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Help!!! 15 year old daughter's birthday dinner Need recommendation please

I think Congee Village on allen would be fun for a 15 year old party - or if you're looking for a more upscale idea, Asia de Cuba on Madison?

First Date

This might be more casual then what you're looking for, but I think David Chang's Momofuku Ssam bar is THE place in Manhattan right now to find thoughtful food from a thoughtful chef. For a first date, there's a lot to talk about... not the right place if she's a vegetarian.

Submarine Sandwich

AKA: sub, grinder, hero, hoagie, wedge, zep, or torped

I grew up in upstate NY where Sub's were a staple take-out food - and I'm shocked that I can't find the equivelent in NYC. The traditional sub shop has the perfect mix of great bread, quality meats and fresh toppings.

who has the best restaurant week menu

David Burke's Fishtail is doing Sunday 3 course Dinners for 20.09 and the selections are very generous. I'll go back at least once more before this promo ends


You really should try Rice's "kheer" or indian rice pudding. It's so yummy, topped with fresh coconut and almonds..

Best restaurants (not necessarily expensive) near MOMA

China Grill is right across the street - and it's a great place to split a salad and some dumplings. Everything is meant to share.

Soup Dumplings in Westchester?

I make a (almost) weekly trip into Chinatown to satisfy my cravings for "real" chinese food and inparticular SOUP DUMPLINGS... does anyone know where to find my favorite treat in Westchester for when mid-week cravings go unsatisfied?

Where is the best home made pasta in NYC or Westchester

If you're looking to avoid the trip into NYC, Villarina's Pasta and Foods in Larchmont (20 Chatsworth Avenue) is very good (914) 833-1212