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In Search of SF's Finest Cavier

I'm considering splurging on some fine Russian cavier for Thanksgiving dinner. Does anyone have any suggestions about where I can the finest Russain cavier at the best price either in San Francisco or the Peninsula?

What happened to Hakka, San Mateo?

I understand the owner of the building decided to open his own business, Togo's, and refused to renew Hakka's lease. I don't know whether the owners of Hakka will open in another location. Hope so. Hakka was an institution in downtown San Mateo for many years.

Happy Hour Recommendations in San Mateo County

I would appreciate recommendations for great happy hour destinations any where in San Mateo County. Anything from traditional restaurants with reduced food and drink prices to dingy dives or hard to find destinations. Thanks.

Paella in S. F recommendations

Palamino's? The last place I would have considered for paella. Thanks for the tip, I think I will check it out.

Paella in S. F recommendations

I have a friend visiting from Boston this weekend who wants to paella for dinner. Suggestions on the best paella place(s) in San Francisco would be greatly appreciated.

Searching for Fried Chicken in SF

Try the southern fried chicken at Gator's Restaurant on B Street in San Mateo. Delicious! and reasonably priced.

Dinner before the Ballet

That sounds right. Just across the street from Absinthe.

Dinner before the Ballet

There is an excellent Italian restaurant on Hayes Street a few blocks up from the Opera House named Cafe Della Street. Very good Italian food and reasonably priced. The place caters to the pre-theatre crowd. Try it you'll be delighted.

Help! Need a place for a business dinner bet SF and Palo Alto

231 Ellsworth in San Mateo would be an excelent choice. It is a bit pricey but if you go easy on the wine selections two can easily enjoy a great meal for under $150. The food is delicious, the atmosphere ideal for conducting business and the service is polished and professional. Guaranteed to seal the deal!

First time to the area

For breakfast/brunch don't miss Dottie's True Blue Cafe on Jackson Street just down the street from Nob Hill. The made in-house muffins and scones are the stuff of legends. The place has all of the usual breakfast fixings but the real treats are to be found on the daily specials board. Whatever you order will be beautifully prepared and delicious to eat.

Good Food in Livermore?

The best food in Livermore by far is to be found at the Wente Winery. The food at the upscale restaurant is fantastic, especially served out on the deck on a hot afternoon. Wash it down with some excellent wine - the Riva Ranch Reserve is one of my favorite reasonably priced Chardonnays. For more casual dining, try the food at the clubhouse grill overlooking the 18th hole of a golfcourse in a beautiful setting surrounded by the mountains. End the day with some wine tasting at the tasting room on the premises. Unbeatable.

ISO: Breakfast (esp. french toast) on Penninsula

Try JoAnn's in SOuth San Francisco. Excellent.

One night only! Please vote...

Your restaurant choices are great but I would add Boulevard's to the list. An elegant restaurant along the waterfront and very near Union Square. Give it a try. You won't be disappointed.