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kai kai bilong PNG

Just a few shots of food in my new home.

Need ideas for using Golden Syrup!

ingredient in Australia's best loved biscuit (or cookie).. ANZAC biscuits.

ANZAC stands for Australian and New Zeland Army Corps. and these biscuits were baked for the troops during WW11. They're an aussie staple and delicious!

recipe here:

1 cup (150g) plain flour
1 cup (90g) rolled oats
1 cup (85g)desiccated coconut
3/4 cup (155g) brown sugar
125g butter
2 tbs golden syrup
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda

reheat the oven to 160°C. Line baking trays with non-stick baking paper. Sift the flour into a large bowl. Stir in the oats, coconut and brown sugar.

Put the butter, golden syrup and 2 tbs water in a small saucepan. Stir over a medium heat until melted. Stir in the bicarbonate of soda.

Pour the butter mixture into the flour mixture and stir until combined.

Roll level tablespoons of mixture into balls. Place on the trays, about 5cm apart.

Press with a fork to flatten slightly. Bake for 10 minutes or until golden brown.

Set aside on the trays for 5 minutes, then transfer to a wire rack to cool completely.

Makes about 24.

(recipe off the back of a tin of goldensyrup, btw


<edit:aal measurements in metric, soz>

Sep 06, 2011
purple goddess in Home Cooking

I'm Back! With mole and chipotle questions..

it's the arsenic that the pine is treated with, that gets ya.

Sep 06, 2011
purple goddess in Home Cooking

I'm Back! With mole and chipotle questions..

using the ingredients as I did was kinda meh. Certainly didn't taste any different to my 'normal chile". Bought me some pork ribs and going to do a mole marinate/baste thingy this weekend, and turn the chipotle into a salsa thingy with cukes, tomatoes and banana.

Thanks for the advice, guys.

Sep 06, 2011
purple goddess in Home Cooking

I'm Back! With mole and chipotle questions..

'classic US BBQ" has no cultural reference for me, you mean to continually coat the meat with it as it cooks. yes?

The bat is kinda nasty.. but I solemly promised Sam F I'd try it when I got here, so I did.. oily and strinky. It's smoked on whatever is at hand.. you have to be careful, because sometimes it's smoked over treated pine palletts and you can die.

The goanna is sole live on the steek, to take home and cook later. You can just see one up from the crabwith big claws in my photo. When you get them home you chop their heads off , gut and boil them, or you can throw them whole, onto coals and roast.

And yes, goanna as in lizard not as in anthemic 80's Ozzie balladeers.

Now, with my chipotles, can I throw them in my chile, or do I serve them as a side?

Sep 05, 2011
purple goddess in Home Cooking

I'm Back! With mole and chipotle questions..

thanks so much HF, was wondering about i all. Have probabaly phaffed it up, as I addd a teaspoon of mole to a chile I am making (for nachos. It's the height of excitement here in Lae that one of the supermarkets has actual blue corn chips)

Tastes ok, tho.

Smoked fruit bat is sold at the local market. you cn buy a whole one ot just bits. Along with smoked mussels (local mussels suspended on a skewer and smoked) and live goanna's on a stick. Always makes me want to say "steek" in a Jeff Dunham voice.

Sep 04, 2011
purple goddess in Home Cooking

"If I have _______ in my kitchen, I can eat."

my mother-in-law. She could make a 5 course gourmet diningexperience out of ANYTHING.

Sep 04, 2011
purple goddess in General Topics

I'm Back! With mole and chipotle questions..

Ok, it's been a while since I dropped by. Soz. In a nutshell, Imma now living in Papua New Guinea, eating smoked fruit bat and mud crab. Don't hate.

Anyway, the supermarkets here stock a somewhat eclectic rane of goods. No yoghurt and bacon that tastes like fish, but for some reason, there are lots of genuine Mexican ingredients.

(I'm from Melbourne, Australia, remember.. the home of every international cuisine EXCEPT Mexican.)

So, today I bought some mole sauce (looks like a wodge of dark palm sugar suspended in redbrown lava), some canned chipotle in adobo and some salsa verde.

Now what?

Sep 04, 2011
purple goddess in Home Cooking

Moving to Riyadh, KSA

Thanks paulinsaudi. I am picking up my abaya on Sat. We move in about 6 weeks. I DO actually hope to work a few days a week. I hear Nurses are highly prized! Seafood buffet, you say? **notes it on list of things to do**

How accessible are the markets and the spice souqs? Can I walk around them alone?

