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Dried Mexican Peppers in Miami?

Wal Mart in Florida City has tons of dried peppers. Fresh Market also carries lots of dried peppers. So maybe Walmart up there would have some? Also online if you can find free shipping saves you a trip wandering around to find some.

how to keep baby greens fresh

I have great success storing greens in the Debbie Meyers "green" bags. Usually can find them in your produce section. I have reused each bag numerous times. After bag empty just rinse out and dry to use again. I have had other vegetables keep for weeks in these bags I wouldn't be without them.

Sep 11, 2011
cdesoto in General Topics

Barbecue Themed Dinner - Any suggestions for mains?

Hands down pulled pork!!! Can slow cook the day before then add whatever bbq sauce you want to use to add to the pulled pork. Easy to eat, a favorite to everyone. Plus pork is the other "white meat". I agree with bagof water just can't go wrong with pulled pork or beef. So many spice variations you can use. Think making pizzas on the grill would be too time consuming since you would have to make so many and would need lots of grill space for each one and think you would run the chance of burnt pizza dough is you didn't watch them every second and you would be spending all of your time at the grill instead of enjoying everyones company.

Aug 25, 2011
cdesoto in General Topics

New Mexico/California Chili Powder

I think there is a big difference between New Mexico Chili Powder it is much earthier than ancho powder. I got mine in a bag at a WalMart here in South Florida. They have a huge hispanic section so I don't have any problem finding many of the mexican recipe ingredients and spices. It's like substituting Italian Oregano or Greek Oregano for Mexican Oregano. There is no comparison. Mexican oregano is much stronger and better flavor.

Aug 25, 2011
cdesoto in General Topics

Where to buy the best-tasting strawberries in Southeast Florida?

Burrs is selling fresh strawberries as well as Knaus, but with freeze warning here tonight 12/27 might not make it hoping for the best for them. They are such hard working people. Had the hot dog and strawberry shake at Burrs this past weekend, yumo.

Where to buy the best-tasting strawberries in Southeast Florida?

I second the vote on Burr's we go every weekend when they open sometime in November and they try to go until Mother's Day. Great family and they have added a beautiful sitting/picnic area. Great produce there too. There is also Knaus in the Redlands there you can pick your own strawberries which are super juicy and the bakery items are addicting and great produce there as well. Like Burr's they do not open til mid November.

Searching for Cacique Chorizo

I buy mine actually at Publix here in South Dade and the larger Publix at US 1 and 146th Street. We also buy the chorizo from a small mexican grocery store in Florida City right across the street from Florida City City Hall. Moreno Tortilla, 439 W. Palm Dr. Florida City 305-248-8100. They make the best tamales, fresh tortillas as well as shredded beef/pork worth a drive. Also WalMart in Florida City sells it as well. Mexican cooking is just about my favortie so always looking where I can buy authenic ingredients.

looking for good catering for party

If you are looking for grilled, bbq menu highly recommend Dixie Catering. My guests raved about how great all the food was. If you have vegeterian guests they options for those guest too. Very accomodating, flexible with menu. Great Staff, very helpful. They cook at your location so you don't get that overdone dried out kind of food that just reheats it in metal pans with the sterno burners. Also depends on how much you want to spend per person as to what caterer to choose. My quests said those were the best baby back ribs they ever had! Good luck.

Dixie Catering
12222 SW 132nd Ct, Miami, FL 33186

looking for good catering for party

If you are interested in any kind of bbq menu highly recommend Dixie Catering. Everyone raved about their food. Great staff. They are well known. Also depends on how much you want to spend per person that will limit your choices as to which caterer.

Dixie Catering
12222 SW 132nd Ct, Miami, FL 33186

Best BBQ in Miami

We like Shivers down south on US 1 around Naranja area. Similar set up as Shortys with long wooden tables, etc. and great ribs. Located at 28001 S. Dixie Highway. Also there is Sir Woody's at SW 344 St & Palm Drive in Florida City. This is the road you take to the Everglades. He has a huge pit that he parks on that corner on Friday and Saturdays only. He does ribs, chicken, briskets, etc. quite a fun man too. It is not a restaurant, but many go there have it boxed up and take home or take out on a nice picnic lunch. Grab some super great tamales at Moreno's while your there, 1 block away from Sir Woody's across from Florida City, City Hall.

Absolute best Organic market in Miami area!!

Can't thank you enough for sharing your information about Delicious Organics. Went on their web site last night, placed an order and got it already this afternoon. Wow de wow, couldn't believe the quality and freshness of everything. Opening the cooler was like Christmas. I expected to see the items I ordered individually, but the Organic Coop box you don't know exactly what you are getting so was great to see such an unbelieveable variety and oh so much, huge quantities. So I will be ordering from them again for sure. Thanks again. Miami here is our very own Farmer's Market that comes right to your door, gotta love that.

