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Locally raised and cured hams?

Thanks everyone! I'll report back post-Christmas!

Locally raised and cured hams?

We're spending Christmas up in Sonoma and want to buy a locally raised and cured ham; from the farmer would be ideal but we're happy to go through a retail outlet so long as we can get local product. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Thanksgiving turkeys 2012

We scored one of the 4H birds. A Narragansett raised by a young girl (about 11 years old, I'd guess) who actually got it out of the refrigerated storage and gave it to us. Had its head and feet, but was gutted.

It was, hands down, the best turkey I have ever eaten. Succulent. Moist. Flavorful. Delicious. Even my mother enjoyed it, and she doesn't like turkey (my childhood was spent eating Thanksgiving capons). We had a large bird, and never tired of the leftovers. I hope this is an annual 4H project. Yum!

Ame, or Boulevard?

Ame. Definitely.

help w/ tiny, rad restaurants in sf proper?

Cafe Jacqueline, in North Beach. It's tiny, and all they serve are souffle's (you can get salad as well). It's a tiny jewel, delicious.

Breakfast/bakery near Union Square

Not sure about union square, but Delissio, on Market near Valencia (a short streetcar ride) has awesome pastries. Or you can head east, to the Ferry Building, where there are also luscious baked goods to be had, some very French indeed.

Mexican or Tex-Mex in Butte?

Does anyone know of any good Mexican or Tex-Mex restaurants in Butte, MT? I'm a west coast denizen, and don't want to be too deprived out there in Big Sky Country.