I am polishing my Saudi cooking, with Kabsa and I am trying to master al mhandi smoking without a pit.

Thanks for the tip on the kitchen hardware, I was wondering whether to pack my mezzaluna and my Le Creusset!

Moving to Riyadh, KSA

After a 4 month break from CH, while sorting out pesky real life, Husbang has finally got a gig in KSA.. a bit of a change from our last one in Lae, PNG!!!

So I am actually not too sure whether I'll even be able to access to the board from Riyadh (with the Saudi Internet filters and this place having info about alcohol), so I thought I best get in while I can.

Any info on restaurants of note?

Best hole in the wall?

Spice souks?

Supermarket shopping?

Compound shopping/restaurants of note?

If you know it, or have been there, gimme the good oil (pun intended)!

Passing of Sam Fujisaka - Please share Memories

My sweet Sam.

Had wondered why I hadn't seen you on Skype lately.

Too many years and too many memories to share. Flirty food haikus and advice on cooking fruit bat.

Vale, my friend.

Blessings on your beautiful girls, may they hold on to their memories of you to sustain them.

Apr 14, 2010
purple goddess in Site Talk

Edible pearls for cake decorating

they're called cashous at most bakery craft store.

What should I teach my 5 year old grand daughter about cooking?

what allfrog said. Get her her very own mixing bowl and whisk and cookie cutters, ect, so cooking at grandma's house is even more fun. I started my kids chopping precooked things like carrots and potatoes, using butter knives.

Mar 30, 2010
purple goddess in Home Cooking

2 weeks in Florida.

primarily going to be in Tarpon Springs, heading into Miami (for a new tattoo!0 on one day, and staying near St Joseph's for 3 days!

ed to add, I am from Melbourne in OZ, and I work in an area with 197 different and distinct ethnic groups.

I am spoiled by some of the best Greek, Thai, Viet, Japanese, Italian, Ethiopian, Cantonese, Schezhuan, Hunan, Malaysian, Indonesian, Balinese food outside their respective countries.

What we DOn't have is Mex (of any variety), Cajun, South American or "American" food of any description.

Seriously, there is one "American" resto in Melbourne and according to my US friedns it's NOTHING like "American" food.. eg: their Buffalo wings are not authentic and neither are their hot dogs.

I don't know what sliders or hoagies or hush puppies or crawdaddies or Philly cheesesteaks or mufalettas are, so I want to know what's good (and local) to try while I'm there.

If y'all were coming to Melbourne I'd suggest a pie at the footy, and pho in Springvale, and fish and chips at Half Moon Bay (grilled flake being my fish of choice) and a Pine Lime Spice and vegemite on toast and a barbie.

They mightn't be the BEST foods around, but they are a quintessintial Melbourne experience.

THAT's the sort of stuff I am looking for,

Mar 28, 2010
purple goddess in Florida

Cheap Eats in Sydney and other places in Australia

a meat pie at HArry's Cafe de Wheels in Woolomooloo in Sydney is a must.

pho in Melbourne, preferably anywhere in Richmond.

Yum Cha in China Town in Melb, Schezhuan food at Dainty Schezhuan's in Prahran, any number of the cakes at the jewish cake shops in Acland Street, St Kilda, and grab a copy of The Age's "Cheap Eats" in Melbourne

2 weeks in Florida.

oyster HAPPY HOUR/?????!!!!!!

I think I just made a mess in my rompers!

Mar 25, 2010
purple goddess in Florida

2 weeks in Florida.

I've just printed out the "must do" restaurant list, but I need a list of "must eats"

Remember the cultural difference, ok?

I'm an Aussie... so the whole concept of a grouper sandwich... or Cuban food is awesomely weird for me!

But Viet food?

or Thai?

I'd argue that I get better here at home.

I want to be able to turn up in Tarpon Springs saying to my hosts, "I want to try...."

So come on Hounds, hit me with yer best shots!

Mar 25, 2010
purple goddess in Florida

What's your best yard sale or thrift store cookware find?

a 60 y/o glazed Le Creuset-style cast iron pot, with $800AUS in it.

At a pre-garage sale rummage-through, at a friends deceased father's house.

Returned the money, kept the pot. Use it for everything from slow cooked pork to oven tuna bakes.

Alqways makes me think of what might have been in all those other pots/canisters/boxes that we threw away and never opened.

