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796 ml can of pure pumkin, what to bake?

You could also make a pot of soup and freeze any left overs( assuming it's not pumpkin pie filling=spiced /sweetened).saute up some onions/leeks/garlic w some smoked paprika,cumin,thyme, salt and pepper til golden. add puree and as much water/veg or chicken stock as needed to thin to soup consistency. at end add shredded kale and re-season. top w/sour cream, smoked paprika oil (stir powder into Olive oil and let sit for a bit) and chopped parsley.Can adjust any veg or seasoning as you like or have on hand

May 24, 2011
donamaya in Home Cooking

Eating Veg at Peter Luger Steakhouse

I understand wanting to join friends/family for a dinner that they really want even if it means not such a great meal for me..I would call them and ask what exactly might be meat/chicken stock free on the menu or if they would be able to put together some non meat vegetable plate. As a 40 year vegetarian and past restaurateur I can see both sides. I have had plenty of lousy veg plates for too much money at some high end places and also had side salads and broccoli/baked potatoes for dinner as well. Caesar salads have anchovies so aren't vegetarian....The smell could get overwhelming at a steak house so that could really be a potential problem for some.

Feb 22, 2011
donamaya in Features

Homemade Ricotta Cheese

When I've made Paneer(1/2 Gal milk + 3 T white vinegar and salt) it's sometimes a bit rubbery- not at all what I think the texture of Ricotta should be like..? any hints on making it softer or creamier? less vinegar?lemon instead of vinegar?I usually use what ever kind of milk i have- often low fat. this recipe with the whole milk and cream might be better...

Oct 26, 2010
donamaya in Recipes

Does Vinegar Make Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs Easier?

to adress the cracked eggs: i use a wide saucepan and lower the eggs into the boiling water with a slotted spoon,if you're just doing a few or with a small strainer. i cook 3 doz at a time that way and maybe 1 or 2 crack and leak. yes, for eggs salad, which is what i make every friday, it doesn't matter.

Oct 27, 2008
donamaya in Features

Does Vinegar Make Peeling Hard-Boiled Eggs Easier?

i' ve been waiting to share this with someone! i have the all time ,only sure fire way to get hard cooked eggs out of the shell- like a hand in a glove,.i've been cooking professionally for 30 years and thought i had it down: cold water- when it comes to a boil cover and take off the heat for 10 minutes.-rinse to chill... well, it didn't always work but i spread the word to all. then my new coworker came up with a method he used at a past job and IT REALLY WORKS EVERY TIME- fresh,old,conventional,organic,local eggs-doesn't matter. pure joy!!!
here goes :add eggs to boiling water-boil for 13 minutes and rinse to cool in water. you can add ice to speed things up. haven't had a tricky one since.the shell just falls away.....

Oct 17, 2008
donamaya in Features

Matza Brie

the recipe sounds basic enough...except for the garnish- cinnamon-sugar!!!! honey?????? it sounds like what my husband eats-- definitely the "other" type of Jewish cuisine- everything is sweet. i grew up eating matzoh brei with salt and pepper(and often sliced tomatoes), noodle pudding w/ salt and pepper,savory not sweet gefilte me , it's an abomination but i'm trying to be more tolerant and not make a comment every passover as he takes a jar of jam from the fridge to shmear on top! we also both agree on the scrambled style- well done.
and.... it's not just for passover.

Mar 26, 2007
donamaya in Recipes