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Dinner for large group near LAX

truxton's has a private room that my be able to accomodate your group. american food should please the crowd.

Robertson/Burton Way- Favorite Restaurants?

You should try Michele Richards on Robertson and 3rd. Its a little french cafe that has the best nepolian and fruit tarts.

Hot Pot or Noodles in Cerritos

I am looking to good chinese hot pot or shao chi in the Cerritos area. I just moved to Long Beach and work in Buena Park, and am not yet familiar with the area.

Any good recommendations for hot pot, noodle, dumplings, cold dishes, etc would be lovely. Thanks!

Bistro K - short review and pondering...

Bisto K officially has a new chef. i left a message today to make a reservation for tomorrow night. The chef called me back and said that they were reopening saturday night. They were closed a few days to revamp the new menu. I'm bummed...i really wanted to try it before any changes were made.


Where can I get it in L.A? I had it for the first time in Beijing of all places and it was good! Any ideas?

Visiting Toronto

I'm going to Toronto, Oakville to be exact, for a few days. Most of my time will be spent with family for a wedding. My only available day to eat is Victoria Day, is everything closed? Can you think of anything i should go out of my way for? I'm from L.A. and pretty well travelled, so it has to be good, cheap / casual eats is a plus.

red beet chocolate cake

I recently read a recipe for red beet chocolate cake. Is the origin Southern? Can anyone tell me about the regional origins of the cake and if it really is good.

May 01, 2007
jamiepinkpanda in Home Cooking

Village Pizza on Larchmont (on Huell last night)

I agree with Nakni. I don't really think its really great pizza, the crust was not as good as I was hoping. The calzones are decent. I'd rather grab a slice from Abbot's.

CHEAP 25 person in west wood HELP

I also think Zankou Chicken is a good choice.
Chinese food is always good for group, eat family style. I haven't been to Hop Li since it converted from JR Seafood. There is also VIP Seafood (name?) on Wilshire and Barrington. There is another place in the mall on Santa Monica and Veteran above the coffee bean, I haven't been there in years so I don't know if its still any good.

Haven't found any inexpensive eats in Torrance/Gardena

I love Lee's Tofu for korean soon tofu, on Redondo Beach Blvd & Western. They really good cucumber kimchee.
Sea Empress has some of the best dimsum in L.A., and you don't have to wait for 1 hour like at Empress Pavillion downtown.

Can some recommend a "special occasion restaurant in Santa Monica that is not to trendy & has good food.

I think Jiraffe is a good choice, low key and delicious.

Dining under the stars

I like the patio at Akaw, next to Jiraffe in Santa Monica. It is asian fushion, pretty much like every other fushion restaurant in L.A. The food is consistant and tasty. The patio on the 2nd floor is worth a visit.

From Detroit, miss Italian American food

Thanks for the assistance, this is the BF btw, she didnt really understand what I was talking about. What I am really looking for is Sicilian food, any ideas? Sorry to be a trouble.

From Detroit, miss Italian American food

It doesn't matter, we drive to food. Anywhere in the L.A. area.

From Detroit, miss Italian American food

My boyfriend is from Detroit and misses good Italian American food: gnoochi, baked ziti, chicken parmesan, etc. He is used to having dinner with his Italian mobster friends and is looking for a great place that is not pretentious. Please don't recommend C & O or Buca di Beppo.