Feb 07, 2010
purple goddess in Cookware

Help me fall in love with scallops?

my suggestion for falling in love with scallops is to forget the searing thing, and get thee to an excellent dumpling house that does scallop and ginger dumplings.

I will pretty much defy chopstick etiquette at Yum Cha and stab fellow patrons in the hand to get the last of those babies.

Otherwise, poach them in butter, and add a splash of Pernod just before serving.

Feb 07, 2010
purple goddess in Home Cooking

made up food/ingredient/eating words.

I am sure we're all familiar with "nom", thanks to the interwebs, and also things like **shudders** EVOO and the like.

My current fave is "Mouthgasm".

But I was planning a dish for tonight, and was describing it to my nearly 18 y/o son, The Lima Bean...

I said:

"I am going to use the rest of the sagebush chevre by pushing it under the skin of a chicken and roasting it".

His reply?

"Mum, I think you might have just achieved Taste-varna"

Anyone else got a repertoire of food words that are worth sharing, as to enter the "nomnicon", as it were!!??

Feb 07, 2010
purple goddess in General Topics

Fun with pork hocks! Am I crazy?

I've had them stuffed with a pork and pistachio farce, and then pretty much cooked exactly the way you described.

I was in my late teens and I still remember that meal. What a mouthgasm!!

Feb 07, 2010
purple goddess in Home Cooking

Frosting that is light and not too sweet?

Being in Australia, I have no idea what cool whip is, but I'd whip some cream cheese until very light and fluffy and add a little toasted coconut to it for texture. Toasting the coconut would meld the cake coconut and almond flavours together nicely.

Feb 07, 2010
purple goddess in Home Cooking

Your heritage and your cooking...

Australian of mixed Med origin, adopted by WASP skippies, currently planning a move to Papua New Guinea.

Recently learned to cook pit-pit, a PNG staple, by stopping at a random road-side stall and asking questions

Will cook anything from pho to pulled pork.

And no, there is no such thing as "Australian Food" unless you want to re-ignite the indigenous foods debate.

And yes, I hunt, prep and cook Kangaroo, have eaten emu and possum (tastes like gristle marinated in mouthwash)

Feb 07, 2010
purple goddess in General Topics

Mangosteens in Melbourne!!!

They're here!!! Hurry up, as the season only lasts a week or so. I got mine at Heng's Organics in Kerrie Road, Glen Waverley.




need dessert idea for middle eastern dinner

isn't it usually eaten with dark, thick, rich Greek/Turkish coffee??


Dec 16, 2009
purple goddess in Home Cooking

Nut chopping device?

I don't know how this will go, without the benefit of a pic, but I am a mezz lover except I don't use it for nuts.

I have a weird little device that I believe was from the 50's. It's several sharp blades on a spring, in a plastic cover, and as you press on the spring/lever, it turns 90degrees. I believe it was used for dicing onions.

It is simply the most fab thing EVER for dicing nuts.

From macadamias to monkey nuts, it is the bomb, and you can do a goodly handful at a time. I'll take a pic tonight if I remember, but if you know what I am talking aboutm go out and get one!

Dec 16, 2009
purple goddess in Cookware

Substitute for whole cloves - beef marinade

cloves will keep for years. I have a clove tissue box that is 15 YEARS old, and still has its distinctive aroma. I'd lash out, use what you need and keep the rest in an airtight baggie in the freezer.

That marinade sounds pretty damn good the way it is, BTW, but if you wanted a sweet clove-like note, you could use star anise.

Dec 16, 2009
purple goddess in Home Cooking

need dessert idea for middle eastern dinner

google "sutlak". It's a middle Eastern rice pudding, flavoured with rose water and Cinnamon. Awesome hot or cold.

Dec 16, 2009
purple goddess in Home Cooking

Seeking festive appetizer for champagne tasting party!

What about a chocolate dip with fruit pieces. Probably different that the usual stuff, and chocolate goes so well with bubbles.

Dec 16, 2009
purple goddess in Home Cooking

Dinner recs needed STAT for teen beast with tooth extraction!

pureed food makes me urp a little bit, but I can try it. I was thinking congee without the "lumps", but I guess that just makes it porridge rice!

Also, he isn't allowed anything hot.. like tea or coffee for 24hrs, as it has to keep the socket moist.

What would you do with the refried beans?

Dec 16, 2009
purple goddess in Home Cooking