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What is the coolest thing that a restaurant has ever brought you instead of a basket of bread?

Love the cream puffs at Than Bros! My husband has his as an app and i save mine for dessert.

Aug 13, 2009
stolenchange in General Topics

Seattle's Best Sandwiches

Turkey, Bacon + Avocado @ Homegrown in Fremont.

Aug 11, 2009
stolenchange in Greater Seattle

What Julia ACTUALLY THOUGHT about Julie's Blog

We must have been in the same line for the bathroom. I recall only that one scene as well.

A "Remember Moment" in Seattle

The El Diablo never ceases to amaze.

Least Offensive Cheap Cupcakes

I was surprised by the (gasp!) vegan mini cupcakes from PCC. They were seriously tasty and I am overly judgemental when it comes to baked goods. Especially 'healthy' ones. Bring on the lard and HFCS I say, but these delivered in the taste department.

Check them out. I think they're ~$4 for a pack of 12 mini cupcakes. And the mini size might be good for the little kids. Of course, I ate three...

bellevue/redmond espresso shop?

Ditto on Victors. Excellent coffee when I used to live in kirkland. They used to be cash only so be aware of that (don't know if that's changed).

May 16, 2009
stolenchange in Greater Seattle

Dinner party activities

Apples to Apples is hilarious. Gets better as the drinks get refilled too. Also, catchphrase is a good one. We do the games post-dinner.

Apr 19, 2009
stolenchange in Not About Food

Best Bang for Your Buck in Seattle?

Like others have mentioned, Tamarind Tree. I always review the bill b/c I feel like i've been undercharged for the quality/service/ambiance.

Also Tutta Bella for great neopolitan style pizza.

I haven't done Salish for lunch, but the hubby has and enjoyed it. I've had the weekend brekkie which was delicious but way way way too much food (fruit/yogurt course, pastry course, oatmeal course, and then pancakes/bacon/eggs course plus great coffee served with chocolate shavings and whipped cream.) I didn't eat for 3 days.

Favorite Morningstar product?

I haven't seen the Italian Sausages before. Please try them out and report back. :) I just took at look at their website and they now offer maple sausage patties and bbq riblets. I'm curious to try both.

Apr 12, 2009
stolenchange in General Topics

Favorite Morningstar product?

I eat their sausage patties pretty much daily. The links should be avoided though.
Love their chicken patties too.
Also love their 'grillers prime' burgers. They taste like real meat burgers with a hint of onion.

The bacon is like bacon cracker to me. Not a good substitute for bacon, but the flavor is ok.

Apr 12, 2009
stolenchange in General Topics

Comprehensive list of best Pike Place stall food.

I love the Crumpet Shop. Sweet (Nutella) or Savory (english cheddar) depending on my mood. I take out-of-town guests there and they love it as well.

Best Tasting Meatless Breakfast Sausage?

I've been eating Morningstar breakfast patties for breakfast for a few years and I love them. I also use them crumbled on homemade pizza. I'm a very picky eater and was very nervous about fake meat products, but I am addicted to these. And I've gotten my meat-loving husband eating them too.

The links they make are not very good though.

Apr 11, 2009
stolenchange in General Topics

Favorite sugar cereal? :)

That Rice Krispies treats cereal was addictive! I use to sift through the box and would eat the big clusters before my brothers got to them.

I'm a sugar cereal addict:
Lucky Charms
Cinnamon Toast Crunch
Cocoa Pufs
Cocoa Krispies
Cookie Crisp
Apple Jacks
Count Chocula
Golden Grahams

I can't keep it in the house b/c i will eat the whole box.
My go-to cereals now are Post Shredded Wheat and Kashi Go Lean Crunch. I get my sugar fix with some health benefits.

Mar 25, 2009
stolenchange in General Topics

New found addiction to Nutella

Trader Joes also has their version of Nutella which is pretty tasty. And it's cheaper than Nutella.

