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Ft Pierce, Port St Lucie area local restaurants?

Anyone been to Crawdaddy's in Jensen Beach lately? Reports?

I'm headed to PSL next Saturday from Delray, andI'm willing to make a diversion to check out a Cajun joint.

"Crawdaddy’s was established in 1998 by brothers Mark and John Kren."

1 day ago
CFByrne in Florida

Bamboo Fire Discount

As it turns out, I was there just this Wed night for the first time in a while.

Among other dishes, I had the Conch Ceviche. Similar to what most would call Conch Salad.

It was perhaps the best I've ever had. It was NOT loaded with conch but I really didn't care. Fantastic fresh tasting vegs and the "broth" was mind-blowing.

I hear the Oxtail is really great these days too - so I am going back for that soon.

ALSO - right now during "season" they are also open Sunday, starting around 2PM. That could be a great time to go when this little hideaway is not slammed - we all know service can get very very slow when they are busy due to tiny kitchen and staff.

Is there really no Cajun food in Palm Beach County?

Just happened to come across this place online:

It's up in Jensen Beach - east of Port St Lucie.

May have to check it out when I go up for a spring training game for NY's best baseball team.

I saw in some ancient comments on the FL board, LargeLife has been there. What's the scoop, LL?

Sapphire Indian Cuisine, Boca Raton

You can get the whole "Indian Restaurants in Palm Beach County" scoop in this thread:

Much of it is old, but there's recent stuff too, including some on Sapphire.

Le Tub - Does it live up to the hype?

Posting in this old thread because virtually all the comments in here still hold true. Long wait, just chill out, service can be sketchy etc etc.

But no doubt one of the coolest old-Florida waterfront dive restaurants around.

Come and plan to take a lot of time, probably helps if you can drink a lot to kill the time.

Visited here for first time Saturday afternoon around 1:30 PM. Crowded but not packed.

I was solo so sat at the bar/counter, where I was able to watch the cook and all the servers placing/picking up orders.

A few notes:

*My burger was very very good. They are really thick and cooked on a flaming grill. So they get a great char/crust on the outside, but so thick they can turn out medium inside. I cut off a piece of meat before diving into the burger and it was nicely seasoned.

*Maybe they used to cook only 2 or 4 at a time, but now it is more like 16 or 20, as the photo shows. But still, they must have been on that grill for 15 minutes. So I don't know how long the wait might get when they are slammed... but it could be a looooong time.

*They now take credit cards. Not sure about Amex, I used Visa.

*The burger is now $11, add 50 cents for cheese.

I want to go back and try again, and also check out the chili and the gumbo.


Looking for a reasonably up-to-date list of food trucks (ideally good ones!) that serve the Delray Beach area.

A friend is planning a big event...

Hot and Soul-Fort Lauderdale

Nice article on Hot & Soul from Laine Doss today...

"Hot & Soul Is a Labor of Love for Husband and Wife Chef-Owners"

"The food's good, and the vibe's good. We're not getting rich, but we have sort of a cult following. We don't really know anything about marketing. We just do what we do and hope people will connect with it. On most levels, we're not doing it for the money; we're dead passionate about what we do."

Long weekend in Miami Beach coming up

I'm not a Miami guy, but I have had a few great veg-friendly dishes recently...

So I can attest to all the recos on 27 Restaurant. You can read more comments here, and see the fabulous Shakshuka dish and some other veg friendly:

Another option is to head about 1 mile west around 20th St, and hit up Lucali for some world-class pizza. And as many say, the calzone is even better.

I know pizza is often a favorite dish for vegetarians, and you will not often find better than Lucali's, anywhere.

Shishito peppers

They used to be hard to find - not any more

You might call Alderman to see if they will tell you where to get retail:

Sales Office: 561-369-2801

I will also ask Jody at Swank if she is selling anywhere other than at Palm Beach Green Mkt Saturday mornings.

(Which is worth going to even if she doesn't have these)

West Palm Beach (2015)?

The Avocado Grill is new and excellent:
At the east end of Datura just steps from Meyer Amphitheatre

I've had a couple of good meals at Hullabaloo, Italian Gastropub, on Clematis near CityPlace:

I haven't been but The Alchemist is getting a lot of good buzz, also on Clematis near CityPlace:

If you want some awesome Fried Chicken, head over to Bay Bay's, on Okeechobee Blvd, just west of 95 and then Congress on the S side.

