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Source for citric acid?

Agar agar is also at Debra's Natural Gourmet in West Concord, I used some a few weeks ago for some soup dumplings. All their spices are sold from bulk containers so you can get as much or as little as you want.

Sat. Red Sox game and where to eat....

The best is Eastern Standard, but that may depend on how soon you get there before the game, it gets full. I have had great success at La Verdad, 1.5 to 2 hours before first pitch you should be able to get seats outside for good people watching. The food, and cocktails, are great either way.

Stores that carry Barritt's Ginger Beer

I get it at the West Concord Supermarket, a cool hundred-year-old independent market with some cool stuff, and some amazingly good steaks cut to order. Love my Dark And Stormys.......

food near Bank of America Pavilion

Yeah, my hope of having cantonese lobster while sipping some insane tropical rum drink and looking out at the harbor instead became snagging a dirty table in an unairconditioned bar room decorated with lite beer mirrors and desperately trying to find a waitress to bring me a cheeseburger and a plastic cup of beer.

But Phil way more than made up for all of it. And Hargau, while I usually like to tailgate with martinis in frozen glasses and a cigar, the security forbid even lingering outside of cars. We took the T, which worked fine.

food near Bank of America Pavilion

Hee hee. Well, folks I heard from related stories of being quickly hurried out of the parking lot before even opening a beverage, so tailgating was not an option. Tip for the Bobby show: pay the extra $30 for the pay lot, the security is sane, not vicious, and you save at least an hour getting out. And if you have an extra ticket please please let me know!!

food near Bank of America Pavilion

Well, amazing concert. Decided to try Eastern Pier before the show, liking the idea of decent chinese and cool cocktails on the patio with a view of the harbor. Finally got there and found that they were closed to the public until 6pm, private party. (On a Pavilion concert day!!!!). We were sad and quickly went next door to the seaport bar in an attempt to get 'something' before the show. They were also apparently unaware of the hungry crowd before the concert (do these restaurants bother to check concert schedules at all???) and were horribly understaffed. We forced our way into a table at the bar and had, well, some Sysco products properly heated. Beer in plastic cups. Oh well.

Phil was amazing, a single slice of Regina's pizza inside was a better food adventure than what we found outside. But the concert blew away the disappointment from dinner. Yay Grateful Dead!!

gluten-free bakery

Lots of gluten free stuff at Debra's Natural Gourmet in West Concord.

Mansfield, MA/Pre concert dinner

Having been to many many shows there I would also say tailgate, and also say to spend the 30 bucks or so to park in the pay lot just before the 'official' lot. No hassles if you decide to have a cocktail or two (potential for huge and nasty hassles in the 'official' lot) and you can save an hour or two in getting out afterwards. Having a nice meal somewhere is wonderful, but being able to have a beer or something or seven before a show and not having to drive again for maybe 5 hours is pretty clutch, too.

corned beef and cabbage on a pizza

I do a reuben pizza every year on St Pats day, it's pretty good and several friends always remember to pester me for some. Haven't seen it on any menus, let me know if you do.

food near Bank of America Pavilion

Going to the same show (yay Phil!!!) and taking hte train in. Looks like a walk from South Station to the spot, we're thinking of something on that walk. Does Yankee Lobster have a liquor license? And while Eastern Pier seems to be Americanized and ordinary, is it at least accaptable enough to let us enjoy having a few pre-show drinks while sitting out on the patio with a water view?

Jr's BarBQ in Norman OK?

Yes, that is the place, and that is indeed helpful! If some of the locals think it is good, then I am likely to believe them. Thanks!

Jr's BarBQ in Norman OK?

Stormchaser coming to OKC next week and pleased to see that the Krispy Kreme I always struggled to avoid has been replaced by a BBQ joint. As a lover of good BBQ I am excited to have it within walking distance of our base hotel, but am curious to see if it lives up to my hopes. Has anyone been? Is it at least decent? Do they really smoke the meat? Do you need to take a shower after eating there (which would be a plus, I like it spicy and I want to sweat...)?

Hi-Gluten flour search

For pizza dough I have had success with about a tablespoon, maybe two to a cup of bread flour. Just trying to give it enough elasticity so I can stretch it thin without it falling apart.

Hi-Gluten flour search

Bob's is available at Debra's Natural Gourmet here in West Concord. I use it when I make pizza dough, just a few spoonfulls so the dough will stretch without tearing.

Fenway Park

The Guinness booth is near the Sox dugout, just to the first base side of homeplate. They have Bass as well. There may be a Sam Adams booth closer to the Bleachers. Lots of better options outside the park than in it, and several threads are already here and a quick search away. My current fave is La Verdad, which is right behind the Bleachers. You can even score some tacos to go there and carry them in. (And props to Oringer for winning on Iron Chef last night!)

updates on acton chinese?

