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Try Crispo

Jul 09, 2012
lutece in Manhattan

Best Food in Bergen Co, NJ

Chinese Dim Sum Dynasty..the best dimsum on weekends, rolling carts of authentic Chinese specialty dumplings etc
Italian La Riviera Clifton
Seafood....casual but excellent , their chef makes the best seafood marinara, Maywood Seafood Gourmet
Vietnamese...the owners of The Vietnam opened a nice spot in Ridgewood Mekong Grill.
Houstons...the best fish and steak and salads anywhere
Italian..we go to NYC to Crispo Wayne they opened a good one
Greek in Tenafly Axia Taverna

Seafood Gourmet
103 W Pleasant Ave, Maywood, NJ 07607

May 03, 2011
lutece in New Jersey

Saigon Grill - is the coast clear?

We go mostly to the one downtown which is now Saigon Market.
My daughter is vegan and she loves the simple steamed veggies over brown rice, they do use good quality veggies and their sauces are not too heavy. Have been to both locations many times and find the food decent and mostly good. Very reasonable. I do think there has been a change of ownership downtown and I think the food is not as good anymore.

May 01, 2011
lutece in Manhattan

what's missing from my list of must-try pizzas in nyc?

I agree, and way too expensive.

May 01, 2011
lutece in Manhattan

what's missing from my list of must-try pizzas in nyc?

went back to Fornino's again after 3 prior visits and declared it my last time. If the boss isn't there you don't get the goods. First time we went , the salad was filled with beautiful heirloom tomatoes and stuff from his garden in Southampton. So the seven dollar regular salad was worth it, now forget it...The pizza was kinda burnt and the last few times we went I just wasn't impressed with the food or service for the prices charged it should have been way better. The boss man better pay more attention to what goes on when he's not there.

May 01, 2011
lutece in Manhattan

Romertopf clay pots--what's the word?

In the winter out comes my Romentopf. I love it and so does my family. It is the best way to a one pot healthy meal, no added fat and the moistest most delicious meals I've ever had.
I make tons of things in there an have for many years.
Organic chicken, turkey...add chicken broth with root veggies, a whole head of garlic, some herbs, cover and let cook , done in one hour and a one pot meal. Your kitchen will smell so wonderful.
Risottos come out great in there. Seafood stews. Paella.
It is the best pot in the world, i don't care if you have to soak it for 10 minutes before, or if it darkens with use. I find everything I make in there exceptional.
Make an investment and resolution to eat healthier with a Romentopf.

Jan 07, 2011
lutece in Cookware

The Vietnam in Ridgewood!

Bergen county just got better! Time to celebrate, finally a great reasonable restaurant in Ridgewood with wonderful , fresh food. We are big time vietnamese food lovers. We love Vietnam in Spring Valley but hate the atmosphere and ride there. Found this place by chance and then found out it was the same family as Vietnam and couldn't have been happier.
We had to shrimp crepe wrapped it up in lettuce and mint, delicious. Then the bun was just perfect i got honey chicken, with the right amount of noodles, cucumber and crunchies, they also served it with little yummy eggrolls. The atmosphere is really nice, the service was great, and friendly. The people are really nice . I can't wait to go back. I give it an EXCELLENT.
Look out Dim sum dynasty, even though i love you, i think i love this more and it's probably healthier.

Dec 04, 2010
lutece in New Jersey

Opa, Wayne NJ

The place is nice, the service is friendly. The greek salad is huge and has great quality red red tomatoes. Best greek salad around. The souvlaki is always good. My favorite thing is the shrimp on pita sandwich. Great quality ingredients, nice big , plump, perfectly cooked shrimp with nice greens tomatoes and tczaziki sauce. Love their spinach pie.
The chicken pita was bland and dry. I think it's a better then average greek place but it depends on what you order. Lunch is great. I hear dinner is good too.

1384 Lincoln Ave, San Jose, Ca

Sep 11, 2010
lutece in New Jersey

Good restaurants in belmar, bradley beach, spring lake?

Sorry its called Cerrato's Bradley beach.

Aug 21, 2010
lutece in New Jersey

Good restaurants in belmar, bradley beach, spring lake?

Ok, so I'm a foodie and gourmet chef and very picky. Not that familiar with NJ shore as I am a NYer, we have learned some great spots this summer after a day at Spring Lake. Belmar, not for their specials, just for their simple seafood. I had a 2 lb female steamed lobster there that was sweet and one of the best ever. Simply served with local corn on the cob and baked potato. The sushi is good, the atmosphere is nice and casual if you want to sit outside by the water. Good drinks too. We seem to go back a lot, but have learned the chef is not that good, stick to the simple fish in season , not the fancy specials that are sauced and not that good.
Second, Bradley Beach, that little italian on the corner with signs in the window showing rave reviews. The food was really very good italian. Yummy in fact. Great sauces on everything we ate. Had a hot antipasto with excellent eggplant stuffed with ricotta and spinach, great fried calamari, wonderful stuffed mushroom, all the sauces were different and the only complaint I have is the singer/guitarist who roams and sings to you tableside. Although many people were into it , we were ducking and hiding so he wouldn't approach us. We def recommend it. Other than that , our dessert is always the same, ices from Trullo's. the best.

