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Savory Egg Pudding

This recipe has potential, but it is flawed.

For starters, the potatoes did not cook adequately, even after 35 minutes in the oven and 20 minutes cooling. I would recommend blanching them for a minute in salt water before add the herbs and zest.

Also, the cream is unnecessary, and to my taste excessive. I like rich foods, but this was too rich. Substituting more half-and-half for the cream would be better. (You could even substitute whole milk for the cream.)

The flavors themselves were fine, but perhaps a little bland. The idea of adding jalapenos is nice. but if not everyone likes spicy foods I think pimento or roasted red peppers would be a nice addition.

I found the dish so lacking in salt, even after adding a lot of salt, that I am inclined to say it would benefit from the addition of a salty ingredient. Brine-cured olives, capers, or feta cheese chunks.

Lastly, there is really no reason to remove the egg white from one of the eggs. It's just more work without any real benefit.

Jun 05, 2008
pcorcoran in Recipes