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Need REAL Chinese Food

Try Mission 261 in San Gabriel. The name is also the address. Right across the street from the Civic Center/Mission.

Help us decide on Bastide, Valentino or Providence, please.

Bastide DOES allow outside bottles and they do not have a corkage fee.

Secret and/or Best Thai Restaurants

Renu Nakorn in Norwalk is the BEST Thai food in So Cal.

Decent eating in Disneyland?

The sandwiches at the bakeries like the Carnation Blue Ribbon bakery on main street are actually pretty decent. I forgot the name of the similar bakery at DCA but it's in the front in the train car near the ice cream stand. I like to grab a sandwich, an iced latte, and a cookie - or two. :-) They're overpriced like everything else at the park but they're usually pretty fresh, somewhat tasty, and filling.

Many years ago I worked at an extended stay hotel in the area and we would always refer our guests to Marri's pizza or their sister restaurant Bella Marris. Marri's is more mom and pop Italian sandwiches and pizza and Bella Marris is more of a sitdown family restaurant. I believe Bella Marris is on State College and Lincoln but I could be wrong.

There is also a good Mexican food place on Harbor and Walnut and right across from the south parking. I can't remember the name of it but it's an authentic Mexican mom and pop hole in the wall.

I would suggest calling some of the local extended stay hotels like the Fairfield or the Residence Inn and asking what local spots they recommend to their guests.

Not to be missed places in Diamond Bar area

I lived in DB for 17 years and I'm very familiar with the area. I moved about 18 mo ago but I assume most of these places are still around.

Saigon Noodle House on DB Blvd and Grand in the Ralph's shopping center is wonderful. It's typical pho but the wait staff are what make it great. I went back a few months ago after not having been there for about a year and they STILL remember me.

Mission Family Dinner in Pomona on Mission near the Superior Court. Regular dinner food but the best cheap breakfast joint in the Pomona Valley. On the way in you'll probably have to walk over a crack head or two and ignore the bullet holes in the window (no joke there really were bullet holes in the window) but for $15 for a complete breakfast for two it can't be beat. It's the kind of place where the formica is worn on the counter and I'm pretty sure it hasn't been remodeled since 1963. Awesome.

There is a good sushi place on the corner of Golden Springs and Grand called Deno Sushi that's delicious too. It's actually 2 restaurants because there is a Korean BBQ next door. They have a patio for outdoor dining which is nice when the weather is good.

The Peacock for Indian is supposed to be excellent. Corner of Golden Springs and Prospectors Rd across from the junior high. I'm not a fan of Indian food but everyone I know that's into Indian says it's killer.

My favorite bagel/sandwich spot is Boulevard Bagels on N. Diamond Bar Blvd near the 57 fwy entrance a few blocks away from Oak Tree Lanes. Big time locals spot and awesome sandwiches and salads. Whenever I'm in the area I swing by for some coffee and a bagel. Super busy during b-fast and lunch rush. Only open till 3 pm.

If you want to trek up to Claremont there are some good places in The Village. Tokyo Kitchen in Montclair is a teppan grill/sushi place that's a fav among the locals. At the sushi bar order the tomato. Not traditional sushi but fun. I would regularly run into people I knew when I'd go eat there.

Aulines in Glendora on Foothill is really yummy Mediterranean/Middle Eastern food but they have weird hours and sometimes I think they close just because they don't feel like showing up. Definitely call before going.

'catering' from your favorite places

You should check out Artisan Menus. They specialize in small parties and gourmet items. They have a website

Bastide: Stay away, an unpleasant dining experience.

On the contrary Walter Manske is one of the most well known chefs in the nation. He was the exec chef at Patina for many years and has received many write ups in culinary mags both industry and layman. A few years go Food & Wine listed him as one of the top 25 nationwide.

Pho in the 323/818?

I've been trying to find a good authentic pho place in the Griffith Park area. There are some in downtown LA but if I don't have to drive the 15 min I'd rather not. Any suggestions are appreciated.

"healthy" options in Diamond Bar/Rowland Heights

I lived in DB for 17 years and there isn't much there other than fast food. One of the best sandwich shops in the southland is Boulevard Bagels on N Diamond Bar Blvd. They're a little "mom and pop" only open from 6-3 but they have awesome sandwiches and salads. Watch out for the just before work and lunch time crowd cause it gets packed!

BTW - Souplantation isn't very healthy. If you read their nutrition guide most of their stuff is loaded with fat and salt.

Tapas in LA

C&M is WAY overrated! Expensive and most of the items are over cooked.

Where to eat in Atwater Village?

My favorite restaurant ever is right on Los Feliz Blvd in Atwater - Asia. This place is awesome Cal-Asian style. Pricey but well worth it. Of course, like most places in Atwater, just because it's pricey doesn't mean you have to dress the part. Casual attire is ok.

Blue Velvet- review

My boyfriend and I tried Blue Velvet their first weekend of service. One of the sous chefs is a friend of his from culinary school so we decided to see what they had to offer and because I am a very harsh critic they wanted my opinion to boot.

It's too bad you didn't enjoy your experience because we loved it and have been recommending it to others rather frequently. It's been a few months since we've been there but we had the tasting menu and had no complaints about the food. I was very fond of the halibut with grape course. The service still had a few kinks to work out but considering it was their first official day of service I thought they did a decent job.

I would go back if I was looking for a fine dining establishment.