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What to order at Ray's Hell Burger?

Flying up from Florida this morning for marathon weekend. I am staying at Rosslyn Courtyard Marriott (1533 Clarendon Blvd) which looks to be ridiculously close to Rays.

Been wanting to go here for quite some time and it looks like my ship is coming in for lunch.

Thanks for this thread, was going to post similar, but amazing what a Search box can do.

about 2 hours ago
CFByrne in Washington DC & Baltimore

Tasting village at Cushman School Saturday 10/25

Why didn't they have after-school programs like this when I was in second grade??? :-)

Eating the Continents with Mrs. Gorman and Mrs. Siemonof $150.00

25 seats available Monday 3:15 pm - 4:30 pm

Get your passport and journey with us through the
seven continents. We will cook and eat food, make crafts,
listen to music, dress-up and immerse ourselves in
three countries within each continent.
Join us each session to travel the seven continents.

Instructors: Mrs. Gorman and Mrs. Siemonof
Day: Monday
Time: 3:15-4:15
Where: Mrs. Siemonof's Room
Cost: $150.00
Ages: Kindergarten-Grade 2

about 15 hours ago
CFByrne in Miami - Fort Lauderdale

Pizzeria Oceano in Lantana

So what's happening is apparently Dak is going to do a one-time "Pop-Up" at an existing restaurant site in East Delray.

Sounds like this will be Sunday evening Nov 2. Especially good for In The Biz people who normally can't make it to PO, or MIA folks who won't have to worry about rush-hour traffic.

It WILL NOT have pizza - since there's no oven. But if you've ever had their non-pizza dishes, you know that's not really a problem.

Note - I have no business relationship with PO. Just a big fan.

about 23 hours ago
CFByrne in Miami - Fort Lauderdale

Pizzeria Oceano in Lantana

Just got wind of some very exiting Pizzeria Oceano news from a little birdie.

Stay tuned...

IG / Twitter: CharlieDelray

Trader Joe's?!?

For those that "don't get" the whole "Trader Joe's thing", I would say... take a few minute to browse around here

Click through to some pages... read the detailed descriptions of their products...

I am loving TJ's - now in Delray - much more than I ever expected.

I'll still go to WF or a butcher for meat, and Publix for soap etc.

But TJ's is my first stop for most everything else now.

Blue Willie's BBQ

An "off" brisket sounds a more likely explanation than needing to give Willy "a few weeks to get back into form".

He has a massive amount of this stuff curing at all times. Something like 1200 pounds. (200 per week over 6 weeks).

I can't be certain - but I'd bet it is a super-controlled process.

And it seems doubtful his pastrami-making skills just went south for a week or two.

Meanwhile I've not been to Zingers so looking fwd to trying them out.

Blue Willie's BBQ

Thanks for the thorough write up, Lettuce. I know LiveRock was also there today, so maybe he'll weigh in too.

I've mentioned the parking issue before, and the solution is simple. Directly across US1 sits a huge Publix / Marshalls shopping plaza.

Park there and walk the 250 feet.

If you feel guilty, go into Publix and buys some moist towelettes. :-)

Bring Your Own Wine-Boca Area

Erica, When you come down to FL for season, can you please bring down some Chili Special Burgers from the just-opened Texas Ranger in Freeport, please.

K, thanks...

Mandolin Aegean Bistro - Design District/Wynwood

Thanks. Also, I just came across this... from Emily Codik, about two years ago...

I guess it never happened obviously...

"They also have plans to expand beyond Mandolin. The couple will be opening another eatery in 2013. Located on NE 2nd Avenue and 45th Street, the restaurant will be a Florida seafood shack named Poor Man's Lobster."

Mandolin Aegean Bistro - Design District/Wynwood

Hoping to hit Mandolin this weekend.

What should wife and I order?

Also, I don't see any way to make a res. Am I missing something or is it no res? I am looking at Saturday early (5:30PM) so I might be ok as walk in but would of course prefer a res.


Bring Your Own Wine-Boca Area

Two rather "quirky" restaurants you might consider, these are not your ordinary places, but they are well worth the eccentricities IMO:

In Pompano, Café La Buca
(Erica has an especially good write-up in that thread


In Lantana, Pizzeria Oceano

Both feature truly great *great* pizza as well as way-above-average additional plates.

Neither much in the atmosphere departments. And both have their quirks as mentioned. But something to consider.

Phila Eagles sports bar near Boca Raton


Blue Willie's BBQ

I usually get one to eat in and one to take home.

And then, there's so much meat at home I can use it for a variety of other dishes, including my Pastrami Pizza (with Swiss Cheese and Sauerkraut).

Last Visit Coming up to Chicago

Hey El Chev - I'll be in town this weekend (Fri lunch through Sunday dinner). You still going to be around?

Oct 06, 2014
CFByrne in Chicago Area

Great Lake wait strategy - specific questions

Oct 05, 2014
CFByrne in Chicago Area

Any solo diner want to join us at Alinea on Oct 12th (Sunday)?

On a related note, I have tix for Alinea two-top for Friday 10/10 at 5:45PM and am looking for a table mate.