"Good French restaurant that closed"? If you are referring to Pistache, AFAIK they are alive and well - also at the E end of Clematis:

For my money though, the best three restaurants are not in the heart of WPB, but rather elsewhere nearby:

Cafe Boulud, over the Intracoastal on Palm Beach (fairly formal).

Buccan, ditto and just around the block (more casual).

Coolinary Cafe, on Donald Ross in NPB (totally casual).

And yes, WPB is technically covered under the Miami/ Fort Laud board (long story).

Feb 18, 2015
CFByrne in Florida

Pizzeria Oceano in Lantana

I too was at PO last night (and got to meet International Food Sage, Erica). (I think you meant "local food SLOB, CB...")

So, Mrs CFB and I ordered this Tilefish Chowder with Horseradish, Potato, Smoked Jowl...

Because who wouldn't want super-fresh tilefish with bacon???

We took a few tastes and looked at each other and both of our jaws were fully dropped. Mrs says "This is the best soup I've ever had," and I am thinking the same thing.

I get up between courses and as I am walking through I stop to say hi to a few people, and no less than 3 other parties remark, unsolicited, that "This soup may be the best I've ever had".

Lots of folks can make a bisque or chowder taste pretty good with a bunch of cream and butter and whatever. But this was not a hot thick mess, and just overall at a whole higher level. Wow.

So, moral of the story: It's golden tilefish season, and if this is on the menu again...

Run, don't walk to PO, for Tilefish Chowder with Horseradish, Potato, and Smoked Jowl.

Is there really no Cajun food in Palm Beach County?

I'm afraid once you cross Oakland Park Boulevard, your next stop would likely be Emeril's in Universal Studios Orlando.

If there were such a place in Palm Beach County, I'd be first in the door. Huge fan of gumbo, jambalaya, etouffee, bbq shrimp etc etc.

Funny, just yesterday I suggested to a local restaurant that they AT LEAST have a special Fat Tuesday Nawlins-inspired menu. There are lots of people that would show up just for that, in my opinion. No word back.

BTW, I was very pleased with Emeril's. I feared it might have turned into a theme park mess.

But the food was dynamite. PLUS I was alone so I sat at the nice bar, it happened to be HH, and they had a ton of regular apps at half off. So I stuffed myself on those, and then ordered a main off the full menu.

Seeking restaurant near the Adrienne Arsht Center

Thanks for all the ideas - this is a great "Late Night Miami Dining" list.

Proof will be my top destination, but if the line is down the street even at 11PM, I now have some excellent backup plans.

I could definitely be temped to cross the bay to hit Lucali or PB...

Or stay closer to home for many of the other options, even the $35 DB Burger...

And I'm angry I missed gastropod / Husk event, so due for a stop there...

Then there's... etc etc etc

PS: TP - Mach website and answering machine mention lots of meal hours but nothing about late night.

Seeking restaurant near the Adrienne Arsht Center

I'll be getting out of an Arsht show at appx 10:30PM this Saturday (ughh Valentine's Day) evening.

Looking for casual eats that will still be open, in the general area more or less (Wynwood, DD fine). We are staying overnight at airport area hotel so that would work too. Have car.

These are open until 11, so probably cutting too close:

Mignonette – Fri/Sat until 11PM

Blackbrick – Fri/Sat until 11PM

Little Bread Cuban Sandwich - Fri/Sat until 11PM

Viva Mexico – Fri/Sat until 11PM

These are open until 12, so probably best options. BUT would like a few more optios (just in case these are all still packed at 11PM due to V Day):

Proof Pasta and Pizza – Fri/Sat until 12AM (Midnight

Harry’s Pizzeria – Fri/Sat until 12AM (Midnight

(Neither takes reservations for 2


Thanks in advance.

Good Polish deli in Palm Beach or Broward County

Polish food fans may be interested in a special pop-up this Sunday evening, Feb 15.

Dak, from Pizzeria Oceano, will be firing up all Polish dishes at his pop-up at Ciao Sidewalk Cafe on East Atlantic Ave in Delray.

Menu for his special events usually show up on the PO website a day or two before.

Dumpling King in North Miami Beach (near King's Palace)

So this place would come highly recommended?

