 27, 2007
Rhush2112 in Cookware