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Restaurants that make you leave your neighborhood?

The Potato Valley in DC is on E St, NW, between 6th and 7th Sts, on the the southern side of the block... I, um, sort of accidentally go there often for lunch.

Urbana Recommendations?

I actually went there for the last night of Dining out for Life... And I have to say, the Pastas, while good, were incredibly small portions for the price. I'm talking, 6 *small* pieces of ravioli for one full-size portion. Of the two friends I was with, one other ordered pasta, and thank goodness the third ordered a pizza so that we could share and still feel full! :o)
I enjoyed the meal, but was not at all feeling a return anytime soon.

Marvin Last Night

I went last week, and had a very similar experience. While the food was "good", not great, the service really almost ruined the meal for us. After being asked 5 times in the first ten minutes if we were ready to order, and then not having the server stop by practically at all the whole meal until he attempted to steal my half-finished plate of food from me, I more than clearly got the impression that they were rushing us, and wanted us out. Ugh.

Ray's the Steaks vs Brasserie Beck vs Rasika vs Hook vs ? for 8-12 guys (night out?)

Personally, I had a great meal at Hook, and think it would be a fun dinner spot. But, it was definitely on the lighter side! :o)
Does your group like Italian? What about Tosca or Specie? I am pretty sure you could do either with that budget if you're not drinking!
Also, I might recommend Mio... Delicious food, they have side areas where they can acoomodate larger groups.

Date Night Dinner: Dino, Zola, or Marvin

I would not recommend Marvin for a date night... I was there this week and, while the food was good, the service was abysmal, and the noise-level, even during the week, was far too high to be able to converse easily. I agree Dino has a great wine list and I really enjoy the food, but it is not so "datey." Zola would be fun, and I'd second the rec for Proof. I also am in love with Cork, and also in that neighborhood, is Bar Pilar. Small plates, and they've really stepped up their game. Both feel very neighborhoodish. I would also not recommend Urbana.... It, too, was loud last I was there, and the food seemed overpriced for what it was... Though, I did enjoy the pizza!

Inspire Me: What are your cooking plans for this weekend?

is everyone in DC?
I was going to break out my new
Artisanal Bread in 5 minutes a Day book... and see what took my fancy...
would the Humidity affect that too?!

Apr 10, 2008
food.fiend in Home Cooking

Restaurants near Nats Stadium?

In that case, I would head to somewhere in Capitol Hill, which is maybe a 5-10 minute drive and the closest area to the Stadium by car (just on a different Metro line you would have had to transfer to)... maybe Sonoma, Montmartre, or Locanda...If you seach the board for those, you should see some good reccs... Chinatown/Penn Quarter still wouldn't be too far either...

Your Favorite Burger?

I really like the Stoney Burger from, you guessed it, Stoney's, as well as those from Ollie's Trolley...
Also, for a higher end burger, Marvin's (while I detested the service there) was superb...

Night out for new parents

I'd also suggest Tallulah....

Restaurants near Nats Stadium?

Check out any of the listings for places in Chinatown/Penn Quarter or even U Street area (though it's a further)... they are all on the same Metro line, and only a few stops away. The stadium was not placed in an already built-up area, and not much has come in near-by since it just opened....

Restaurants near Folger theater?

Sigh... you got Macbeth tickets? I am so jealous...


You know, everytime someone uses that acronym, I am convinced they are talking about the Department of Motor Vehicles... and it confuses the hell out of me....

Marvin--New Restaurant in Shaw

Did anyone ever get their hands on a copy of the menu?

Mustard Seeds

I am blanking on the exact proportions, but the Gourmet Cookbook has the most delicious Mustard Seed and Horseradish Broccoli recipe ever. I tried to find it available online, but no such luck. A search did turn up, however, that it is on pg. 524 of the cookbook.
I believe it is basically something along these lines, however:
1 Head of Broccoli
2 T Butter
1 T Mustard Seeds
1 T Horseradish
2 t Lemon Juice
Salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste

Steam the Broccoli, and while broccoli is steaming, prepare the sauce. Melt the butter over medium-low heat, and add the mustard seeds. Once the seeds start turning a light brown and "popping," turn off the heat, and add the lemon juice, horseradish, and salt and pepper to taste. Mix with steamed broccoli, and it's done.

Quick, easy, delicious, and it uses a largish amount of mustard seeds. So much so that I have run out of them twice in the past few months.

Apr 07, 2008
food.fiend in Home Cooking

Has anyone else been to Indigo Landing?

