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Best Vietnamese or Teochew in WSGV

It closed? That's too bad. The new place does sound liked just my sort of thing though! Can't wait to check it out along with the others. Thanks ;)

May 10, 2015
jessijessi in Los Angeles Area

Best Vietnamese or Teochew in WSGV

Thanks for the input. Don't expect anyone to check the feed 24/7. Am still interested in comments for future reference and in adding in my findings.

May 09, 2015
jessijessi in Los Angeles Area

Best Vietnamese or Teochew in WSGV

For the record made reservations at Tai Kadai Kitchen. Will post how it goes.

8877 Valley Blvd, Rosemead, CA 91770

May 09, 2015
jessijessi in Los Angeles Area

Meat-centric dinner with friend from out of town anywhere between Bev Hills and DTLA

Agree mastro's but it can be pretty elbow to elbow.

May 09, 2015
jessijessi in Los Angeles Area

Simbal open?

Shawn Pham's new spot should be open according to LA Eater. No response on phone. Has it launched?

May 09, 2015
jessijessi in Los Angeles Area

Best Vietnamese or Teochew in WSGV

Looking for recommendations for Vietnamese or Diujiu/chaozhou/teochew in the west San Gabriel valley area. Since it's for my future mother-in-law am looking for delicious and preferably reservations so she won't have to wait as long, but priority on her loving it.

Looked at:
Seafood Village (done this)
Chaus (done this)
Kim Ky

May 09, 2015
jessijessi in Los Angeles Area

Best Japanese Curry in SF???

You have to try Kare Ken. Hands down the best Japanese style curry I've had in California (SF, LA, SD inclusive). They've only been open a month-ish and have an amazing spicy sweet pork katsu curry. The katsu is thick, tender, crunchy and fantastic in all the right proportions. Reminiscent of Curry House in Little Tokyo LA, but tastier in my opinion. It's on Jones between O'Farrell and Geary.

Papapietro Perry

Thank you! I will definitely take use everything you all have mentioned.

I tried to get in contact with Anthill, but only got a machine. Left a message and haven't heard back. I cannot wait!

Saigon Sandwich -- best banh mi in America? (New York Times) [San Francisco]

The meats are great here. The pickled stuff I've had better. The bread is good. I'm a huge fan of Saigon. I think it's better than banh mi i I've had in Orange County and San Diego and banh mi is a favorite of mine. I think Saigon deserves it, but I guess I'll have to try out the other places that were discussed.

Papapietro Perry

Am planning on being in the area this weekend. I'm going to a few different places, but papapietro is the only winery I got to pick, so I'm really excited! I want to make sure I've done my homework, which includes asking for input from the Chow community.

I know this winery is known for Pinots and Zins that tend to be fruit forward (perfect for my tastes). Also aware that everyone's palates are different, but wanted to see if anyone has recommendations in particular you think are "can't miss" vintages that they're currently pouring. I'm very adventurous and always seeking to try the new or different. I don't know if I'll find new or different there, but really, really tasty works for me, too!

Philly Cheese Steak?

Bump Buster's!

SF visit this weekend

Chances are that living in the city, you will probably end up taking the bus or the BART to travel around. Parking is a pain. I'm not sure where you're moving from and could probably give you more information if I knew.

The places I'm listing are 1-2 Bart stops away from Mission

Pho: Turtle Town - Pho Ga
Bun Mi: Saigon Sandwiches (better than the ones I had in LA) - I like the combination, but people rave about the roast pork
Turkish: a la Turca
Breakfast: SF seems to love diners and brunch. You'll easily be able to find somewhere that will serve you fresh, local egg white omelettes..

Looking for good Italian, medium priced, Union Square or North Beach

Bump for this. Hearty, traditional dishes for a pocket friendly price.

CH Challenge: Finding the Perfect Match

I decided on suggesting

Barbacco (thanks!)

My original post was erased because I didn't realize you couldn't post even attributed quotes.


- 2.5 miles from Union Square
- Open until 1 am

Notes: Marvelous experience here. It is open until 1 am, but you will have to catch a cab.

