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Cabana Carioca

Just a moment of non-silence for this old favorite of mine - hadn't been for years, was in the neighborhood this weekend, sorry to find it closed. I loved the warmth and character of the place, starting with the folk-art stairway painting,as well as the big garllicky steak and mammoth hearts of palm salad I always ordered.

When I got lucky, I got the table by the window on the second floor. My strongest memory of a Cabana Carioca evening - when you looked out that window, you saw a seedy-looking bodega on a dim block, that had spells of brisk traffic that came from nowhere. One night a man in an orangey leather coat paced around in front of the place for quite awhile, finally went in, and a few minutes later came flying out of the place, at more less shoulder height (of whoever threw him), onto the sidewalk.

So long, Cabana Carioca.

Nov 18, 2012
Darshana in Manhattan

Dhaba in Curry Hill

I live near there and have eaten there maybe a dozen times - it's a favorite Indian place of mine, moderately priced and good for the $. Attractive decor, very agreeable service, looks to me like a modern youthful place in Mumbai or somewhere. Full bar and even a decent margarita, which is what I like with Indian food. Draws a pleasant mostly-South-Asian crowd, who fill it up by about 8 pm, with some colorful club-going types as it gets later into the evening.

Menu favorites of mine - on the part of the menu that is Chinese-Indian, Lollipop Chicken, which is nicely spiced 1/2 wings and a generous serving of them; also love the crispy spinach leaves, deep-fried fast in a probably-chickpea batter.

108 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY 10016

Nov 03, 2011
Darshana in Manhattan

Lunch near the Flatiron building

The cafe in the Equinox Health Club on Broadway btw 20th and 21st St is open to the public and not bad for the money.

There is a Chipotle at about 18th Street and Broadway.

You're right abut the neighborhood!!!

Mar 25, 2007
Darshana in Manhattan

Gourmet Indian Restaurant Suggestions

What do you mean by First Street taxi stands?

And - I like the menu and food at Tamarind very much, and I love the service. I think Tabla is a more colorfully and dramatically decorated place, haven't eaten there as often - but if I was in the mood for a more glamourous feeling I'd go there, for quieter elegance to Tamarind.

Mar 25, 2007
Darshana in Manhattan

Bergeline Avenue - your favorite places

(apologies, I posted this first inapporpriately on Manhattan Board)

Bergenline Avenue - your favorite places
I often take the van service from outside the Port Authority Building (Paterson Line) to the Indian movie theatre in North Bergen, NJ.

Stop before movies theatre is Bergenline Avenue. I know there are lots of Cuban and other places to eat there - what are best recommendations, and what did you eat?

I definitely want to try these places but since it's tied to movie-going I might not have time to wander!!!

No reservation tonight - what should I do?

another last-minute strategy is - eat in the theatre district after 8 pm. Usually no problem to get a table at the place of your choice once shows have started.

Mar 25, 2007
Darshana in Manhattan