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Singapore Style Chicken Satay 'a la Prima Taste'

Cannot agree more :-) I prefer to indulge once in a while and just exercise more or cut back the next couple of days. Gotta live a little.

As a foodie, what do you do for lunch during the week?

Much prefer leftovers than food court. Prime rib, scalloped potatoes, pasta, steak, soups.
lucKY to have good kitchen at work. And my own fridge at desk for my salads, Greek yogurt And cheeses. Sometimes foie gras pate on baguette.
if I buy, usually takeout pho for lunch.

Apr 19, 2015
caitlink in General Topics

Rude treatment at Khao San Road

I have never visited the restaurant since we do not like line-ups and wait times which may be longer than the actual meal itself :-)
But having grown up in the restaurant business and seeing how hard it was for my family, I know it's not easy and also quite stressful - whether being an owner or server.
The restaurant business has certainly changed a lot with the internet and social media.
I must say I admire KSR's restraint and have learned a lot from response.
I think it is even harder today to run a restaurant e.g. the case where someone who never put himself on the waitlist and fictiously posted a negative yelp review.
Don't think this thread will impact business but hate to think about other independent owners who may be severely impacted by an unfair or negative review.

Uncle Tetsu

I think these were all the rage a few years back in HK but the craze has died down. Just like beard papa.
I had something like it in HK but did not find it memorable. Don't think I would line up for one. This is one instance where I like the american version (cheesecake) better.
Does anyone know if it is that much more superior than the versions at J-Town or the chinese bakeries?

event dinner - back room in Chinatown or Koreatown?

When I went to Arisu in Koreatown the last time, I noticed a big party room downstairs. Restaurant is pretty clean and food is decent.
More expensive than neighboring restaurants but pretty cheap compared to non-Asian options.

Keen's Steakhouse - Don't Go!!!!

Just went last week for lunch.
Excellent service and good value. We really enjoyed our meal.
Bacon was tasty. Mutton chop served medium rare as requested. Wish we order regular size instead of pub size.
Filet skewers was a huge portion for the price. Steak salad was tasty as well. All the veggies /sides that came with our entrees were tasty.
Wish we had ordered fries. The fries at the next table looked yummy.
Pub room filled up pretty quick. We got there at 11:45am. By noon there was a wait for tables. When we left, the bar was full as well.
Would definitely go back. We tried it since it was close to our hotel and we did not want to trek back to Peter Luger.

Jan 01, 2015
caitlink in Manhattan

ISO Cumin Lamb Noodle & Lamb Face Salad similar to Xian Famous Foods in NYC

Just got back from NYC. Spent 5 days eating and shopping. One of our favourites was the Cumin Lamb Noodle and Lamb Face Salad at Xian Famous Foods.
Anything similar in GTA East?
I know there is a lamb noodle place in the West End. But it is far and very crowded each time we try to eat there.
In Markham, the only place I know of is the one at MetroSquare by IBM. Don't think Magic Noodle at Midland & McNicol is the same.

Le Creuset deal at The Bay

We went to the Bay today and there was lots of stock. Saw the Staub as well.
However, found the 3.3L unit a little small and did not buy.

Kicking myself for not buying the LC Stock pot when I saw it on sale for $99 at Sur La Table in the US. Thought it was too much trouble to bring back on the plane.

Christmas dinner buffet options?

Delta Toronto East at Kennedy and 401. They have oysters on the half shell, cold lobster, smoked salmon, prime rib and maki rolls. Usually quiet when we go on Sundays and good quality.

What to bring back from Quebec (Montreal, Gatineau, Quebec City)

Fairmount bagels, Schwartz and the main smoked meats.
Terrine, pate and cheese from Jean talon mkt.

Great tasting 'Fried Jumbo Oysters with Honey peppered garlic glaze' at half of CV's price!!

Agreed. Not a lot of fans on this board. But I find magic wok cooks the oysters just right. No other place comes close. Never overcooked.
But when it comes to preserved rice stuffed chicken - nothing beats Maple Yip. A crowd pleaser everytime. Although service suffers on weekends.
Fantasy Eatery - we reserve for weekend late night dining.

Restaurants similar to Grazie?

Zucca is a little more expensive. I think dinner only. But great homemade pasta. My favourite in the area.
In terms of value, out of LaVecchia, Grazie, Grano and Lil Baci, I prefer Lil Baci.


I have always found the $15 lunches at Lil Baci and Quince to be very good value.
Also liked Jump and Far Niente.
In the past, thought the restaurant at CN Tower was fun as well but you do have to pay extra for the elevator ride.
Went to Momofuku Ramen today. Very pricey and underwhelming. Never been and kids wanted to go.
Service was good and efficient. Had the fried chicken, summer ramen and ja jieng mein. Were still hungry afterwards even though we ordered extra food and pork buns,e tc. We all concluded we much prefer Santouka.

Toronto Chinese food trip suggestions

Sorry to hijack thread. Does anyone know hours for silk road?
Drove all the way there one Sunday and it was closed.
Think it's opened most days except Sunday and only after 3pm, correct?

Early Bird Dim Sum

Don't think it's available weekends. Went to Royale last week. Place is huge and no need to wait for table. Think size of Ruby. Service was pretty good.
Only issue is because place is huge - it may take longer than other places to get your food (steamed to order).

So far best that I've had is Yangs at Leslie and 7. Not available weekends.

One place that has dim sum for $2.80 on weekends is Vince (Kennedy and Denison). Decent quality.

Where to find best preserved sausage with rice in hot pot in Toronto?

Bowl Kee has it year round. We went because we were curious why it's always packed and can offer only dinner service. Turned out to be surprisingly good.

