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Methi - Fenugreek leaves

thank you carswell, I managed to score some dried ones at victoria, thanks for the tip

Methi - Fenugreek leaves


Hi all.

Does anyone know where i can find fresh methi / fenugreek leaves. I scoured the indian stores around Parc Ex today and also tried the indian store down on Ontario Est but no luck :(

Any specific sightings to report?



what's seasonal when? (for Quebec/Canada)

new llink for foodland ontario availability chart:

Feb 18, 2009
tobyglynn in Food Media & News

Remains of the broth

I hate throwing away that big bowl of boiled up veggies. Does anyone use the leftover veggies for anything or should i just accept that they've served their purpose in life, and throw them away? Of course i always use up any meat that's been boiled. I love a nice bit of buttered brown bread, sliced dill pickles, salt and the meat off the boiled drumsticks, yummo!

Dec 26, 2008
tobyglynn in Home Cooking

Late, post-theater eats in Vancouver

If it gets very late you can check -

Vancouver -- good, affordable dinner near Hastings and Thurlow?

I'm sorry, does dinner mean afternoon or evening in Canada ??! If it's lunch , I heard is good and totally affordable

Vancouver report - Nov 08

awesome, i love it when pretty much the highlight on a foodies list is a hotdog stall who employs a guy who wears a sign around his neck that says ' my english isn't too good but be patient and it will improve'. Love japagdog, total agreement - Oroshi is the best they do to the western pallete

Kombucha - Vancouver

Thanks for the suggestions guys but unfortunately Dharma's doesn't do it now. The quest for moldy tea continues :)

Vegan friendly restaurants in Vancouver

2nd vote for Saravanaa Bhavan. The buffet's wicked value at around $10. Lot's of different curries to try - it's South Indian style. Each curry is really different and I guess made up separately from scratch rather than using 3 base sauces to make 15 'different' curries. Ooooo and the dosa's good and part of the buffet price. MMmmmmmmmm dosa.

Winter Greens Lasagna

I second the Professo's take. Life's too short, or at least it is when you eat stuff like this :) Seriously though, why not just make it full fat / full flavour and have a smaller portion

Dec 11, 2008
tobyglynn in Recipes

Kombucha - Vancouver

Hi guys

Does anyone know where you can buy a cup of kombucha anywhere in the Vancouver area? I can see plenty of places via google to buy a culture but I can't find anywhere to buy just a cup ready to drink. It seems Raw Foods in Kits used to but I believe they've closed down.

ps - I hope i'm spelling it right / calling it what it's called here. I'm talking about the sweet tea that you drop a fungi culture into which ferments the tea.


Tea Houses in Vancouver

Hey Mawson. How's the tea hunting going? If you dont find a shop that gives you the level of 'education' you're looking for then I would be more than happy to sit and drink multiple teas with you. I can't profess to being any kind of specialist but i've been drinking the stuff for 20 years (and i'm only 30 :) so I've got a fair idea.

Scoring good caffeine - Vancouver Davies

:) I know what you mean Sophie. There is the rare occasion where you explain the drink and they say something like 'ohhhh, i know it. We call it an espress machiato' , but normally , if you have to explain it's a bad omen aye!

Where to get a great hot dog in Vancouver

I agree, Japadogs great and defo still open. I think their oroshi dawgs their best. Also i agree with the European Fry house on Davie, very nice little snack. There also a place, i think it on w. georgia at granville or seymour. Its near the pacific centre, he's on the south side of the street. Green umbrella, young white guy, laid back clothes, good dawg and very nice accompaniements (cranberry mustard and some interesting bits like that).

Where to get a great hot dog in Vancouver

Fourth vote for Japadog - especillay their Oroshi dog. I agree that the European Fry House on davie does a nice dawg. And there's a place, I think it's on w. georgia, around seymour / granville, it's near the pacific centre, the stand is on the south side of the road, think he got a green umbrella , a white guy who dresses laid back, he does a good dog and has nice accompaniments (cranberry mustard on your turkey dawg sir?) suits you sir.

Scoring good caffeine - Vancouver Davies

Thank god for chowhound and thank you chowhounds. I dont know if anyone remembers the Thundercats cartoon? They'd shine a light up into the sky when they were in trouble and the other Thundercats would come to their rescue. I always feel like that when I recieve Chowhound assistance :) -

Scoring good caffeine - Vancouver Davies

Hello fellow chowhounds

I've just started working at Davie / Burrard and am in desperate (shaky hand, unable to concentrate style desperate) need of a good short proper coffee. I don't want to assault / insult my senses with a litre of hazelnut infused sweet fatty brown water. Is an inch of good macchiato an unreasonable request?