Mar 25, 2009
stolenchange in General Topics

Coffee Shops Victoria

Just got back from a 4 day weekend in Victoria and had breakfast every morning at Mirage Coffee. The best mocha I've ever had and the almond croissants were amazing. I'm sad that I'll wake tomorrow morning in a town without Mirage. Maybe there are better coffee shops in Victoria, but I was impressed enough by Mirage to not seek them out.

The end of haagen-daz

The pistachio Ciao Bella gelato is divine.

Jan 22, 2009
stolenchange in General Topics

what's taking over the old TeaPot in Upper Queen Anne?

I went to Sorentino and was very underwhelmed. The waiter raved about the food being approved by the Italian grandmother and being authentic, but we found every dish to be very bland. And the service was inexplicably slow (the dining room was dead.) Plus the decor doesn't seem to match the menu. And overpriced food for what it was.

So yeah, not impressed.

Second Tamarind Tree location? SEA

Good article here:

Summary is that it's opening in late January in the spot that Qube used to be in. I live up the road from TT and love that place. Wish they weren't so strict on table time but I'm willing to put up with it for the curry shrimp dish.

Downtown Lunch Seattle

If you want something quick and not too pricey, I love Beechers. They have fabulous paninis and their mac and cheese is amazing.

If you're looking for something more sit-down and bit more $$, I also love Cafe Campagne. Amazing lamb burger served with frites and a side of aioli. Nom nom nom.

Holiday staff lunch suggestions?

Elysian on Cap Hill?
Brouwers , as recommended, is also tasty. Great fries, but i've been unimpressed with their service lately.

SEA: All Purpose Pizza & Ale

I love All Purpose. Great french onion soup too. And if you dine in on Sunday thru Thursday, they do half price pitchers when you buy a pizza. Getting a pitcher of Mac and Jacks for $7 and change always feels like a steal.

Happy Hour Downtown Seattle

I like Dragonfish. Good sushi, curries potato fries and potstickers are frequent picks.

How long do you linger at the table after you finish eating at a restaurant?

I have to confess to being a table camper if i'm out with girlfriends. We order apps, drinks, appetizers, coffee etc and linger over everything. We do try to be conscious of people waiting for tables though and make sure to evacuate the table promptly. But if we're out at a wine bar sipping wine and sharing a cheese/cured meats plate and there's no one waiting, then we take our sweet time (but also let our waiter know to make sure there's no issue).

When i dine out with my husband, he has his wallet out as he's laying down his dessert spoon.

Sep 04, 2008
stolenchange in Not About Food

Recent Cocktails (SEA)

Lavendar martini at Chapel

Woodinville Tasting Rooms?

Check this recent thread out:

Birthday cake on Seattle's Eastside

Hoffman's in downtown Kirkland makes some delicious cakes.
But for a first birthday, why not do a Costco cake? Don't laugh - they are yummy and the price can't be beat. When i coordinated bday parties at my last job, people were so excited when we had Costco cake.

Best Wineries to Visit in Woodinville?

A friend highly recommended Brian Carter as well.
I checked out the Januik/Novelty Hill one a few months ago and loved it. Very modern building with unique grounds. We did a tasting inside and then got glass pours of our favourites and hung out outside. Highly recommend checking them out.

Doc's Marina Grill - Bainbridge Island, WA

I've eaten there twice and didn't notice any attitude. Things were a little slow once, but that was my only complaint. The food I had each time was so tasty that it could take an hour and i'd be ok and just order another beer to tide me over.

Or maybe i'm used to east coast attitude so the PNW version doesn't phase me. :)

Best Thai in Seattle

The Seattle Times food writer had a summary of good thai places today :

Personally, I like:
Tawon Thai - Fremont
Kaosamai - Fremont
Racha - Queen Anne

Aug 01, 2008
stolenchange in Greater Seattle

Challenge finding east coast favorites in Seattle

We had some relatives in from New York that loved Piecora's pizza and wished they could have that back east.

I'm from the east coast and i just wish we had Drakes Cakes out here. Can't beat Ring Dings and Funny Bones...