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Anybody know any specialty chocolatiers in the Detroit area...

It's Sydney Bogg's Sweet Essentials.
Same quality ingredients and hand-dipped care as was started by the original Sydney Bogg.

Jan 15, 2012
aurala83 in Great Lakes

To which hole-in-the-wall BBQ place would you go to impress?

Carl's is bit of a drive out 290 but as good as it gets for Texas BBQ!

Jan 20, 2011
aurala83 in Houston

Detroit's Roma Cafe overrated?

I agree with xman887 - if The Roma Cafe isn't Detroit's oldest restaurant, its Detroit's oldest Italian restaurant - they celebrated 100 years back in the 90's. Most folks that frequent this place have been doing so their entire lives and so did their parents. The old-timers call the Monday night buffet "Amateur Nite." They have old school 'stick to your ribs' fare. I've never ever had a bad drink, bad service or bad meal here. They buy the best veal and their veal dishes are amazing, the Roma Salad is sublime (every waiter makes their own) and their lasagna is legendary. Its a Detroit tradition for many.
Do give it another chance.

Working in Dearborn this week, dining recs?

Enjoy all the high-priced fare but if you are in Dearborn you simply MUST visit Miller's Bar - its been listed as one of the best burgers in the country in several publications.
Tuck in your tie and savor every bite!

[DFW] West Coast Transplant ISO substitute to Trader Joe's

My understanding that the lack of TJ's basically in the middle of the country, including Texas has more to do with the middle of the country lacking a distribution facility, they have to keep their fabulous frozen foods frozen after all.
They need the proper infrastructure before they can add stores. And of course with so many transplants to Texas, given our current economy, they will have lots of takers!
Still, here's hopin!

Sep 10, 2008
aurala83 in Dallas - Fort Worth

Anybody know any specialty chocolatiers in the Detroit area...

Oops. I had the name wrong. Its Sweet Essentials and in their tag line they say "Essentially Sydney Bogg" which is accurate. They use the same recipes and the same foundation ingredients and lots of the same equipment (a mixer built in 1902) and the nut roaster my grandpa built himself!
For those of you missing the sweet taste of an authentic Sydney Bogg Chocolate, Sweet Essentials is THE place to go!

Nov 04, 2007
aurala83 in Great Lakes

Chinese Food in Michigan

If you are ever up in the Flint area, there's a place up there called Cantonese Gourmet. I'm hardly a stickler for the 'authentic' Chinese food but this place is the stick to which I measure all other Chinese places. Their egg foo young is the best!

Detroit and Michigan traditions?

My husband went to Ferris St. and claims that "Ferd's Olive Burger" is direct from Ferris. There's a bar in Utica, Art & Jakes who's owner was a Ferris grad or fan and served a pretty good one. I think he sold to a new owner, though.

Jun 19, 2007
aurala83 in Great Lakes

Anybody know any specialty chocolatiers in the Detroit area...

Hi. You may or may not believe me, but I'm one of Sydney Bogg's granddaughters. His daughter, Joyce Bogg, is my mom. We were very sad to learn that the store went out of business and the name known for quality chocolates in Detroit was gone.

Sweet Expressions in Berkeley was started by some folks that learned how to make candies and chocolates from working at the Sydney Bogg factory store at 7 mile and Woodward. I believe they were taught by Ralph Skidmore, who learned from Sydney and purchased the store from him in 1969 when Sydney retired. Perhaps they can hook you up with your fave.
The owners of Sweet Expressions couldn't name the store Sydney Bogg due to the legal issues of the bankruptcy and someone who actually purchased many of the stores assetts (molds, kettles, etc.)
My mom has visited the store on a few occassions and deems their product as quite good. We're planning to head there this weekend for our Easter candy.

Christmas and Easter have not been the same since the store went "belly-up" as you say. Good luck in your search.
Sydney Bogg's grand-daughter

Mar 26, 2007
aurala83 in Great Lakes