I'll be in Miami next Sunday morning - but need to get back to Palm Beach County ASAP.

Blackbrick doesn't open until 11:30 and Hakkasan until noon, so I'm thinking of coming here (they open at 11:00, they're up north somewhat, and every minute I can save will help).

Delray Beach and area restaurants

I have no problem with FT, I've had good meals there and I think the atmosphere is quite nice. I think some of the "raves" may come from folks who are more used to nearby Seasons 52, for example, and FT is more adventurous (and much better IMO) than that.

But I'd say you'll do just as well in downtown Delray, with similar choices, and outdoor seating conducive to "kid-friendliness" at either Dada or Park Tavern.

Boynton beach west anything good

> we had a pretty good meal at Casa de Pepe last week.....

Good to know, I have never been, despite living 6 blocks away. It's pretty much always empty.

(So, you can blame me for starters).

Feb 06, 2015
CFByrne in Florida

Aventura, higher end.

I had a fantastic burger at ROK BRGR in Fort Lauderdale last year.

In fact, I was going to suggest that Chowfather check it out for possibly updating his Burger list.

In particular, I had the Bacon Jam Burger: Creamy brie with maple bourbon bacon jam.

Hot and Soul-Fort Lauderdale

It's often scary going back to a favorite restaurant when you've not been for a while. Have they grown complacent? Changed chef or staff? Lost interest or passion?

I didn't need to have any fears when I returned to Hot and Soul last night. I'd say I've dined here seven or eight times since they opened a year and a half ago, and this visit was the best.

Every one of our dishes was terrific, here are just 3 of the highlights (with photos):

*House-Smoked Pastrami with House Sculpin-Mustard, Duck-Fat Confit Garlic, Peppers Jam, Pickles and Warmed Bread. This was Mike's first try at pastrami ("my new baby") and I would say he's off to a tremendous start.

*Lemongrass-Marinated Quail and Thai Banana Blossom Salad over Jasmine Rice. Photo doesn't do it justice. Great dish - and the salad was so killer, we later ordered another one to take home.

*Shrimp, Crab and Oyster Gumbo with Andouille and “Secret Roux-Caramelized Trinity”. If you visit Hot and Soul, you've absolutely got to make Gumbo, Jambalaya or BBQ Shrimp part of your meal. There's always at least one of these on the menu.

Note, these were each Specials. They may have some left for lunch or dinner today (Friday), if you are in the area.

Delray Beach and area restaurants

I'll start with possible removals:

*Fish Shack is interesting (and cheap) but it's 20 minutes south in Pompano. It is also *tiny* so you may be waiting outdoors for a long long time - in a spot where waiting outdoors is not very interesting nor fun.

*Farmer's Table is safe and I've had some good meals there, but it's about 15 minutes away in Boca and not really anything you can't get in downtown Delray.

*Pizza Rustica has 20 cold pies with various toppings on display at all times. Some people love that. I'd FAR prefer to get a fresh, great pie at Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza. Much more atmosphere too, while PR is just a shop over by the beach. Of course, for true Neapolitan pizza (and more expensive) Scuola Vecchia is the best in town.

As far as cost, these will on the highest end of your list:
Max's Harvest
32 East

You could probably hit Tryst or Dada or Brule instead of those two if you want to keep your entree costs closer to $25-$30 rather than $30-$35. But this is splitting hairs somewhat and of course depends on the dishes. My current reco would be Tryst, and if you are coming from Canada you will likely enjoy the courtyard right on "The Ave" for outside dining in South Florida. If you enjoy that experience, you could try the similar Park Tavern just a block away, on the next evening. Get a seat outdoors for sure.

The budget deals on your list:

Burger Fi - Really excellent burgers right across from the beach, go in your bathing suit.

Papa's Tapas - don't be misled by the name - plenty of mains.

El Camino on Taco Tuesday.

I've never been to Chaiyo Thai, but in downtown Delray, House of Siam, Lemongrass and Yama all have very reasonable lunch "box" deals.

Add to your list: Weekday lunch at Smoke BBQ. Great deal on choice of about 5 different huge BBQ sandwiches, plus a side (get the baked beans) for $10.

Enjoy and, fire away everyone else!

