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sweets tour of manhattan

an LA chow coming to NY for the weekend, what are the best NEW places to check out for sweets
NOT cupcakes,
already been to Jacques Torres, Max Brenner, chocolate bar, Levain, City Bakery, Fat Witch, Eleni's, etc.

City Bakery
3 W 18th St, New York, NY 10011

Max Brenner
841 Broadway, New York, NY 10003

Jacques Torres
285 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10023

Fat Witch
75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

Apr 06, 2010
chef74 in Manhattan

Piccolo or Ado

they are both really good. One reason i would lean toward piccolo is because at Ado you eat upstairs and it is kind of hot up there, might not be ideal for dad,,,

Aug 01, 2009
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

Looking for Mexican Coke in/near West LA

i have seen it at a few of the smart and finals in west la (on venice blvd near motor, on lincoln in venice, perhaps the one in santa monica, too)

Jul 23, 2009
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

Help: Source for pasteurized eggs? (OC)

you can buy them in a carton at Restaurant Depot - you need to be a professional to buy stuff there, but they also have a side called Jetro Cash and Carry which might just require a signup (not sure). the cartons have the equivalent measurements on them. i am pretty sure that there are several locations in the LA area, so there migh be one close to you.

Jun 26, 2009
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

where should i go for good pizza tonight? SATURDAY

i am in the mood for good pizza and would like to go to a 'sit down' place. Already called Mozza and Riva and there are no good reservations left. Any ideas?

Apr 04, 2009
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

Baby Blues BBQ Burger and Shrimp Po Boy

i second that! i love baby blues and ALWAYS order the shrimp po boy -- no it is not a 'real' po boy, but it is a great sandwich. We also love the suicide kings - cornbread with black beans and the same grilled shrimp on top - they are appetizers but i can eat them alone for dinner.

Apr 01, 2009
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

SANDWICH FREAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

when you get over to the west side you should try Bay Cities - it's on Lincoln near Broadway or Colorado. An amazing Italian Deli, their sandwiches are great, and they bake their bread fresh - so good!

Feb 03, 2009
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

fun mexican on the westside for a group

i know there are tons of mexican places on the westside that are fun, we are looking for one that is good for a group of about 15 that enjoys drinking. We are considering La Serenata on Pico but are open to suggestions for somewhere that might have better food and a touch more atmosphere...

Jan 20, 2009
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

chef or caterer on west side for b day party?

Contact Fuse Catering - they are based in culver city.

Jan 16, 2009
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

Taco cart catering/ Ice cream catering in Venice

why not contact "MILK" for the ice cream? they have a great product and might be open to doing the project.
also, maybe contact that new ice cream place on abbot kinney (i think it is called nice cream?) maybe they will be open to doing it because they are local.

Jan 16, 2009
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

good westside restaurant fun for a big group

i am in charge of organizing a group of old college friends for dinner in a few weeks. Probably 10-15 people, like to drink, dont need FABULOUS food, but i would prefer something good:) i thought about R+D kitchen in Santa Monica, but they only have tables for 4. Another suggestion was El Torito, but i'd like to get a little better than that. We are trying to stay on the westside...
Thanks for any good suggestions

Jan 15, 2009
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

Where to buy WIld Boar in LA?

HI - I am thinking of making a wild boar ragu for dinner on saturday night - where can i buy wild boar meat (cinghiale)? I am thinking of going to whole foods and then to one of the butchers at the Farmer's market on Fairfax, but would love any help from someone who knows where i can find it easily. -I live on the west side, and dont mind driving, but not too far....

Oct 17, 2008
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

Best Mac n Cheese In LA?

Paddy Mac is a MUST - better than going to a restaurant, you can have it in your own home! They specialize in Mac and cheese so the focus is on doing one thing really well and they use high end ingredients - what could be better.
you can order for delivery, pick up in Culver CIty, or buy from them at the Farmer's market in Studio City.

Sep 18, 2008
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

lunch in little tokyo tomorrow?

We are going to the murikami exhibit at the moca tomorrow and want to go to lunch in little tokyo. Any suggestions for great noodles, etc at lunch time?

