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Looking for best Bloody Mary

I second Zuni Cafe...their amazing tomato juice and balsamic vinegar are their secret weapons! I also think that Eastside West makes a great bloody mary.

Good place to take 16 year old gourmand

I second Incanto

What to make with Pina Coladas?

Sounds delicious...where could I find the recipe?

Jun 12, 2008
christineb in Home Cooking

What to make with Pina Coladas?

That's a great idea! I'll search epicurious for a recipe...

Jun 12, 2008
christineb in Home Cooking

What to make with Pina Coladas?

Hello there!
I'm attending a Pot Luck dinner, and the host is planning on serving Pina Coladas. I'm at a loss as to what to make...any ideas?
I'd like to make a hearty appetizer, or a main course. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Jun 12, 2008
christineb in Home Cooking

Return to SF

The fried chicken at 1300 on Fillmore is absolutely could even swing by Yoshi's (the new one in San Francisco) for a show afterwards.

Sky's The Limit In SF. Recommendations?

Michael Minna could be a good fit for you.

Campton Place for brunch?

Campton Place would be an excellent choice. Beware of the champagne cart's an easy way to rack up the bill. Cafe Majestic could be great as well. It's one of my favorite spots for dinner, but I have yet to go for brunch.

Russian Hill

I don't want to get into any wars regarding Frascati, but it happens to be my favorite restaurant in the city. Quaint atmosphere, fantastic food, and great service. I'm a regular, and have never been unimpressed.

Must Try Places for Weekend Visitor

Wow, you left that wide open. A few of my favorite spots in the city are:
La Folie (French)
Zushi Puzzle (Japanese/Sushi)
Cafe Majestic
Absinthe (French)
Frascati (Italian, but so fantastic I had to mention it)
Isa (French/small plates)

ISO Sunday Dinner Suggestion

Humm...what about La Folie?

Best Butcher in San Francisco?

I'm a big fan of Golden Gate Meat Company in the Ferry Building.

What to serve with braised pork belly?

All great reccomendations...thanks everyone!

Feb 12, 2008
christineb in Home Cooking

Value dining near Fort Mason?

I'm a big fan of Dragon get great food, nice ambiance, all at a reasonable price. I'd also suggest Zushi Puzzle, although we usually rack up a pretty big bill there.

Visiting SF with infant -- great dining recs?

I know that Luella in Russian Hill has a family friendly night on Sundays...not sure you'll be in town then, but you may want to check that out. Other than that, I would definitely reccomend dining on off hours. I love kids personally, but I know that San Francisco is not a very baby friendly town.

What to serve with braised pork belly?

That's what I was thinking...brilliant. Thanks!

Feb 12, 2008
christineb in Home Cooking

What to serve with braised pork belly?

Hello fellow Chowhounders! I'm making braised pork belly as a special Valentine's day meal for my boyfriend. I'm having trouble coming up with something to pair it with. I was thinking of a sunchoke puree, but I'm afraid the plate will lack color.
Does anyone out there have any brilliant suggestions? Thanks in advance!

Feb 12, 2008
christineb in Home Cooking

Bauer's Top 10 for '07 - whadda think?

I dined at quite a few on Bauer's list. I thought that Laiola was disappointing, that Cafe Majestic was absolutely wonderful (request the foie gras ice cream), and Perbacco was totally worth the hype. Their staff is fantastic too!

Best Steak dinner in SF?

Alfred's is a really cool steak has a very old school kind of theme, and great, traditional food.

best sushi in SF

I'm a huge fan of Zushi Puzzle on Lombard and about Webster. Don't plan on being blown away by the decor or ambiance, but I think they have the best fresh fish in the city. But be sure to get a reservation at the sushi bar...not the same if you don't.

Frascati report

I am still extremely impressed by Frascati, even with the chef change. Frascati has always been one of my favorite restaurants as well, and my last two visits did not disappoint. Definitely get the gnocchi!!!

A16 is it me?

Finally someone on the Chowhounds board had the same experience I have. And I've been twice. I'm not a fan of A16, and I think it's totally overhyped.

any thoughts on Coi?

I agree with Paul...I was really impressed.

Help -- quiet SF Sunday dinner for 10-12

I agree with Bong Su...I think it would be a great choice! It's nice and quiet, and the food is incredible. Be sure to order the calimari.

Dinner Thursday, where?

I thought Chez Spencer was good, but not great. If you want really good French food, try:
La Terrasse
Les Amis

5 Days in SF. In need of opinions/suggestions?

If you're looking for great sushi, try Zushi Puzzle. The decor is a little off-putting, but they have FANTASTIC sushi. Definitely try to sit at the sushi bar (call to make reservations), and try the butterfish.

Aziza with a baby - will it work?

Sorry Civil Bear...didn't read your second post.

Aziza with a baby - will it work?

God, people in San Francisco can be so selfish. As long as the parents are attentive and the baby isn't screaming, what's the harm? Personally, I enjoy kids.

Tonight, no reservations, where can I go?

I liked Sociale...didn't love it. The service was great though, and the patio is totally adorable.

Relaxed Restaurants on Polk Street or Filmore?

I think that Luella could be right up your's on Hyde and Green. Parking is really tough though, so I'd suggest public transit or a cab.