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Kapnos Taverna

I should have ordered it! I must return. BTW, my son thought the feta spread was salty, and I thought it was perfect!

Kapnos Taverna

Really? I was tempted to try it but got scared. Was it really salty?

Kapnos Taverna

We went to Kapnos Taverna on Saturday and I was duly impressed. I really like Graffiato, so I was worried that my expectations were too high. We got the trio of dips, delicious flatbread and hummus that was the best I have ever had, along with a feta dip and a lentil. All very good. zucchini bites were fired perfectly and had a great yogurt sauce. Octopus was smoky and tender. Oysters were extremely fresh and well shucked. Gyros were smoky and on to-di-for bread. Highly recommend it.

India chicken

My international store sometimes calls silkies, or black chickens, India chicken. Regardless, they are delicious.

Feb 25, 2015
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Kogiya in Annandale

I liked it a lot. So much that I had to go back a second time. Nice beef, not fatty, loved the potato salad, miso pork was tender and flavorful.

Good hoagies in Northern VA or general DC area?

New York Deli Italian Restaurant, 13700 Old Brandywine Road Brandywine, MD 20613. It was huge, salty, meaty and complex, everything I like in an Italian hoagie.

Mazagan, Moroccan in Arlington - Report

You are right! Thanks for letting me know!

Mazagan, Moroccan in Arlington - Report

Really? I was driving past it on my way to El Pollo Rico last Sunday and it looked open.

Mazagan, Moroccan in Arlington - Report

There's Taste of Morroco on Wilson Blvd in Clarendon.


Harris teeter sells them.

Good basic breakfast in NoVa?

We always go to Harold and Cathy's in Dumphries or S&G in Quantico town. Both are 50s throwbacks with substantial amounts of food.

Ihop for birthday dinner.

You definitely should go, if that's what you want! I got some kind of omlette sandwich ther e last week and it was pretty ok.

Nov 19, 2014
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Where can I find Saba in Northern VA?

I was cooking through Mike Isabella's cookbook and ended up getting it at the Italian Store, off Route 50.

Please check out my food blog

I agree about not hearing enough about you, your attitudes, what's making you happy, and what you want. Otherwise, I will definitely read your blog. I tried blogging for about 10 months, but lost enthusiasm. Hope you live long and prosper!

Oct 23, 2014
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Sonic Drive-In Is it worth seeking out?

No, there's one in Fredericksburg, VA.

Oct 16, 2014
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ISO - NoVA area suckling pig to roast - Please help

If you are up to going to Clinton MD (about 10 miles from the Wilson Bridge) BK Miller's always has suckling pig!

Lebonon bologna

I was in Central PA and neglected to buy Lebonon bologna. Where can I can some in the DMV?

3-5 (Worldwide) Chains You'd Like on Your Turf

We have Nando's Peri-Peri in the DC metro area. There is one a couple of miles from my house!

Feb 11, 2014
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Casual lunch with business partner near Quantico

I go down there a lot for business. I'm totally smitten by the Bier Garten, Roadhaus Eatery and Bier Garten
3925 Jefferson Davis Hwy.
Stafford, VA. 22554
Phone: (703) 221-1375
Email: comments@roadhauseatery.com


Thanks!! Did not know it existed,but will check it out soonest!!


Thanks! I'm thinking of going to a place in Hollidaysburg that I googled this weekend.

Aug 27, 2013
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Anyone know of place that sells raw milk near Johnstown or Bedford? I travel 99 to 22 around once a month and am looking for raw milk.

Aug 22, 2013
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Society Faire in Old Town Alexandria has delicious guaniciale for about $6.99/lb.

Best Eastern Shore Produce Stand

We stopped athe one on 50 next to the seafood store and were very happy. The peaches and tomatoes were very ripe!


Both places sound great! I looked up Herb and Soul and would definitely go there and well....who doesn't love a good sub?


Thanks, all sound good. What is your opinion of Towson Hot Bagels? Doesn't sound like a chain!


Oooh, we love pho, great idea!


Thanks! I saw Thai One On, should have stopped. I will be brave and drive down York Road as well.


Thanks! The Cuban Cafe sounds like something we would love. I drove past the Melting Pot, we will try it out.


Drove up to Towson today, son will be going to school there in the fall and anticipate many more trips. Where to eat? We had lunch at the Green Turtle, which totally underwhelmed. Looking for suggestions...