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Pizzeria Oceano in Lantana

A lot of folks have been wondering what is going on at PO.

In short: PO is not serving pizza any more.

Dak is focusing his pizza efforts at his takeout/delivery store idea, Swell Pizza, the first of which is in Delray.

Dak wrote his own update today on FB:

"a lot of people won’t understand it but after 6 years I needed a change. our new sister restaurant, swell pizza in delray, takes the p.o. ideals of pizza and runs with them. jerk oceano goes full caribe with real foods...local seafood, vegetables, and meats. our flat and coco breads are made with the same organic flour used by p.o. and we will also be using the same purveyors as we always have. join us this friday for an old fashioned deck party to sample our new fare starting around 5:30. — dak"

I have been to the new, "non-Pizzeria Oceano" (aka Jerk Oceano) and I love the non-pizza dishes, as I have always loved them before.

(It appears long-time "sous" chef Sean is handling the cooking at PO, at least for now as Dak trains folks at Swell).

Royal Red Shrimp and Rice, Okra, Chili, Egg

Pineapple, Jicama, Chili, Mint, Lime.

Roasted Cabbage, Salame Calabrese, Onion, Mustard Seeds, Apricot

Palm Beach Occasion

Absolutely - reservations possible and suggested for Boulud.

And if anything, August thru October are even "slower" season, so you should be looking at excellent deals for the hotel if you decide to book there.

Palm Beach Occasion

Cafe Boulud or Buccan would be my top two recos...

Foodies? Check.

High quality? Check.

$$$? Check.

Dress up? Optional at either. Buccan is more casual and louder than Boulud.

So for "Special Occasion" I might lean more towards Boulud. I have had a few spectacular meals there recently.
If you wanted to make a night of it, you could book a room at the Brazilian Court, the boutique hotel that Boulud sits in. Here in the off-season, rates are quite reasonable (I just took a quick peek).

It's in the heart of elegant Palm Beach - you could go for walks on Worth Ave, over to the ocean, in the charming little neighborhood corner parks...

Or hit Boulud for dinner (and breakfast) - and then grab a great sandwich at lunchtime at Buccan's little take-out shop.

Palm Beach county closings 2015

The store was way too big IMO. It struck me the minute I walked in a couple of months ago.

Always better to have a small crowded place than a big half-empty one. Scarcity increases demand, abundance lowers perceived value.

Alinea to "pop up" in Miami early 2016

Look who was in the 305 yesterday.

You'd have to guess, absent other info, it's a scouting trip, I would imagine...

Habit Burger coming to Florida

Yes... and don't tell anyone... but I think there may be an even "softer" opening this Thursday. Unless I got the date wrong when it was whispered... but I believe the voice said "free burgers Thursday" over two time periods.

"The fast-casual spot opens June 24 at the new Delray Place on Federal Highway and Linton Blvd. Doors officially open at 10:30 a.m. that day, but there’s a couple of preview events this week that will offer the public a taste of The Habit. On Friday, the eatery hosts fundraisers for the Delray Beach Athletic Club (11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.) and Habitat for Humanity (5 to 7 p.m.). On Saturday, there’s a Cystic Fibrosis Foundation fundraiser (11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.). During these events, the restaurant will donate 100 percent of the proceeds."

ALTER (new Brad Kilgore place in Wynwood)

I've heard plenty of buzz about Alter.

Well-known/veteran Miami dining enthusiasts, bloggers, etc, praising the food. And I'm not talking about thinly-veiled PR machines.

But I've not seen any "hype" (although I certainly could have missed it).

Definition of HYPE - transitive verb
1 : put on, deceive
2 : to promote or publicize extravagantly <hyping this fall's TV lineup>

To me there's an important difference, hype has the connotation of contrived BS. Buzz is more of a genuine enthusiasm.

When enough people start seeing through the hype, it all starts falling apart.

AFAIK, what I am seeing is buzz. I could be wrong.

In any event, I'll find out for myself at 7PM tonight.

ALTER (new Brad Kilgore place in Wynwood)

Heading down Saturday night with Mrs CFB.

Some of the "must tries" I am hearing include:
Soft Egg
Bread and Beurre
Grouper Cheeks

Not far behind:
Short Rib
Blue Crab
Leek "Chorizo"

And maybe:
Cape Canaveral Prawns


Comments / thoughts / etc?

