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Best canned sardines?

Holy cow! Talk about comprehensive.

Best canned sardines?

They're in Shaw's, Stop & Shop, Market Basket - all the chains.

Best canned sardines?

Kebec1, I'm in the Boston area, and you can get Canadian sardines here - next to the tuna fish! ;-)

Baking with kefir

Yes, you can use kefir and you'll be amazed at how luscious your muffins will be. I use it all the time.

Nov 09, 2011
fundymermaid in Home Cooking

Is It Safe to Leave Butter Out at Room Temperature?

I've always kept salted butter in a covered butter dish on the counter. It's *never* gone off....I don't know what people are talking about! :-)

Sep 01, 2011
fundymermaid in Features

Anything new in the restaurant scene in Saint John?

I'll be staying overnight in October and wondered if there's any new eateries (since last year) I should try in the downtown area. Thanks!

Aug 31, 2011
fundymermaid in Atlantic Canada

Where to eat dinner in Saint John?

Tempest, thank you so much for replying. Looks like it's a tossup between Lemongrass and Opera.

Mar 30, 2011
fundymermaid in Atlantic Canada

Where to eat dinner in Saint John?

Staying in Saint John for one night at the Holiday Inn Express. I've have done been impressed with dining selections so far. Can anyone recommend an interesting dining experience for a solo traveler? I'm not vegetarian, but would prefer not to go to a steakhouse.


Mar 29, 2011
fundymermaid in Atlantic Canada

Need Suggestions for NS Dining.

Yes, come to The French Shore!

Roadside Grill has been there for 50+ years, and I suspect it will survive another 50. They have *the* best rappie pie in the are (this is coming from an Acadian). Ask for a corner piece to ensure that you have a good deal of the delicious crust to crunch on.

Another great take is the Dennis Point Cafe in West Pubnico ( in the Argyle Acadian area on he other side of Yarmouth). Their lobster poutine is a treat beyond compare!

Avoid the CapeView in Mavillette. Best beach and postcard views, but lousiest food.

For a higher end treat, try Chez Bruno is Yarmouth. Always a quality meal...

Dec 28, 2009
fundymermaid in Atlantic Canada

Traveling to Quebec City in May with my hubby and twin brothers (age 22), need help...

Chez Hubert in the old city is a fabulous B&B, and the price is right. There is a 5 course breakfast served, so you can skip lunch!

Enjoy your stay, as it is a magical city.

Anyone taken cooking classes at Truly Jorg's?


Cooking classes are being offered at Truly Jorg's in Saugus. Has anyone taken a class there, and are they worth the price?

Thank you

Quebec City - would like to be immersed in Quebecois cuisine

Yes, it is! It's on the wharf in West Pubnico, NS

Clam shacks with great scallops

Kelly's in Revere or Saugus. You cannot go wrong

Quebec City - would like to be immersed in Quebecois cuisine

Thank you all for the recommendations. The best poutine I've ever had was an in Acadian restaurant in West Pubnico, Nova Scotia on the wharf called Denny's cafe. It was LOBSTER poutine. Instead of gravy, there was Newburg sauce poured over the lobster, French fries and cheese...

By Quebecois cuisine I meant St. Lawrence seafood specialties, maple, maple, maple and maybe a rabbit or two.

Quebec City - would like to be immersed in Quebecois cuisine

Could someone suggest medium priced restos in Quebec City for a first time visitor. I'd like to be immersed in Quebecois cuisine for this visit. Will be staying on Ste. Ursule and would like suggestions within walking or short taxi rides distance. Merci beaucoup!

Dinner 2nite at Tacos Lupita

Ask them to turn down/off the dang TV while you're there, will ya?

Nova Scotia dining summer 2007

Here's another recommendation for Chez Christophe in Grosses Coques. I'm from the Boston area but I have a summer home nearby, and you cannot beat Christophe's for a homey good meal. Try the fabulous scallops sauteed JUST right. To sample the traditional Acadian "special occasion" dish, ask for a sample of rappie (pronounced roppie) pie. A visit to the area is not complete without trying it. For dessert, I highly recommend the berry pie warmed up with a dab of vanilla ice cream and cheddar on the what could be better?

Rudders is the place to be seen in Yarmouth, but it has the menu has the feel and blandness of a chain.

Another superb meal can be had at a cafe by the wharf in West Pubnico. It opened a couple of years ago, and is spotless. The highlight there is the lobster poutine. You can hear your heart valves clogging as you enjoy french fries with gravy, cheese and lobster all piled on top. Me, I top it all off with a chocolate milk shake. Enjoy, as you're not going ot eat it every day! If only....

By the way, everyone is bilingual, and they can spot a tourist a mile away.

Enjoy the area. Vive L'Acadie!!!

Mar 28, 2007
fundymermaid in Atlantic Canada