Aug 21, 2010
lutece in New Jersey

Gaetano's in Red Bank, NJ

Stopped here on our way home from the beach. Nice, casual atmosphere , good service.
Bread and olive oil was great. Ordered fried calamari and eggplant rollatine.
Rollatine was deep fried and ordinary. Stuffing was not that good. We sent back the calamari because it was not good. Maybe the frying oil was not hot enough to get it crispy enough, it was limp and didn't taste good.
Shared an order of linguini white clam sauce. The pasta was delich and home made, whole, fresh clams in the shell, perfectly cooked, buttery sauce with parsley. Pretty yummy with that bread. Note, they shared out pasta for us and then we got the bill and it was 27 bucks for the dish. I questioned this and the waitress said 'oh its on the menu, share charge' who could see it? Who looks ? She couldn't even find it to show us.
What nerve. We payed and left feeling ripped off. 27 bucks for a meager bowl of pasta and white clam sauce. Won't return, nothing else was that good and i didn't like the menu, if you don't like sun dried tomatoes and don't eat meat, theres not a lot of choices.

Jun 23, 2010
lutece in New Jersey

Best Pizza in N.J.

Tried this again for the 2nd time and am sorry we did, The overly friendly waiter was pushing the specials menu on us at lunchtime, 25 dollar osso bucco etc, then took our pizza orders and walked away. The pizza maker was no where in sight. We had to call over the waitress who had to go find him as we sat contemplating our decision to eat there. Finally, out he came and made 2 pizzas one with mushrooms one with artichokes and other veggies.
When asked if the artichokes were fresh, the waiter said, oh they come in the can from Italy and you're the first to get them! OY.
As for the pizza, the veggies are all in containers and pre made. The mushrooms were overly salty , as if they were soaked in soy sauce or something. The crust was not crispy, the mozzarella was the best part, and it was not that good. I would have much preferred a slice at la gondola in ramsey, or Brooklyn down the block, or even the organic place in Rdgwood.. Its nice that they offered buy 1 get 1 free, but we didn't even want to take home the leftovers, thats how mediocre it was.
Then, the waitress was trying to get us to order dessert.
Will not go back.

24 Franklin Ave, Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Jan 26, 2010
lutece in New Jersey

Dinner in Englewood, NJ

FYI, went to Saigon Republic before a show last nt. We love vietnamese. This was horrible. Like fast food. The waiter told us the old Vietnamese woman was no longer there, they now don't have certain things on the menu, and there's a mexican chef who's good. The flavors were not the same as in a authentic vietnamese restaurant.
We sent our food back, the grilled chicken in the bun was old , cold and tasted horrible.
The noodle soup with shrimp dumplings that I order at every vietnamese place was like out of a can or something. It was absolutely horrible, but the american waiter was nice and took everything off the bill but the soup which we 'sorta' ate.

Saigon Republic
58 W Palisade Ave, Englewood, NJ 07631

Nov 12, 2009
lutece in New Jersey

Monsoon lover visits Safran

Safran is great, we love it and go all the time with our vegan daughter in college nearby.
Really interesting menu, the rolls are like nowhere else, kinda like vietnamese sushi but with cooked seafood , veggies etc. Their green bean and mushroom salad is superb, all their mushrooms are exotic and their dressings and sauces are light and flavorful.
Their simple fish dish, is huge, steamed, and served on a bed of light noodles , just a little spice, but wonderful. The bun dishes are cheap and I always find myself ordering the chicken on skewerd over noodles with the cucumber salad and fresh mint.
All in all , if you want fresh, reasonable food in NYC, with lots of options for vegans or veg's, go here. It's wonderful and they make a good drink!

88 7th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Nov 07, 2009
lutece in Manhattan

Kew Gardens...HELP!!!

Da Silvano has excellent italian food. The place is small, but the aromas of the wonderful food will hit you and make you want everything.
We just had such a great meal there, passing through Queens on our way back to stinky food N.J., and we can't wait to go back. Very reasonable.
Yellowstone blvd Forest hills. We've been to so many italian restaurants that were highly rec'd , that cost us 4 x's as much as this, and we walked out disappointed. Why go to the city if you can come here. This is a great little gem of a restaurant. No wonder its been there so long!

Jun 29, 2007
lutece in Outer Boroughs

anniversary dinner in woodstock, ny?

The Bear Cafe is the best food, best atmosphere, best desserts. Been going there for many years and have never been disappointed. The prices have gone up, and that was the only disappointment, along with our favorite waitress leaving! It is my favorite restaurant anywhere...Wonderful salads, great fish, interesting menu choices, even their steak is awesome. The best in Woodstock hands down.
We also frequent New World, very funky, also interesting, very good food.
Joshua's we love for lunch, but it is also great for dinner. Good location in the center of town for people watching. Great sandwiches and salads and vegetarian choices.

Looking for Incredible Italian Food

DaUmberto was not good. It was average and very expensive ....avoid it..
Felidia, was awful and also too expensive.
You'd be better off at Becco. Or even in Little Italy. I still like Angelo's better than any of the above places.

May 08, 2007
lutece in Manhattan

Little italy

Angelo's is great. Expensive but great.

Mar 25, 2007
lutece in Manhattan

Another lousy Vietnamese meal

We love vietnamese food and although no one seems to like the places in NYC , we have found some thru out manhatten that are reasonable and very good.
Saigon Grill the new one on university place, great menu, good food, reasonable.
Vermicelli 2nd ave in the 80's, nice, cheap box lunches...grilled dishes with vermicelli and fresh mint and viet interesting flavors, also , in the theater district Saigon 48, very good food.

Mar 25, 2007
lutece in Manhattan

Countertop material: granite vs. solid surface (corian) vs. engineered stone (silestone)

I have corian now on my countertops for probably 8 years. I picked a pretty, high priced design and am very happy with it. It shows no scratches at all, and cleans well with windex. I am a chef, and cook constantly.
Maybe the corian that is a solid color would show scratch marks, so don't get that.

Mar 25, 2007
lutece in Cookware