Also noticed this week that Maple Yip has it. It's written on the colourful chinese signs on the walls.

Where to find best preserved sausage with rice in hot pot in Toronto?

Bowl Kee at Peachtree plaza (Kennedy & highway 7) specializes in hot pot rice and hot pot dishes. Open for dinner only. Not much ambience but lots of wokhay in its dishes and always crowded. Make reservations.

Best version we had though was at Lai Wah Heen. Very high quality meats used.

A delicious authentic 'Real McCoy' Thai chowmeet at Khao San Road

No need to be "saddened". I think the majority of folks who read this board know and understand.

Most of my friends who really enjoy food don't even know what chowhound is.

I showed my teenagers this post and pics and they still are not interested in visiting KSR. Having travelled all over the world, the teenage foodies can think for themselves. They are just curious and fascinated how "some grown ups can be so uptight and mean over a trivial dinner" and talked about the bullying lecture at school. Something about the anomnyty of the internet ...

Do not let the posts of a few bother you. I think like the others say - keep posting. I am sure if it breaks any rules, the moderators will shut it down ASAP.

shawarma question

Which place do you recommend in Ottawa? Where is this container from? Thanks.

A delicious authentic 'Real McCoy' Thai chowmeet at Khao San Road

I have never visited the restaurant or met the OP in person. All I can say is I always find his posts very informative and entertaining. And he seems to be someone who is very passionate about food.

Whether the meal is specially planned or not, I am sure any intelligent reader of this board can decide whether to visit the restaurant or not on his or her own. And the OP is not the only source in TO. One can also look for reviews on Yelp and any other numersous sources. To think one post has so much influence really underestimates the other readers of this board.

To see so many mean spirited comments about a harmless posts is very disappointing. I enjoy good food and read the boards for useful advice from other folks who want to share their experiences. I don't think some of the comments on this post reflects what the chowhound community is suppose to be about.

Everyone needs to be less judgemental and not take things so seriously.

Coconut Cake and Napoleans -where to buy?

Napoleon - I bought some at Yummy Market, the European supermarket. So maybe you can try the one at Dufferin and Finch.
Was at Starsky last week. Not sure if I saw some there.

Does Los Angeles have the best of Chinese, Japanese and Korean of any city in the United States

My personal opinion is that Toronto has the best Chinese. SF / Silicon Valley has the best Korean (lots of authentic places with great banchan). And NYC has the best Japanese. This is based on years of dining on corporate expense accounts. But SF/SV also has some really good ramen and izakayas as well.

May 21, 2014
caitlink in General Topics

Vancouver Hotel Brunch Buffet for family reunion

Searched some old threads. Not from the area.

Any good Sunday brunch buffets for a family reunion. Found some threads on Pan Pacific and Hyatt. Are there any hotels that regularly offer sunday brunch buffets, not just on Mother's day.

Looking for a location where we can have a nice sit down brunch. Does not look like Four Seasons has one. What are some other hotels that will allow us to have a nice relaxing brunch buffet. Thanks.

Cheap breakfast near Yonge/Eglington

Looking for cheap sit down breakfast near Y&E. Was thinking @ Mars Diner but read some poor reviews. Any place in the area for a good breakfast? Looking for something more formal than Aroma. Thanks.

Another new kid on the block - 'Yang's' Chinese Cuisine, MARKHAM

Just curious - is it order by 11am or pay bill by 11am? Thx.

Family Reunion Chinese Food Recs

A lot of us in TO rely on Charles' chowfinds and advice.

For high end banquet, spending $600+ should get you a private dining room with very attentive service at Casa Imperial. If you google the pictures on yelp, it used to be a steakhouse - so it's actually a house-like restaurant with interesting decor. And you can bring your own wine for a corkage fee.

If you like stinky tofu, TO has a couple of places where you can try it out as well.

Burger Week 2014 - May 28 to 31st - $5 burgers at various restaurants

Never tried Holy Chuck before. Is it worth the trip? What's being offered as the $5 burger? Thanks.

Dragon Legend reviews?

If you go on yelp or the food thread of the "bargain" website, lots of discussion about Dragon Legend buffet both lunch and dinner.
If I were to choose, I would choose Dragon Legend and Pearl, then Mandarin. I would not consider any other ones since I have concerns with cleanliness.
I think for the high price you are paying, especially for weekend dinner rates, most folks prefer to spend their $$ elsewhere; that's why very little response.
But my parents and kids do enjoy going to Mandarin and Yang's sushi for AYCE. And we always used to do China Buffet King when we have big family reunion dinners.
I don't think the food is horrid. My parents and in-laws are very picky and they love having little bites of various desserts for dinner. We loved it back when China Buffet King used to serve these big conch like clams and steamed oysters.
For lobster buffet, we prefer Sunday brunch or dinner at Delta Scarborough. Much more civilized and "calm". And we love the smoked salmon and dessert crepes.

"FANCY" Chinese Cuisine, Markham - Sorry, Not At All!!

I live in the area and was always curious why the parking lot is always jammed so we tried it one night a few months ago. If you do not have a reservation, you will not get a table.
Surprisingly food was ok but not cheap. Set dinners where you get Peking duck, crab or fish. Then select your choices. Food was ok but not great. Restaurant was very busy so service was rather slow.
We have not gone back since. But it is very popular.
Can never figure out why the one at Market Village is so popular either.
Lately, our go-to has been Maple Yip - but usually a weeknight.

Chowfind: An authentic tasting 'Instant' Singapore Laksa Noodle La Mien good enough for Chowhounders!

Tons in stock at the Kennedy 407 location. I bought the Laksa version. Will add some shrimp, fish ball, tofu puffs and yellow noodle to make my own "version".
And lots of cilantro.