I am running the marathon Sunday, otherwise I'd be tempted to join the threesome above. But I don't know what condition I'll be in at that point. Wouldn't look good for me to fall to the floor with a leg cramp mid-service. ;-)

So here, solo diners now have two choices for the coming weekend. If Friday is good for you, email me at (remove spaces)


Oct 04, 2014
CFByrne in Chicago Area

Great Lake wait strategy - specific questions

Did the folks behind Great Lake (Nick Lessins and Lydia Esparza?) ever open something new?

I know it closed in Jan 2013, and there were rumors of "new ventures".

But the story has gotten cold since then, as far as I can tell.

Yes, I know there are plenty of other options. I'm just curious on this one in particular.

Thanks in advance.

Oct 02, 2014
CFByrne in Chicago Area

Any foodies want to share a table at Alinea in Decemeber?

I have two tickets for Friday 10/10 at 5:45 PM.

Yet I am in town for the Marathon, and solo, so I have one extra looking for a home!

Happy to part with for what I paid. We'll dine together at a two-top, I think I'm a pretty easy going guy so it should be fun.

Questions or Details, email me below, C/H Board Protocol requests this not be further discussed here.

Email address - Just put these letters all together without any of the spaces:

By r
S o u

Oct 01, 2014
CFByrne in Chicago Area

NYC Foodie moving to Jupiter, Fl - quiet, good food recs please!

Here's something you won't find in New York City...

"Swank Table - Farm Style Dinners"

This series of dinners is quite special. In short, a top local farmer out in west Palm Beach County brings in several top chefs from Miami (and all of South Florida actually) for a multicourse meal with music, drink, tours, and an overall spectacular good time on a few Sunday afternoons in Winter and Spring.

Not cheap by any means, but certainly a very memorable special occasion.

I've already booked the April 12 event featuring 32 East, Café Boulud, and Michael's Genuine / Cypress Room.

Also looking at Feb 8 with Aaron Brooks, Conor Hanlon, Erik Larkee and more

Some info on past events here:


You might want to check out MEAT at MM88. The owner/chef just opened a sister restaurant in Boca and they're doing some interesting things there.

George Patti also has a another place in the Keys at 82.7 I've not been but it does look interesting:

Chicago style pizza in Broward or Dade?

> "They make good pizzas because they get ingredients from Illinois."

I'm curious which specific pizza ingredients are best when purchased from Illinois.

I make pizza at home quite a bit, and if I'm missing out on a good source, well, inquiring minds want to know. TIA.

Palm Beach County openings 2014

I saw that place a lot when I was visiting Savannah.

I will give it one try.

However, I can't imagine being on Okeechobee and looking for fried chicken and going anywhere except Bay Bays.

I love Bay Bays.

Blue Willie's BBQ

> I'm still trying to figure out
> why exactly Pastrami is classified as BBQ

Far as I'm concerned, Willy can call it milk or seafood... As long as he keeps making it like this (pictures)...

50th b-day italian or steak or ?

Lettuce, Have you looked into Café La Buca in Pompano?

It's "quirky". It's not cheap. And there's not all that much going on in the atmosphere department.

But people who love it, really love it:

I've only been there for pizza so far, but that was fantastic.

50th b-day italian or steak or ?

I know you mentioned having a few cocktails and staying in the Boca Delray area.

But for a 50th birthday, special event - I would be tempted to drive down to Aventura and hit Bourbon Steak for a truly memorable meal. The Wagyu rib eye I've had there a few times was just over the top great.

It's really not that long of a drive. And heck, it's off season - maybe get a room for the night so you can really go crazy.

I bet you can get a room for $199 or so this time of year. Then you could stay over - and get a burger for lunch before you leave!

If you are willing to pay good money but don't want to be disappointed, I would consider this option...

Recommendations near Jackie Gleason Theater?

I recommend Oolite.

It's literally across the street from the Fillmore.

And it's also literally across another street from great (cheap) public parking.

And, it's "Florida" oriented, something nice for a newcomer.

Win Win Win.

New England Style Hot Dog Roll

After the terrific Lobster Roll at Mignotette last Sunday (photo 1), I started dreaming about lobster rolls...

And how I could get one without another 60-mile one-way drive.

Step one complete! I found the split-top buns right in my local Publix (photo 2).

Step two, I may have to commit HERESY and use Florida Lobster - I have a couple tails in the freezer that need to be used. Probably won't be nearly as good, but, we'll see!

Blue Willie's BBQ

Following up on the "How can they possibly cure 200 lbs for 3 weeks"...

CPC reports, "Banks begins with a 1,100-pound lot, portioned out and prepared 200-pounds at a time after a rigorous 5-week curing and smoking process."

Palm Beach County openings 2014

Pit boss is supposedly a guy named Bryan Tyrell.

From what I can tell, in the past he has been associated with (although not clear exactly how)...

The Kansas City "Slaughterhouse Five" BBQ team...

Oklahoma Joe's Bar-B-Que in Kansas City...

And a BBQ place in London(!) called Bodean's.

I guess best thing is I'll just drop on in and meet him myself ASAP.

Palm Beach County openings 2014

I want to know who this Smoke BBQ pitmaster will be.

From the bottom of that ad:

"Home of two-time American Royal World Series of BBQ Grand Champion".

Now that does sound interesting.