Cafe Boulud

Great news for PBC folks. Nice to see some Miami-Palm Beach collaborations *in Palm Beach*! I've been hoping to see this trend develop.


Chef Rick Mace looks forward to welcoming a former colleague and longtime friend back to the kitchen at Cafe Boulud, where they will prepare an epic meal focused on Independence Day. Join us for a 4-course experience with wine paired by our sommeleiere Mariya Kovacheva on Friday July 3rd at 7pm.

good crawfish in south fl??

There's a similar sounding place up in Orlando, I've always wanted to try:

Problem is, it's pretty close to Winter Park, and TRP, C&L, Luma etc etc.

So whenever I am up there, I always seem to have other fish to fry (or try) so to speak...


I don't recall seeing Meatballs on the menu when I visited!

Did I miss them? Or is it relatively new?

Or is it in Brooklyn only, as David Chang seemed to enjoy (photo).

good crawfish in south fl??

Palm Beach County crawfish lovers: Those folks in Delray I wrote about ^^^ above are doing it again today and tomorrow.
30 Pound bags of live for $4/pound, avail Fri/Sat.

Then fresh, boiled #5 ($35) or #10 ($65) portions to stay or go tomorrow night.

Cafe Boulud

As a huge fan of Tim Lipman / Coolinary Cafe, and Jimmy Strine at Boulud, this is exciting news!

I have been hoping to see more chef/restaurant collabs and special events up here in PB.

Looks like a good August!

Cafe Boulud

"DBGB KITCHEN AND BAR - We find this casual cuisine well suited to the long summer days in South Florida. We’ll be serving the cuisine of DBGB seven nights a week in the main dining room and in our lounge through October 12th and hope to have the pleasure of welcoming you back often this summer."

Duck King in Boca Raton

To no one's surprise I am sure...

Looks like DK has shuttered their doors.

Real estate lock, FPL notice...

Habit Burger coming to Florida

Hiring interviews taking place this week.

I am guessing they'll be open towards the end of this month.

Surprised No Mention of Siena Tavern--SoFi SoBe

"Temporarily" closed for "renovations".

Pizzeria Oceano in Lantana

Swell Pizza - opening, sort of, this Sunday.

Takeout only. Delivery coming soon, supposedly.

Menu I've seen has three pizzas and a handful of salads, keeping it very simple.

Cafe Boulud

I've had two great meals at Boulud in the past year. So I am a big fan.

In addition, they recently had a table at the Palm Beach "Taste of the Nation" event, along with some 40 other restaurants.

Which was best of the lot?

No disrespect to the other 39, but it wasn't even close, in my opinion.

Cafe Boulud

Significant changes may be coming to Cafe Boulud Palm Beach. Although "takeover" often implies a temporary change, this sounds somewhat permanent - or at least perhaps for the summer?:

Starting Sunday May 31st, our NYC based restaurant DBGB is officially taking over Cafe Boulud! Chef Rick will be introducing more casual flavors to the menu, such as the famous Piggy and Frenchie burgers, as well as house made sausages like the Thai and Boudin Noir. Our head sommelier Mariya Kovacheva will pair local craft beers to pair with the cuisine.

Might be a good move. The more casual (but superb) Buccan right down the street seems to draw a LOT bigger crowd consistently.

The Boulud elegance can be nice for special occasions, but these days I think some may find it a bit intimating and/or off-putting. Perhaps even more so the in summer.

In any event... here is the NYC DBGB menu which looks pretty good to me...

Hmmmm - house-made sausages. I wonder who's going to be making those? (JS)...

Pizzeria Oceano in Lantana

So Swell apparently ran into a few minor bumps on the way to opening day.

Imagine - a delayed restaurant opening!

But word is, staff is hired, permits secured, training underway. And opening will truly be Real Soon Now.

Reminds me of the old story...

How do you make $1 million in the restaurant business? Start with $2M.

Fish Tacos

Tarpon Bend is just steps from Tacocraft (literally, next door), so you could kill two birds right there if you wanted to...

Fish Tacos

Good timing, in so much that Nicole at New Times just released an updated "Top 10 Fish Tacos" article yesterday.