I haven't been, but I do know that they *just* reopened after a long closure. They were closed from Aug/Sep until maybe a few weeks ago (Mar. 20? I think?). And I believe that they "adjusted" the menu during that time... so it might be safe to say that while they are a restaurant that has been around for some time (in some form), they are still working out the kinks.

14th street dining after Cork

Hahaha... same thing posted at about the same time... great minds think alike.

14th street dining after Cork

I agree with the above options, but would actually suggest you check out the menu and what people are ordering at Cork once you get there! The dishes are actually quite large, and I would call some of them more "deconstructed mains" than small plates. The chicken and steak dishes, for instance, are full cuts of meat, but they just lack the sides. Which you then order separately. Like the potato leek gratin, or the frites. And all are delicious! If, of course, you can convince him of this! :o) Also, close by, I would check out any of the Ethiopian places. It's not really that far of a walk.

Cork Wine Bar

Agreed, Sundays are definitely slower and the restaurant feels more like a neighborhood joint, then an uber-popular "Place to Be." Also, if you do make reservations early, or call ahead, you could just ask to not be in the front room. That is where it gets loudest and there is the crowd hanging around the bar. The back two rooms (still small and quite cute and cozy) are quieter and would be nicer if it is on a busier night!

In DC for 8 days...

I would also add Circle Bistro, which should be about 3 blocks from your hotel, right on Washington Circle, and they have a great bar/lounge area to sit in, as well a nicer dining area. And, in Dupont, and on the same street as Pizzeria Paradisio, you should try Mark and Orlando's. Upstairs is a more causal restaurant with a shorter menu, and downstairs is more uspcale. But both are delicious.

Mark & Orlando's
2020 P St NW, Washington, DC 20036

Circle Bistro
One Washington Circle, Washington, DC 20037

Cork Wine Bar

I shouldn't think it would be too difficult. First, because they do accept "pre-theatre" reservations up until 6:30 pm, and second, because even if you cannot make that, you can call 30 minutes in advance to put your name on the list. So, easy if you go early!

Besides the above recommendations, the Trout Salad is fantastic, as is the Steak. Oh, and the potato and leek gratin. I unfortunately haven't tried the sandwich, though it sounds delicious. I have heard that the chicken liver bruschetta is great, but haven't been with adventurous enough eaters that they would share it yet! :o) Also, there is apparently a new rabbit dish on the menu that is good as well. For dessert, I really enjoyed the Grapefruit financier for something lighter, but still sweet. AND they have a yummy pot of dark, thick hot chocolate to share. They say it's enough for two, but I have shared it with three and it was fine.
I am now wanting to go back tonight... oh dear...

Cork Wine Bar

Was just perusing Cork's website, and they linked to this topic...

Good Coffee Shops in Greater DC Area

I second, third, and fourth Java Shack.

(can I do that?!)

Best Martini in DC?

Have not had one of their "classic" martinis, but the frou-frou ones (yes, what was I thinking) are delicious, large, and well-proportioned (alcohol-content-wise).
Though, the vodka-tasting is much more fun! :o)

What's worth it in Adams Morgan?

I enjoyed it the one time I went... only ordered a few apps, but they were all declicious. And the servers were quite nice. They also give some sort of spicy fresh cucumbers and jicama for the table, which I though was great.

Granville Moore's - Bobby Flay's Throwdown

It's fantastic...
Try it out on Monday nights when the Mussels are only $10. I really like the blue cheese ones. And beware, a Large portion of the frites is more than enough for about 5 people. It's huge. And, I'll put in my vote for the truffle aoili for the frites...

Proof menu recs?

Bumping this.... last minute. Headed over tonight. Any more reccs?

Georgetown Cupcake

no no... to buy just *one* of the chocolates. oh dear. dreadful temptation.
B/c agreed, the drinks are too much for everyday!

Solo dining without breaking the bank

It IS tough, and I have had to get a table instead a few times.

What about Cork? It is at 14th and R or so? Which is not "too" far from the U St. Metro at 13th and U. During the week it is definitely possible to get a seat at the bar, and if you check reviews on here, you will see that the food is excellent... as is their bartender... and, while it is more of a wine bar, their few beers on tap are all of high quality, and not all that common.

Georgetown Cupcake

oh, and they are! It's all I can do to not "accidentally" get off the bus one stop past my apt and "accidentlly" walk into the store. every day.

My friend is turning 21

Also, each week night, Ceiba has a different special theme... something like Cuban night, with $5 mojitos, and then a cuban themed free app that they hand out... each night is a different one... yum...