- CharlieDelray IG/Twitter

Pizzeria Oceano in Lantana

Sounds like an idea. Drop me a line and we can talk about the details Charlie at CharlieDelray . com

Visiting hound reports on Boca and environs

"My beloved Jalapenos Taqueria taco truck at the very Western end of Atlantic Avenue was a disappointment this year."

Yeah I was disappointed last two times I've been there also, with same experience. I was excited when I first found it in 2009, comments on that and other local tacos here:

But I won't go back now. Better to head 5 miles North to T.A.C., or even hit the "hidden" Taqueria Huetamo on Linton and Congress about 8 miles East. Either are far FAR better than that truck.

Thanks for all the other updates and feedback.

Parker Playhouse in Fort Lauderdale

I would second the Hot & Soul reco, but they are no longer open on Sunday.

That brunch service after a long week culminating on Saturday night was just too much for this mom and pop shop. So they now actually have a full day off once a week.

Visiting hound needs Boca / Delray help

+1 on the Calypso reco. It's been one of my Broward favorites for a long long time.

"Calypso Restaurant & Raw Bar:
Fresh Seafood and Caribbean Flavors in Pompano"

Conch Chowder and Shrimp Cutter (AKA "Calypso Cutter) photos below.

BTW that's a fun and easy one to make at home. In short, saute shrimp, mushrooms and garlic in butter, add jack cheese, add parsley, season (here's where you could adjust it Lettuce), and pour onto a hollowed out toasted Kaiser Roll.

Swank Farms

All of this year's dinners look great. But next week's event(Sunday afternoon, Feb 8) is especially strong.

It's also a good chance for PBC folks to enjoy the work of a couple of Miami's top chefs, in this case Aaron Brooks and Conor Hanlon... plus Eric Larkee, MGFD Group Wine Director... and more.

These Swank Farm events are very special treat, and I'd encourage anyone who's been thinking about it, to go ahead and come on out.

Bourbon Steak--Is there a Cut They Specialize in?

El Chevere,

I'd like to hit Palm Beach Meat Market as well.

LMK if you're interested in a dining partner.

- CharlieDelray (Twitter/IG)

Jimmy's Bistro in Delray Beach

Here's a photo of the all-blackboard menu from Tuesday Jan 27, 2015.

(I would revise my prev statement that prices here appear to be among the highest in town. These are most definitely not).

I'm expecting to go for dinner within the next few weeks, to find out what's most important though. :-)

Fish and Shrimp (raw) Sold from Roadside Trucks? West PB County?

I know this is not nearby... at all!

But if you ever make it up by Port Canaveral… or want to take a “scenic route” home from Orlando…

I recently found two fish markets that qualify as fairly close to "shrimp-lovers heaven".

Heads on, head off, rock shrimp, royal red, Atlantic, Gulf, fresh, frozen, 5 pound bags, individual…

I brought a cooler, and between these two markets, took home a ridiculous variety of shrimp.

Side-benefit: On the way home, rather than going back west to 95 or the TPK, I simply took the scenic route of A1A for a couple of hours, and got to see a whole new area of the Florida coast.

These two markets are about half mile from each other, and right on the waterfront in Cape Canaveral area. I recommend visiting each for gathering intelligence, and then deciding what to purchase where, after comparing.

They also had some very impressive deals on fresh Stone Crabs which I also took advantage of.

So far, everything that I purchased has been excellent.


CharlieDelray (Twitter/IG)


I stopped in Saturday early afternoon to take a quick peek around...

Due to time and other constraints, I was only able to order one dish off the brunch menu (Sat/Sun 11-3 I believe). But it was spectacular.

"Elad's Shakshuka" - Tomatoes with fresh ground middle eastern spices, cooked down into this deep, dark incredibly rich base, then topped with two eggs, quick broiled, and served with three slices of hefty Zak the Baker's bread.

I am not a "brunch" guy but I would have this any time and 2x on Sunday. Check out the photo... and it is on the regular menu too, I see.

The staff was ultra-friendly from the second I walked in, just a chill and cool vibe all around, smiles, and this was early Saturday.

To top it off, it's a beautiful restored Dade house, there's also an upstairs that's used when things heat up at night apparently (photo 2).

I can't wait to get back and try much more off the menu. BTW, the hostess told me they only takes res's for 6 or more, all else are walk in.

- CharlieDelray (Twitter/IG)