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Best Sushi in MD & Believe it or not, it's in Germantown

Yuraku Sushi is located off 355 & MIddlebrook in the shopping center where Giant used to be. If you go on a weekend, be prepared to wait. Carry out is great.

Everything is fresh and the portions are big. They carry all of the basic stuff but their best stuff isn't on the menu

Tuna Mountain - Seared sliced tuna over lettuce with a huge call of spicy tuna in the middle.
Crab Tar Tar - It's real crab meat cooked with a sweet & spicy sauce
Tuna Tar Tar - Great - Spicy - wasabi dressing
Jay Roll
Tuna Met Mango Roll
Honey Rice Balls
You name it, they make it

And if you're having a big party, they will make a platter to carry out.


What's the 2nd best sandwich place in DC?

Where is the Italian Store? I don't think we are talking about the same thing with The Italian Market located in Gaithersburg behind Fuddruckers (28 & Quince Orchard). Their Italian True Sub and Spicy Italian are amazing. Get the hard roll but soft is also awsome.

Anyone been there?

Bagels in MD

I'll 2nd Royal Bagel in Germantown. Besides the bagels, the donuts and pastries are as close to NY that you will get. Trust me......

breakfast and lunch in Rockville?

If you want a great Jewish Deli, try Brooklyn's Deli on Darnstown Rd in Rockville/N. Potomac accross from Shady Grove Hospital. I bit cramped but that's what adds to the theme.