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Any places doing Santa Maria style tri-tip BBQ in LA or OC?

Marshall's Bodacious BBQ (also in Ventura) is very much the real deal for Santa Maria style barbecue with the oak and coals right out front. And as good as the cue is, their chicken is smoky and succulent as well. Although it's right off the 101, it can be tricky to find, so look it up on Yelp and punch it into your GPS.

Jul 18, 2013
ericstuff in Los Angeles Area

What Seafood is in Season?

You guys rock. Thanks very much. If you need any help with LA and SF (or even PDX), let me know.

What Seafood is in Season?

Okay, MakingSense and Chownut. Coincidentally, I'll be in VA & DC at the same time and would love to track down some shad. Now that you've told us it should be available, the next question is Where? (Thanks!)