I can't speak for any of these personally, but at least it might give you a couple of starting points.

I have heard good things about Whole Enchilada and Tacocraft from other people who's opinions I value.

Your mileage may vary, take it for what it's worth, etc etc.

Graduation dinner Nova Southeastern University

If your group is a bit adventurous, you could consider Gabose Korean.

It could be a lot of fun, as each table can get their own burner and actually "cook" some of your own food.

The service is UNBELIEVABLY GOOD. And if you let them know you are a "newbie", they will be very happy to guide you to food that anyone will love.

It's 7 miles north, right on University Drive.

Check out what fellow CHers have to say:

St Augustine: Critique this newbie's itinerary for 3-day weekend

Thanks for the tips Indy.

I'm going to stick with Columbia for this trip. Never been, the Spanish angle seems right, and I looked at Collage and looks like I can get very similar or better here in S Fla.

All your advice is appreciated.

Apr 30, 2015
CFByrne in Florida

St Augustine: Critique this newbie's itinerary for 3-day weekend

Thanks TG and Erica on Safe Harbor.

Seeing how it is 45 miles N of my hotel and 1 hour drive, I will have to skip it for this trip. But I will file this away for next time I go further north and pass through Jax.

Sounds from several sources I'll only be able to get whites or frozen royal reds (which is not that bad a thing). Last time I was at Wild Ocean Seafood down near Canaveral they had tons of frozen reds.

Definitely hitting OSteens, with any luck at 11:30AM tomorrow.

Apr 30, 2015
CFByrne in Florida

Lunch in Miami

Some clarification would help...

If you are driving from FLL to the Keys, your fastest route will be to take 595 in FLL west over the the FL Turnpike, and down to Homestead and FL City and then the Keys. This route pretty much bypasses Miami and (often but not always) its traffic and congestion.

So, are you willing to take a slower route solely to visit (quickly, you said) a restaurant in Miami "proper"?

Or, are you just looking for something good to eat on the way from FLL to KW?

If the latter, check these recent threads from folks in the same boat (so to speak):

Ft. Lauderdale to Key West Drive - Looking for a dinner down & lunch/brunch back

Best fast food alternative heading south from MIA to KW

St Augustine: Critique this newbie's itinerary for 3-day weekend

Thanks, I'll try to go at 11:30AM. Any later and it will interfere with my early dinner anyway.

Apr 27, 2015
CFByrne in Florida

St Augustine: Critique this newbie's itinerary for 3-day weekend

Thanks all so far.

Still looking for a decent local fish market to take home some royal reds perhaps. Also a good bar for craft beer in Historic District.

R1949, I have added a lunch at O'Steens, for as soon as we arrive in town Friday at noon.

TampaGul, I've also added a trip to the Fort Matanzas.

Hobbert, we may hit Cordova Sunday morning.


Apr 27, 2015
CFByrne in Florida

St Augustine: Critique this newbie's itinerary for 3-day weekend

South Florida hounds coming to spend our first weekend in St Augustine Historic District next weekend (May 1-3).

Our tastes run from Michael’s Genuine in Miami to Buccan in Palm Beach to The Ravenous Pig and Luma on Park in Winter Park.

But since we’re hitting St Aug, I would definitely be up focusing on local specialties (Spanish, datil peppers, that Minorcan chowder etc).

Staying at Best Western Bayfront, just a few blocks from St George and Cuna. Have a car.

Here’s my rough draft itinerary. Please comment and even suggest top bites at any of these spots:

Arrive mid-afternoon Friday.

Friday late afternoon (5PM) pre-show dinner at Michael’s Tasting Room

Friday night Wilco show at St Augustine Amphitheatre

Friday late night spot for craft beer and maybe music back in Historic District? I am a fan.

Saturday Breakfast

Rest of Saturday: See the sights.

Saturday lunch at The Floridian

Saturday evening our “big dinner” at Columbia

Sunday morning: Depart but maybe nice early breakfast first somewhere.

Also looking for an “authentic” seafood market or “fishing village” spot in the area, from St Augustine on south, that might have royal red shrimp and other special local seafood products. (If worse comes to worse I can always get these all the way down in Cape Canaveral).

Thanks in advance!

Apr 25, 2015
CFByrne in Florida