The former owner had a post up here a little while ago but it was taken down. I think I can safely report from it that the new owners are indeed planning to continue the authentic dishes, and some Japanese dishes as well. They are going to ease into things for a month or two and get some needed permits before they fully expand the menu.
I guess as he is still the landlord it was decided that he still shouldn't post here, which I can see, but it was nice to see him thanking his customers. And as a customer, thank you back, I look forward to more good chow.

updates on acton chinese?

I've had delivery from them a few times, sometimes a Young kid, seemed HS age, once it was the owner, I think. I imagine that it is hard to have one on call during the really slow periods. A gazillion years ago I managed a McDonald's in upstate NY and we became the first store ever to run delivery. It's an insane thing to try to do, you really do need a high base level of volume to make it work.

updates on acton chinese?

Well, they are open again now, and the new menu is on the website. Haven't been over yet, but the new menu looks suspiciously like standard Americanized stuff. Alot of the more interesting items are gone, like the Hong Kong style noodle soups and the salt and pepper squid, and have been replaced with things like sweet and sour pork and 'beef with vegetable'. Maybe there will be some off-menu things as well, but now it looks like they have firmly entered the pu-pu platter (yes, they have one now) realm. I hope I am wrong because they made some good stuff before.

updates on acton chinese?

Wow! That is fantastic news, thanks!

updates on acton chinese?

Once she was there and we had a large take out order, afterwards we saw that we were missing an entree, but it was late and I didn't bother to call and complain. A few weeks later she called me at home to ask why I hadn't ordered again and to remind me that she owed me the entree. She seemed nice enough, but the missing entree/wrong entree thing happened a few times.

updates on acton chinese?

Have enjoyed their stuff for a while, but called last night and a recording said that they were temporarily closed. Apparently the owner canned the whole staff (of maybe 2?) and he says that he hopes to reopen soon, after finding new people. I'm already jonesing the salt and pepper ribs there so I hope he does it soon.

Finding Cadbury Flake candy bar in Boston area?

The West Concord Supermarket, in Concord MA, has them, and the Maltesers along with a bunch of UK candies, foods, and soda. And what is a '99'?

Take-out wings for the Pat's game?

I lived in Ithaca for many years, and ran restaurants there. Several of which made their money with Buffalo Wings. The recipe above sounds dreadful, actually. The wings of course need to be deep fried, and rather crispily so. The sauce is the whole point, and Frank's and some butter are a starting point, but only a start. You absolutely need to add some acid, lime juice or cider vinegar tend to work best. Then some garlic, white pepper to bring out the zippiness, cayenne for heat (or more devious heat if you are a pepper-head) and some cumin for depth. Some have enjoyed some horseradish for further punch, and if you want a little sweetness an ordinary sweet bottled BBQ sauce can be added. But hopefully not very much.
For blue cheese, we would cut normal bottled BC dressing with some milk, but that was more to reduce food cost. The thinner BC dressing then also went longer, with more dripping off the wing each dip.

Haven't found much of worth in the area, but also haven't tried some of the better rec's listed here. Hooters was fun, for it's own unique reasons, but the wings were among the worst ever.

And never ever use breading on a Buffalo Wing. (Shudders).

Underberg Bitters in the Boston area

Seen them here in Concord at the West Concord Supermarket. Nice funky old family run independent store, with something like 100 mustards and lots of rare stuff from England.

Nashoba Brook Bakery-South End

Feel free to come on out to Concord for the bread and everything else; they are still right here and going strong. When they first opened they hired my then apartment-mate to run the counter, and they continue to be good friends and neighbors. If I hear of any relocation news I will pass it along.

Restaurant Supply Store in Lexington/Bedford/Arlington area?

Thanks! Butchers twine is now back in stock, as well as many other sometimes odd things (and I am very tired!). Any Hounds coming in please feel free to say hello, I'm Chris and am here every day. Oh, and the odd but wonderful Acton Chinese place has now started delivery. I'll be calling them again tonight.

Restaurant Supply Store in Lexington/Bedford/Arlington area?

I run the West Concord 5 & 10, thanks for the mention. We got cleaned out of butchers twine just before Thanksgiving, but will get more in asap. Plenty of cheesecloth, which is not at all expensive, canning supplies like jelly bags and jars, and a few thousand other things. Balich shares a principal supplier with us, a wholesaler in Worcester who services independent 5 & 10 stores across the country. Really good people, and huge Sox fans as well.

Homemade Pizza - sauce tips please

And I thought I was the only one! Every year on 3/17 I make a reuben pizza, with the thousand island dressing. I add a little mozz along with the swiss to give it that pizza gooey goodness, and a sprinkling of dried oregano on top just before putting it on the stone. I wait the whole year before making it again, and am dying for it each year.

Nov 04, 2007
ChrisConcord in Home Cooking

Fenway Hotdogs - Hot Diggity Dog!

They had the best dogs anywhere on those duck boats yesterday. Never thought of those as a food destination. I'll check back again in February.

Fenway Hotdogs - Hot Diggity Dog!

I'm looking forward to more with great relish!