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Duck King in Boca Raton

I don't think there's anything "fusion" about Duck King, someone just decided to add in that tag line when they opened perhaps.

My take - It's owned and run by somewhat recent immigrants who cook whatever sort of "authentic" Chinese food they are inherently familiar with, and of course they've added the requisite Americanized stuff.

And they have few formal restaurant-operating skills.

I will be eager to hear what Erica has to say about it all!

about 7 hours ago
CFByrne in Miami - Fort Lauderdale

Duck King in Boca Raton

Answered phone today

+1 (561) 998-3388

Duck King in Boca Raton

I've been back for lunch three times, solo, since the re-opening.

They have an all-new menu, with both Americanized items and a page or so of "Authentic Chinese Specialties" - but at least these are printed in English now.

They also have a separate lunch menu, thankfully, so walk-ins can get soup, entrée w egg roll, fried rice for $10-$15 bucks - which is what most are looking for.

I wanted to try an Americanized item first so I just ordered Kung Pao Chicken (which is my "standby"). I'd say it's better than 95% of the crap you're going to get in most mundane Chinese restaurants. (Pic attached)

I then went back to try to get my fav from the old Chinese menu, Chicken "Hot Pot".

(Unfortunately the dish descriptions in the Chinese Menu section are extremely vague: Chicken with hot peppers. Spicy chicken. Chicken with vegetable. Etc. :-)

It took some doing, talking to waitress who said they no longer had it, manager/owner came over and he "found it for me".

This is cooked at table over a sterno and features small chopped bone-in chicken pieces, Chinese veg, numbing peppercorns, and hot hot hot peppers. In other words, right up my alley.

(Photo attached - also this is not quite the same as the previous dish I had gotten (for example, this was with boneless chix) - But I was not going to argue any further!).

This seems to be a dish known in some places as chong qing chicken or Lazi jiding.

I have mimicked it at home using this:

Here's another similar although it doesn't have the peppercorns which for me is key...

Anyway... I would encourage folks to go back and try Duck King - but be prepared for some quirks with the service, timing, language, closed when they should be open (call ahead), A/C not working, etc. :-


Because when they hit things right, it makes up for the other slipups.

And, FWIW, each time I've been here, I've seen large tables of Asians dining here.

Mendocino area report

Trip coming up next week - excited!

BTW, any place in the area I can buy oysters (preferably local or at least PNW) - and unshucked?

I actually brought my knife with me, just in case such an occasion arises...

Dec 20, 2014
CFByrne in California

Approaching Wine at the French Laundry???

Thanks Goldang and Smatbrat. Sounds like a plan!

Approaching Wine at the French Laundry???

Found this old thread - and I am in a similar position as the OP - so reviving it.

Wife and I heading to TFL next week for dinner. Not wine experts at all, and expense IS a factor.

However, as the meal will be $295 * 2 = $600, I don't want to stupidly scrimp and miss out on the full experience.

Most here suggested giving the Somm a budget at the start of the meal and letting him direct the affairs so to speak. That sounds good to me. My wife barely drinks at all, so she really just needs to sip a bit here and there. I can drink much more.

So, would say $250 work, here in late 2014? And shall I explain the above also?

True restaurant

I want to check this place out too.

The chef/owner is from Baltimore - which I visit quite often.

So they focus on the crab / "crab cake" type connection quite a bit...

Fort Lauderdale short visits

Your area is also known as the "17th Street Causeway" or airport area.

I'd scan through these past posts and then ask further if something catches your eye.

Near Fort Laud Airport:

Southport is casual seafood on the water. Nothing earth-shattering but you'll feel like you're a FTL local.

Cheap Eats Hollywood Area:

Le Tub would definitely fall under the "unique" tag.

PreCruise Ftl:

Where do FTL locals eat:

white truffles in West Palm Beach?

I don't know anything about this other than the press release:

"We just scheduled a specials White Truffle Wine Dinner at Paradiso Ristorante Lake Worth for this Friday, December 19th, 2014 at 6:30PM.