I thought I'd just wander around and try a few places until i found a good one. However they seem to either reach down for a huge cup and start steaming up a litre of milk or they say 'a what? we don't serve that Starbucks rubbish here'. I just quietly leave at this point normally!

Free coffee to the first person to point me to a good short macchiato (god listen to me, I've been staring into the eyes of monsters for too long; how can a mach be anything but short!) Help!!!!!!!!

Tea Houses in Vancouver

Ah yes, you're right. Thanks Sam.

Tea Houses in Vancouver

Teaz on granville at burrard is awesome. REally knowledgable staff and they sell small samples for $2. ShakTea on Main sell some quality teas and they have a few pots brewing that you can sample. On the downside, I don't rate Murchies, despite its heritage.

A warning though if you're just getting into tea - it can be easy to buy a small sample or drink 1 cup in the shop and think 'that's no good'. Tea can be a very sensitive drink and the interplay of water temperature, amount of tea used and time brewed can yield very different results. Thus, it might be better to buy a bigger bag and play with different combinations. If you still don't like it you can at least say with confidence that X type of tea isn't for you.

Enjoy getting into the drink of the gods! And if you'd like to meet up with a fellow keen tea drinker, give me a holla.

Tumbler Full of Wine

mmmmm, if you're going to this much effort to drink wine out of a tumbler i think you might be missing the point of tumbler and wine. it's about not caring, it's about grabbing some plonk, sloshing it in whatever glasses comes to hand and enjoying with friends. Alternatively, i guess you could find some nice cyrstal tumblers with a narrow mouth and wide body and then you could put your nice burgundy in them without breaking a sweat

Oct 02, 2008
tobyglynn in Features

Broccolli stems

i'm not the only one that likes the stem!! was starting to think i was freaky. i saw a vegetable in the montreal botanic gardens yesterday. these days its grown as a feeed crop for cows but it used to be eaten by us. the stem was the edible bit and it looked like thhe brocoli family. i didnt take the name but sure it would be a god send to stem lovers :)

Aug 30, 2008
tobyglynn in Home Cooking

Arashi Kushiyaki bar - Wellington

sorry, i dont know that much about oysters. I guess they were pacific although wherever they came from they were creamy, had a great "meaty" texture and tasted beautifully of the sea without being salty. My Japanese friends laced theirs with Ponzu, i nearly cried :)

Arashi Kushiyaki bar - Wellington

We went to Katzu (the Tory street branch) t'other day. Interior sounds very similar to what u say about Arashi, very clean, very shinto. We went mid week so wasn't super busy but plenty enough to give it a good vibe. Service was typically Japanese, efficient and not too in your face.

We ate Sashimi platter which was presented beautifully; tuna, whitefish, oysters, salmon, a shellfish that I couldn't ID. Maybe some other bits that I cant recall also. All super fresh and very tasty, especially the oysters which were divine. Seaweed salad had that delectable firm but chewy quality and lovely sesame undertone. Raw (?) octopus salad was a little uninteresting to my SE Asian blitzed palate but the Japanese girls I was with said it was very good. The sushi-maki was the only let down in the meal, wasn't bad, just didn't better any other sushin in Welly.

All in I'd really recommend it and not too pricey, a 1 bowl / plate meal was about 20$ with combinations of smaller things probably totalling about $25 for a decent feed.

PS - I felt really bad ordering fried chicken pieces from the starter section (KFC flashbacks) but the girls insisted and they were REALLY good!

Pho in Wellington

cool, thanks for that. I'll have to check some of those places out. If i come across anything chow worthy i'll give you a holla :)

keep me posted on your finds.

ps - if you into sushi and u can be bothered queing for literally 15 minutes at lunchtime then midland sushi on lambton quay is really good if u not already been.

Wellington - New Zealand - Recommendations?

Hey hey

Any recommendations for good eats in Wellington Chowhounds? I'm into everything and anything but especially budget / mid-range places. If you just know some good web sites / guides even it'd be cool.


Mexican in NZ/Wellington

I heard about a place in newtown, opposite where the hospital is that's meant to be good - although I've never eaten in there and the chick was french so what would she know about food ;) (joking if you reading this Caroline!

Pho in Wellington


A fellow Welly chowhound!! There's viet place, not sure of name in Newtown, corner of Riddiford and Rintol. I've only had the "special spicy soup beef". It was tasty and huge portion for $8/9 but it also suffered from quite a westernised stock. Gravy was the first taste to pop into my mind rather than that clean SE Asian taste. Lemon, bean sprouts and mint on the side, although there was rha ram (is that how you spell it?!) in the soup itself. That seems a pretty common side plate here though I think. Beef was great, but like u say, isn't it always here.

What places do you like eating in Welly? I only just got here and up for some budget / mid range recommendations. Cheers.