By the way have it on good authority that the first post is NOT someone who is affiliated with Delicious Organics. Just a happy customer like me.

storm supplies

Having survived Hurricane Andrew and several others here in Miami I will add my 2 cents. Other than the obvious food items added to my hurricane supplies are; wet ones or any kind of baby diaper wipes to be able to clean up; huge amounts of paper towels; bought huge water containers from Wal-Mart to fill up with water instead of bying a ton of bottled water; tarps from Wal-Mart for immediate roof repairs; bug repellant; get cash from bank &/or bank machine as they will go down; candles; and as posted earlier gas for your grill because the propane dealers will sell out fast; cans of tuna fish; make sure you have a manual can opener; we also have battery operated fans; battery operated tv/radio; propane camping lamp with propane cannisters; matches. Last but not least do as earlier suggested, fill up your car with gas, lines will start getting ridiculous so get it filled asap.

As the storm gets closer there will be lots more panic, etc. so best to get all of your supplies early and then sit and wait. Even if you are not in the eye of the storm sometimes the bands are even worse, especially on the eastern side of the storm, bands there are usually the heaviest. Needless to say if you have seen the news lately while Fay was only a tropical storm it caused severe flooding across the whole state of Florida since it sat here and stalled. East coast in places received over 33" of rain.

Looks like Gustav is going to be major so you need to take it serious and get your emergency plans in order. Stay Informed, but above all Stay Safe.

Aug 26, 2008
cdesoto in General Topics

TAPATIO hot sauce in / near Miami?

Found some at Big Lot store today for $1.25. Don't know if there are any Big Lot stores in Miami Beach but thought I would mention it in case there was. Good luck.

Searching for Padrone Peppers

I just had some too. A friend of ours who lives in Tavernier, FL got them from a friend, and is now growing his own plant. He gave me a bag to take home, and I fried them up in the olive oil with the garlic and yup they certainly culinary roulette because I bit into one halfway through and holy cow talk about hot!!!!!!!!

I am drying out some of the seeds from the peppers he gave me and am going to try to cultivate my own plant. Also saw a web site which sells the seeds By the way it is spelled Padron, they are heirloom peppers from Spain.

Aug 12, 2008
cdesoto in Florida


It's not so much a recipe, but it is the most requested pot luck lunch/dinner salad and that is good ole Taco Salad.

Brown ground beef or chicken with your favorite taco seasoning or create your own. Drain in a colander with paper towel to soak up any excess grease.

In the meantime chop up lettuce, tomatoes, onions. Mix together, then add bag of shredded cheese (mexican mix, plain cheddar or whatever you like). Add beef and stir. (have also seen this served with beans but personally don't care for it that way)

Right before serving take a bag of Nacho Doritos and smash them up and add to the salad. Have your favorite hot sauce/salsa on the side so your guests can put on as much as they like.

Very portable, each item goes in it's own zip loc bag and when you are ready to serve just mix them all up and it is not all soggy. Beauty is that you just throw away all of the bags and only have one bowl to take home.

This salad is usually the first to go at a potluck . It is like eating a taco that fell apart.

Mar 07, 2008
cdesoto in Home Cooking

Pizza in Miami

Di Napoli Italian Restaurant, 117th SW & US 1, made in a fire roasted brick oven, crust so thin it melts in your mouth, fresh, fresh, is the key. Also The Big Tomato at 124th SW & US 1, everything fresh, many different crust choices, ie wheat, etc. great sauce many unique topping choices. They also make fantastic salads served in a sour dough bread bowl.

Is Sedona Really That Dismal?

We stayed at the Sky Ranch Lodge on Airport Road, which by the way was a piece of heaven on earth. Up the road from the Lodge is a restaurant at the small airport there, which had outstanding dining. They also have huge windows so you can watch the planes taking off and landing. Very pleasant atmosphere, very fresh affordable food. Breakfast was great as well. Have a good time. Here is the web site for the Airport Restaurant.

Feb 02, 2008
cdesoto in Southwest

Bagged lettuce

I can taste the plastic in the bagged vegetables. Even the convenient already chopped onions, carrots, celery, etc. taste funny I'd rather chop my own.

Feb 01, 2008
cdesoto in General Topics

Sir Woody's BBQ in Homestead

It is called Moreno Mexican Tortilla Shop located at 439 W Palm Drive, Florida City, FL. Directly across the street from Florida City, City Hall. One block east of where Sir Woody is in the grass field. It is not a restaurant, it is a small store. Hope this helps. There is a web site for Moreno's it is

Jan 31, 2008
cdesoto in Florida

Where do you buy your spices in Miami?

