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Finally! Thai takeout comes to Sugar Hill

To a laundromat of all places. We've watched with trepidation as it crept through various stages of renovation and readiness and finally opened a few weeks back. We have ordered three times so far. A tiny menu of curries and noodles. Very inexpensive. The curries have been surprisingly good: spicy, nuanced, authentic for wont of a better word. Noodles, though tasty, seem overcooked and a bit mushy. Pad thai better than pad see yew. Ka Praw pretty good but not memorable. Tom Yum soup zingy and good, but lacking that transcendent balance of salty, fishy, and spicy.

Overall, a boon to a neighborhood with no other thai in sight. Its not Sri, but most certainly not the sweetish gloppy faux thai of so many places downtown. Portions of curries are small, noodles large. Very nice people and shockingly fast delivery. They weren't up on menu pages or has a site as of last week.

Tri Thai 212-234-4711
St. Nicholas at 148th (in the strip mall with the rent-a-center)

Dec 28, 2010
verbena in Manhattan

coffee cake

will be back in town for thanksgiving, and have been craving a coffee cake like they used to make at the old main street bakery in evanston. yeasty, moist, with layers of baked in crumblies and nuts, maybe even some gooey topping.

where is my best bet for finding such a thing?

Nov 15, 2010
verbena in Chicago Area

Tres Pasos

Have tried tacos at Tres Pasos twice. Once right after they opened, then about a month later. Both times taco fillings were way too cold and only one tortilla was used, resulting in a soggy mess. Flavors of the meat fillings were good, especially the pork, but all together was completely inauthentic...who wants to bite into a taco full of warm meat and ice cold veggies?? Disconcerting and clearly not improving over time. Toro Partido gets my vote.

Apr 15, 2007
verbena in Manhattan

Mexico City over Easter weekend

Hi everyone, hubby and i will be in the DF over easter weekend, and heard that some of the often recommended restaurants will be closed, eg. Pujol, Aguila y Sol.

Does anyone know what has a better chance of being open? We spoke to the concierge at the hotel and he said about 25% of the bigger restaurants will be closed, but most of the little places will be open. We have have been to the DF before, and love everything from the street food stands to the fancier places in Polanco/Condesa.

Any and all recommendations appreciated.

Mar 27, 2007
verbena in Mexico