Please join us for the final Five Course White Truffle Wine Dinner of the Fall 2014 season. We will be celebrating the White Truffles of Piedmont!

See more about Paradiso-

Paradiso Ristorante
625 Lucerne Avenue, Lake Worth, FL 33460

X-Mas Eve/Day in Delray or Boca

> A family member told us that no restaurants are open

Family member incorrect, big time.


Mendocino area report

Thanks for your update Keena, and to Dottie and Mike for the ideas and comments.

Hope my plan above ^^^ still sounds good.

I'll definitely add notes for possible Ledford House or Albion River Inn stops for the great views.

Dec 08, 2014
CFByrne in California

La Ferme- best new restaurant in Boca, hands down!!

Sockster, I did say you "get around a lot", but yes, it would be more correct to say 99% of your posts don't cover FL.

That said, Dada is in Delray, not Boca. Tramonti (I assume that's what you meant by Tremoni) is in Delray, not Boca. And Trattoria Romano has been around at least 5 years.

So I think even you will agree your thread title is on the "quite a stretch" side. "Best" is a very powerful word...

La Ferme- best new restaurant in Boca, hands down!!

Sockster, you certainly get around a lot, and I notice about 99% of your posts cover New Jersey and Manhattan.

So I have to say: It looks a little odd when all of a sudden there's a post here in South Florida...

And ***everything*** about this place is AMAZING! Incredible! Fabulous! And it is the best new restaurant in Boca, hands down!

I'm not trying to be snarky, really, but that's the kind of stuff that raises flags as "friend of owner / mgmt" etc. Of course on the other hand, other times it's just because a place is truly great.

Also, is this the place that's somehow affiliated with Flex Mussels in NYC?

And finally, just wondering, but which other new restaurants have you been to in Boca, given this one is "the best, hands down"?

Swank Farms


I am booked for the one in April with Schwartz / Alcudia / Goldsmith plus Nick Morfogen from 32 East and Rick Mace of Café Boulud.

It's really terrific and I think the chefs and their staffs have as much fun as the patrons.

Wynwood Recs, Please

Any updates on Wynwood?

I've advised a friend to have dinner at Proof, which I loved.

But they also want to do some bar scene. What's hot?

Palm Beach County openings 2014

Looks like the Old Calypso transition to Hudson at Waterway East is complete and the new spot opens in a few days.

Sounds quite promising to me... although almost anything would, after 15 years of Old Calypso early birds etc...

New barbecue spot.

On Atlantic Ave in Delray, between 32 East and Tryst. South side of Atlantic just east of Swinton.

Not yet open for lunch but maybe come season.

There are several cheap city public garages nearby. Or, if you want to drive around in circles for a while and hope, try the area behind Docs, over by City Hall. (Shhhhhh).


Also keep in mind a lot of better bacon doesn't reduce in size and weight by 50%+ like the cheap stuff, so you often need far less.

Plus it's much more fuller-flavored, so you may need even less again.

If you were going to "lattice" it across the top of a pie, I would consider maybe making the slices smaller by perhaps cutting them in half horizontally.


The best bacon I've found locally recently (by far) is in the meat counter at Fresh Market. It's not labeled as such, but it is indeed Nueskes Applewood smoked, individual slices.

Of course that and many others are available online. Benton's Edward's etc

Not sure where you are, but Miami Smokers is now selling retail

Best fast food alternative heading south from MIA?

If you don't want to wait for Keys seafood...

As soon as the turnpike ends, you'll be on US1 in Homestead.

Turn right at the light (Starbucks on your right), and this is about 1 or 2 miles west, on your left:

Taqueria Morelia

961 W Palm Dr, Homestead, FL 33034

Seeking a butcher store...

I had to catch myself the first time I bought a couple of steaks at Fresh Market.

Many are priced individually - not by the pound.