For anything Asian, there is a small grocery store that sells only asian products. The asian market right off of US 1 at SW 160th Street (colonial drive). There is a small strip mall there, on right hand side (across from Publix) and it is called the Asian Market. Everything you can never find anywhere else along with several fresh products as well. Very inexpensive.

Jan 26, 2008
cdesoto in Florida

Sir Woody's BBQ in Homestead

Seriously doubt Moreno's would carry such a rare product. Just the good ole basics for mexican cooking. Saw that they sell it at .We mainly just buy their great tamales, chorizo and some spices. Found about them from El Toro Taco mexican restaurant in Homestead when one Sunday when we drove down for our Sunday morning tamales and they did not have any and told us to go to Moreno's since that is where they buy theirs for the restaurant. So we cut out the middle man and go straight to the source!! Now we will add Sir Woody to that road trip.

Jan 26, 2008
cdesoto in Florida

Sir Woody's BBQ in Homestead

Thanks for the recommendation!! Just got back from there and brought home a rack of ribs!!! So so good, was fun to meet "Sir Woody", he was a lot of fun. His smoker was filled with chicken, venison, pork roast and of course ribs. So delicious and loved his bbq sauce. While you are down that way just half a block east of Sir Woody is a great mexican store where you buy fresh tamales, never had a bad one yet from them, as well as sometimes hard to find mexican cooking ingredients. So grabs some ribs then head over to Moreno's for some tamales, you will have some good eatin for sure!!!

Jan 19, 2008
cdesoto in Florida

Need help with dinner for sick friend

No brainer here, whenever I take a meal to someone who is not feeling well I bring them Chicken Soup. Everyone calls the next day to tell me how much better they feel. Soup is filling and easy to digest. Kids love it too. So just use your favorite chicken soup recipe, might add noodles (ie. egg noodles, ditalini ) pick up a fresh loaf of french bread and they will thank you for sure. You also benefit because your house will smell so good. Also if they can't eat it all, it freezes so easily in zip loc bags. Hope your friend recovers with no problems.

Oct 30, 2007
cdesoto in Home Cooking

Round Tree wines

We visited a winery in Western Michigan by the name of Round Barn, they have excellent wines, but don't know nor never heard of Round Tree.

Oct 27, 2007
cdesoto in Wine

Oregano-Marinated Grilled Chicken with Charred Lemons

OMG this is a great marinade and a new way of cooking chicken. Had never tried this method before but is very easy. I happened to have an oregano plant in my yard so had easy access to lots of oregano. After grilling there is not much oregano taste just a very juicy subtle herb flavor. Try this one.

Aug 22, 2007
cdesoto in Recipes

Hell's Kitchen -- June 18 show

The Casting Producer must of been desperate this season!! Don't know where they got these Bozos but none of them can even cook let alone run a restaurant. Taking food out of the garbage??? She should of been let go immediately!! This is more like a Jerry Springer Hell's Kitchen.

Jun 19, 2007
cdesoto in Food Media & News

Last Minute Dinner Challenge: a Pound of Ground Meat - Now What?

Taco Salad is quick and nice alternative to a taco. Brown meat as usual with taco seasoning, simmer, etc. Cut up lettuce, dice up tomatoes, few diced onions or scallions, shredded mexican combo cheese or just cheddar if that is all you have and Doritos smashed up. Yum. Put the Doritos in at the last minute so they stay crunchie. Add some salsa when you serve. This is a favorite when I bring it to pot luck dinner, parties, and oh my gosh so simple.

Jun 13, 2007
cdesoto in Home Cooking

Celery and Pear Soup

This tastes horrible!!! The taste is just somewhat off, strange, certainly not worth the effort, time, chopping, etc. Keep this one out of your recipe book.

May 16, 2007
cdesoto in Recipes

Marinade for steak

Always, always, squeeze half a lime over steak. The acid from the lime tenderizes the meat and you do not taste it when you grill it. So every marinade I made I always include lime juice.

May 02, 2007
cdesoto in Home Cooking

Joe's Stone Crabs in July

Stone crab season is Oct 15 to May 15. Joe's is open in July so you would be getting frozen stone crabs which you can get anywhere. Think Joe's is highly overated, usually wait for table way too long. There isn't a secret to cooking stone crabs they are all boiled the same way so they aren't really any better at Joe's. Some of Joe's sides are excellent, but head over to Coconut Grove, Monty Trainers and order them as an appetizer and sit by the water with a cold one. Monty's conch chowder is great too.

Apr 02, 2007
cdesoto in Florida