More information:


- 0.5 miles from Union Square
- Open until 10 pm

Notes: Have been here for brunch, but not dinner. Flavors fresh and impeccable. Technique on point. But very very small. Only 20 seats. Call first. (415) 928-8870

Read more:

- 1.0 miles from Union Square
- Opens until 10 pm

Notes: Have not been here. Have been told that food is good but it is similar to a restaurant experience in SoHo.

Read more:

817 Sutter St, San Francisco, CA 94109

560 Divisadero St, San Francisco, CA 94117

230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

Closest equivalent to NyC's 53th and 6th [San Francisco]

The white sauce tastes like it's been cut with a little mayo or something of the sort.

I know you're asking for Halal and Afghani, but I went to A La Turca the other day for turkish food and they have a great yogurt sauce and their shish kebabs look amazing. The doner meats are similar to the ones found on 53rd and 6th.

A La Turca
869 Geary St, San Francisco, CA 94109

CH Challenge: Finding the Perfect Match

Ah, this sounds excellent. I've been meaning to check out Perbacco as well. Do you know how difficult it is to make a reservation for large parties?

230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

CH Challenge: Finding the Perfect Match

Exactly! I think the price point makes it very challenging to find somewhere that works for us. I base the range because they ate at Osha last night. I think the price point can go up, but I don't want to make the presumption.

CH Challenge: Finding the Perfect Match

My boyfriend has some big shots from his company in town and we get to pick the spot. I really want to help him make a good impression. They are from Spain, but an international bunch. At the same time the food has to be "accessible" and not too different (someone had objections to pho, but another loves Japanese).

- They are staying in the Union Square area, so we want to stay within walking distance, maybe as far up as FiDI and slightly down into SOMA.

- Price range should probably be in the mid-range ($20-25 pp not including drinks).

- Probably about 8-10 in the party

- Good wine / drink list a plus

- I am open to anything, but really want to show them the sort of french or italian influenced / local / seasonal / clean flavors that we do so well. But, anything delicious will do.

I've only lived here for a few months and have limited personal experience so recommendations based on what you've personally experienced or think is so so helpful. Thanks so much!!!

Turning the big 3-0! Where in Downtown (Union Square/Nob Hill)??

OH! I've passed by this place before. I know exactly where it is. I saw the mixed reviews on Yelp, but didn't see the chow thread. I was hoping you had first hand experience. I'll suggest it to him and we'll see how it goes. I think we'll be okay if we stick to the basic yakitori fare.

Thanks so much!

Turning the big 3-0! Where in Downtown (Union Square/Nob Hill)??

Thanks! Location, type and price look great! But, how's the food?

Recommendations for Casual Restaurants Near Market & 4th?

I like Little Delhi that's near you for Indian / Pakistani. I really enjoy their Butter Chicken.

Also, there's a Pearl's, a burger joint that always pleases when I take people from out of town. It's going to be quite a few blocks away, but still well within walking distance. Just remember to go up to post and then go over or else you'll go through a pretty seedy part of town.

Wow, I just realized how old this thread is.

Little Delhi
83 Eddy St, San Francisco, CA 94102

Turning the big 3-0! Where in Downtown (Union Square/Nob Hill)??

Need reccs for good food and space for a group for my friend's dirty 30! He'd ideally like izakaya style, but I'm not coming up with a lot from searching the boards.

We're probably going to head over to Bourbon and Branch or something like that for drinks afterwards, so we'd like it to be walking distance, or at most a short cab ride. I've been to Yamasho for karaoke, but not to eat. Nihon Whiskey Bar also sounds more interesting for drinks than food. Thoughts???

Will also consider other types of food.

Fuerte Avocados - preparation ideas?

After looking around a little, here's an update on fuerte avocados:

Best in (from Brilliant food tips): vegetable, pasta and grain salads, as well as sandwiches, roll-ups and salsas

From Slow Food USA: Fuerte is considered by avocado growers and connoisseurs to be one of the best tasting commercial cultivates, and it deserves to be more widely grown and known.