Feb 08, 2008
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

Afternoon Tea for 30-40?

try Jin Patisserie in Venice - know for their tea menu. It is possible to rent out the entire patio for a few hours. I once inquired (ended up going somewhere else because it was too pricey for me, but sounds like it might work for you)

Sep 06, 2007
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

looking for cool beer/ bars in santa monica!!

if you want to go to some real "dives" try The Daily Pint in Santa Monica, or The Tap House in Venice, or Chez Jay' s in Venice.
If you want more of a scene, James' Beach in Venice is fun, too.

Aug 14, 2007
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

Osteria Mozza - Bummer

I agree- we ate there on friday night - the food was really good, but the service was very bad. All of our "mozarella" dishes were really yummy - very rich. I also had the orichiette which was good too - al dente and also very rich. We did get bread, and it was worth the wait. OUr wine service was terrible - they tried to serve it to the table next to us, and then came back 2 times before getting it right. I hope that they can improve the service.
I dont mind jeans and t-shirts - who needs to dress up - this is la- no one wears a jacket anywhere.

Aug 13, 2007
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

Craft - Perfect Service

We ate at craft last night (wednesday) -lots of empty tables and no star sighting -althoughit was a wednesday... It was a beautiful night and we asked to be seated outside - no problem. But then we got to our table and there was this LOUD noise -like the airconditioning system for the whole building, or something- the staff was really nice and kept offering us different tables. We wanted to stay outside, so we moved to a table a little further away from the railing. Our reservation was at 7:30 and the noise lasted until about 9 - so just an FYI for anyone dinig there during the week who wants to sit outside. Hopefully they will figure out how to fix that!
The service was pretty good - I can see how they are trying, and knowing that they just opened a week ago, I am pretty forgiving. We were served someone else's food mutliple times, and there were a few mistakes in beverage service.
I totally agree about the forks - we ordered the gnocchi and some other items that I wished I had a spoon to bring the sauce to my plate.
I think that the food was pretty forgettable - in my opinion most of the dishes needed salt. But i ordered the octupus appetizer and felt that it was way too salty - but it was very tender and delicious otherwise.
The desserts were nice - we had some delicious sorbet and the pundcake dessert - the poundcake itself was pretty bad, but we really enjoyed the fresh berries and the Olive Oil Ice cream. We also really enjoyed the chocolate toffee that they served as mignardise at the end of the meal.
I probably won't go there again - unless invited by someone else, but it was a nice evening and a fun experience.

Jul 19, 2007
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

where to buy whole brisket in L.A.?

costco actually has a really good meat department - they have large briskets there. Or you can try "jetro" it is the cash and carry side of restaurant depot. (you need a business licence to get into rest. depot, but I believe that the general public can shop at jetro - it is on Jefferson just east of hauser)
You can always try Harvey Guss's Meats - maybe a bit more expensive than the other 2, a specialty butcher who sells to restaurants, but I think that the public can buy from him, too.

Jul 02, 2007
chef74 in Los Angeles Area

Whole Foods recommendations

I havent been to the WF in Pasadena, but in others I have found the Chick Pea Chapate Choley - -I don't know if that is spelled correctly - is really good. It comes in the prepackaged clear deli container and is usually near the salsas, etc. I am pretty sure it is made by a local company (the logo has a little elephant i think) and they make some nice indian take out foods. I buy it to make with dinner, and then end up eating the whole thing with a spoon right from the container!

Apr 14, 2007
chef74 in Chains

2 days in Santa Monica, need lunch and dinner recommendations, please.

For French Bistro you can try Brass Cap' (just up PCH at the intersection of Chataqua) -good Brasserie food, and there is a fun bar right next door to hang out afterwards (or enjoy the wine there).
Capo (santa monica), Piccolo (venice), and Via Veneto (santa monica) are all really good local italian (you probably cant get a reservation at Mozza...)
Even though it seems kind of touristy - the Lobster had good food and a great view - it's right at the edge of the Santa Monica Pier.
Joe's in Venice always has great dinner, and a fantastic sunday brunch that is really reasonably priced.
For lunch you can go to Jin Patisserie in Venice - to sit outside and have "tea" in the garden and then walk around Abbot Kinney, or try a sandwich at the new 3 square bakery.
Enjoy ---

Apr 14, 2007
chef74 in Los Angeles Area