So you might see a decent looking strip, that looks like it's maybe 12 oz, and then the price shows $11.99 or whatever. So you are thinking cool that's just going to be about $20 for two. But it's not... So in any event, these were good but not great.

When I want great, I hit the meat dept at WF in Boca. They have some dry aged strips and rib eyes, sticker shock for sure, but wow are they good.

(Sorry I know this didn't answer your question).

Mendocino area report

OK so here's the latest plan...

12/23 Arrive in town appx noon (from Calistoga)
Lunch at Harvest Market (Take out and eat ?)
2:00 Check in to Stanford Inn
3:00 Christmas Skunk Train (90 mins)
5:00ish Early dinner and drinks at North Coast

Day - open - whale watching?
Drive north?
Lunch at Piaci's
6:30 Dinner res at Wild Fish

Day - open.
7:00 Dinner res at MacCallum House

Drive south to Berkeley with stops in Bodega Bay and Pt Reyes

I know this isn't TripAdvisor but I'll be glad for suggestions on restaurants as well as other "must do's".

(I love seafood, fishing, fish markets... if it is wet and salty, well, you get the idea). My wife is more interested in history and culture esp native culture.

Nov 18, 2014
CFByrne in California

SoFla Thanksgiving and Fruit Pies

Speaking of Storks...

Stork's was supposedly opening a second location next to the Funky Buddha brewery in Oakland Park.

Any word on that?

Looking for a Nice Dinner Spot in the Fort Lauderdale Beach Area

I've not dined at either...

But 3030 Ocean is directly ON the beach, at the south end, and has some good talent in the kitchen with Chefs Paula DaSilva and Adrienne Grenier.

And S3 is directly across from the beach on A1A. Chef Chris Miracolo has done some excellent things in previous spots.

I get the impression S3 would sport a livelier and perhaps younger vibe.

Mendocino area report

So far, Wild Fish menu looks awesome. That will def be one dinner.

MacCallum House, when you say bar, is that what they call "the café"?

Pliny - oh yes please tell me any secret spots.

And yes a visit to North Coast will be a must too...

More soon - thanks so far!

Nov 12, 2014
CFByrne in California

Mendocino area report

Thanks for this helpful thread. Wife and I will be in town for first time (from Florida!) Dec 23 thru Dec 26.

I'm making notes from here and the other recent Mendo / Bragg thread...
Restaurant suggestions in Mendocino and Fort Bragg area

And soon I'll have specific questions.

We'll be interested in great local bites, local / West Coast seafood and interesting produce, spectacular craft beer (me), and of course nice water views will be a big plus.

And I guess I should also start looking for a place specifically open for Christmas dinner. Although since we're going to be "on the road", a comfy warm brewpub or something might end up being just fine.

Nov 11, 2014
CFByrne in California

Palm Beach County openings 2014

I've been to Smoke 3 times now - and I have found owner Scott Kennedy to be super-friendly and ***extremely*** customer-focused.

I am sure he will want to hear about your experience and I'm pretty sure he will fix it and make it right.

It's never an excuse - but they've been super-successful, and who knows, maybe they were slammed, the regular hostess got hit by a truck and at the last second they had to call in someone new - who got overwhelmed and blew it.

That's a stretch of course, but things like this do happen.

white truffles in West Palm Beach?

If you will be around Thursday November 13, Café Boulud is offering a 5-course white truffle dinner and wine pairing.

Best Burger Miami-Ft. Lauderdale

Ahh yes - Krystal - of course.

These things are like a bad drug.

Once or twice a year I get a longing... that has to be satiated.

Afterwards, I feel dirty and disgusted with myself.


Best Burger Miami-Ft. Lauderdale

Lil Ol Caboose in Deerfield closed for good on Sunday.

Lease issues, business owner has no plans to reopen elsewhere.

So other than Publix frozen-food case, where can one get White-Castle knockoffs these days, if one is (for whatever reasons) so inclined?