Sometimes Fuertes are considered "Florida" avocados. This is untrue. This Avocado came from Atlixco and was popularized/commercialized in Southern California. These are flavorful and have considerably less fats than the Hass.

Here's a recipe i found and will most likely try (from GlobalGourmet).

Chicken Breast with California Fuerte Avocado Rice

For the rice:

1-1/4 tablespoons olive oil
8 oz. fresh green bell pepper, diced
6 oz corn
6 oz. tomato, diced
4-1/2 cups cooked white rice
3/4 cup fresh chopped basil
1/2 California avocado, diced
Put olive oil in a skillet and over low heat, sauté the green bell pepper, corn and tomato for approximately five minutes. Add the precooked white rice and basil. Simmer for approximately five more minutes and set aside. Add 1/2 of the California avocado to rice prior to topping with chicken.

For the chicken:

2 teaspoons olive oil
6 3-oz. chicken breasts
1/2 cup capers
3/4 cup fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup fresh chopped parsley
1/2 California avocado, sliced
Sauté the chicken breasts in olive oil for approximately five minutes on each side over low heat. Remove chicken from skillet, remove skin from each breast and set aside. In same skillet, sauté capers for approximately one minute. Remove from eat and add lemon juice and parsley.

To serve, place rice mixture on plate and top with chicken breast. Pour capers and lemon juice mixture over top of chicken and rice. Garnish with fanned California avocado slices. Serves six.

Per serving: 430 calories, 22g protein, 64 g carbohydrates, 10g total fat, 5g dietary fiber, 40mg cholesterol, 193mg sodium

Nov 22, 2008
jessijessi in Home Cooking

Fuerte Avocados - preparation ideas?

I have many many many treefuls of Fuerte Avocados and no idea what to make with them. They taste different, sweeter, lighter, than the buttery Hass avocados most people are used to consuming.

Any suggestions on how to eat my avocados?

Nov 22, 2008
jessijessi in Home Cooking

Roy's downtown LA

I am not a fan. I ate at Roy's La Jolla and it seems to be a place where a lot of people like to go to celebrate things. Maybe it's the torches they light out in front. I've done the prix fixe and i've done various dishes (macadamia crusted mahi, diver scallops, onion short ribs...) and everytime i go there, I remember why I don't like it.

None of my friends from Hawaii like it either.

But i guess it's personal taste. I don't like it. It seems like a lot of people do though.

Jul 13, 2008
jessijessi in Los Angeles Area

Gum-free Cream Cheese. Needle in a haystack? My cheesecake needs you.

I want to make cheesecake!

Problem: I don't know where to find gum-free cream cheese.

It doesn't seem to be at whole foods or any local markets I've checked.

I live in the east SGV, so if you know of any shops in this area that sells it, great. Otherwise, i'm curious to know if ANY stores have it out here.

And also any recommendations for a brand of cream cheese that you think is great for cheesecakes (with gum or without)?


Jul 12, 2008
jessijessi in Los Angeles Area

Salt: Kosher v. Sea v. Fleur de Sel... v. Table Salt?

Since i recently moved from salt shaker to salt grinder, I've been introduced to the world of salt.

So, what kind of salt do you use and why? Which do you think is better?

I use sea salt and love to use a medium grind so that little pieces of salt crunch as you eat it.

Oct 26, 2007
jessijessi in General Topics

Brunch - Balthazar or Stanton Social?

I didn't really like Balthazar. I know, I know.

Oct 26, 2007
jessijessi in Manhattan

When Good Chorizo Goes Bad (Maybe)

I got my chorizo (out of the casing) from my local butcher and it looked delicious!

So --

it was in my fridge since Saturday afternoon, in the original butcher paper, untouched and unopened. I split it up into ziplocs yesterday (Thursday) night and put it in the freezer.

It looked and smelled fine at that time.

Is it still safe to eat?

I want to make chorizo and eggs tomorrow for breakfast, but I don't want to poison my family. Thanks!

Oct 26, 2007
jessijessi in General Topics


i didn't want to confuse the matter by calling her my girlfriend.

Jul 10, 2007
jessijessi in Los Angeles Area