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Dinner for Six Girls in Uptown

We have a group of early 30 somethings going to New Orleans. We'd love to venture uptown for dinner...something delicious with great service. It does not have to be the fanciest of fancy, just good wine and a nice atmosphere. We will be there end of August.

Jul 27, 2011
flany in New Orleans

French Restaurant for Next Weekend

Well, I should mention I am pregnant and a pretty cheap date these days...Let's say $50 per person. My husband will probably get a drink, but I won't include that.

Jul 17, 2010
flany in Manhattan

French Restaurant for Next Weekend

I will be in NYC next weekend. We are interested in a nice meal with a French influence Friday night. We are staying at the Le Parker Meridien and would like to stay generally in that area only because we will be downtown quite a bit for the rest of the weekend, BUT we are willing to go anywhere for the right place. I love Balthazar, but wanted to possibly venture beyond "bistro" fare, but nothing too fancy/foamy:)

Jul 17, 2010
flany in Manhattan

Destin, FL steakhouses

Which in your opinion is the absolute best? We are a group of eight, young thirty somethings so a nice atmosphere would be appreciated as well. Good wine list too.

Jul 20, 2009
flany in Florida

Tell me about my Paris Rest. Selections......

First time to Paris, I've narrowed down selections for three nights of dining (hopefully I can get reservations - btw, what is the best way to do that? Can hotel do in advance?) Please tell me what you think, if any are too "similar" or any recent reviews?
Thank you in advance.

Les Papilles
Le Comptoir
Le Ferrandaise
Les Bouquinistes for Lunch (it was between this or Atelier Matire Albert)

Mar 24, 2007
flany in France