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Recommendations for restaurant near Marriott Eaton Centre

Had dinner Sat night at Duggan's and loved it. Thanks!

Recommendations for restaurant near Marriott Eaton Centre

Thanks...we had dinner at Rodneys and loved it.

Recommendations for restaurant near Marriott Eaton Centre

Thanks so much...had breakfast at Senator and dinner at Rodney's one night. Both were excellent. Only drawback was Senator didn't have any bagels other than sesame (Montreal bagel?)...have a food allergy to those, so ordered challah toast which also had sesame...just couldn't avoid the dreaded sesame seed at Senator! :)

Recommendations for restaurant near Marriott Eaton Centre

Will be visitng Toronto this weekend and staying at the Marriott Eaton Centre. Would appreciate any suggestions for good local places within walking distance of the hotel. Nothing fancy or pretentious, someplace we would be comfortable in nice jeans/casual attire. Price not really an issue, really looking for maybe some good ethnic fare or reliable local place. We also love seafood if you have any suggestions in that area.

Crabs outside of Annapolis

Kaufmann's in Gambrills/Odenton is really good. I lived in the area for several years and was a frequent diner there. Good news is that all the food there is pretty good, so if you're dining with someone who doesn't enjoy crabs there are plenty of other selections. It's not gourmet, but it's pretty reliable food.

Indian Restaurant in Cleveland

Relatively new to Cleveland and hankering for some Indian food...recommendations? I'm a westsider...but willing to travel for good food.

Sunday Brunch In Santa Monica

Has anyone every tried Literati 2 or West Restaurant?

May 08, 2008
smdeneau in Los Angeles Area

Sunday Brunch In Santa Monica

Looking for some recommendations for a good Sunday brunch in Santa Monica. Will be visiting dear stepson and new girlfriend in a week and want to treat them.

May 07, 2008
smdeneau in Los Angeles Area

Breakfast/Brunch in Cuyahoga Falls

In a few weeks will be meeting some friends for breakfast/brunch in Cuyahoga Falls. I'm new to Ohio and they are just visiting, so we have no idea where to go. Would appreciate any suggestions.

Everyday Eating: Restaurants you frequent

I love pizza and a caesar salad from Faccia Luna in Clarendon

Good In DC For A Casual Date?

Tonic @ Quigley's Pharmacy in Foggy Bottom is good for something causal

Good alternative to P.F. Chang's: Stir Crazy

I heartily agree that Stir Crazy seems to be an exception to my usual distaste for chain restaurants. I love the market bar concept of creating my own stir fry and the food tastes so fresh. Our visit to our Cleveland area location gave us the good fortune to meet our waiter who is also a national trainer for the Stir Crazy chain. I am just hoping they will open a West Side Cleveland location soon.

Feb 16, 2008
smdeneau in Chains

Italian Food ?.. Crofton MD

I lived in the Crofton area for 2 years and (unfortunately) there isn't any good Italian to be found. I come originally from Western NY state where there is usually a great family run Italian place in every town. I was baffled when I first moved there and asked for some Italian dining suggestions and more than one person recommended Olive Garden! MD does have many great dining options, home style Italian is just not one of them.

Good Eats in Cleveland

Will be relocating to Cleveland mid-November. Any chowhound recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I like just about everything but sushi. :)

Bars outside of Annapolis?

The Four Seasons Grille (link attached) is a restaurant with what appears to be a pretty active bar in a room off to the side. I don't know if they offer happy hour specials, but the crowd seems to cover a pretty good cross section of people.

Unusual..but cream flavors

I recently visited some friends in Chester County, PA and they took me to a great little Mexican-American ice cream shop in Kennett Square that served several unusual ice cream flavors. I tried the sweet corn ice cream, which was fantastic. The guy behind the counter recommended a generous sprinkle of cinnamon, which was spot on. I'm interested to hear about other interesting ice cream flavors Chowhounds have tried.

Sep 09, 2007
smdeneau in General Topics

The perfect ice cream sundae

french vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and spanish Dad used to call them "Mexican sundaes" The salty nuts and sweet ice cream/syrup make a great combo.

Aug 26, 2007
smdeneau in General Topics

Ice Cream Maker recommendations?

I am considering buying an ice cream maker for home use. Can anyone make any recommendations about good brands or ones to avoid. I don't want to get anything too elaborate as this is my first foray into ice cream making

Aug 23, 2007
smdeneau in Cookware

New To Trader Joe's - Top Faves??? [Moved from General Topics board]

I love the chocolate truffle brownie mix...makes the best brownies ever! Their cornbread mix is also fantastic. I also love their cranberry instant oatmeal and the frozen glazed matchstick carrots.

Aug 22, 2007
smdeneau in Chains

What are the foods you grew up with?

pot roast
elderberry pie
baked chicken
homemade rolls
homemade gravy
sloppy joes
chocolate chip cookies

Aug 14, 2007
smdeneau in General Topics

Best Burger in LA

I like Barney's burgers in Brentwood on San Vincente

Aug 14, 2007
smdeneau in Los Angeles Area

Lebanese Taverna - Baltimore

Is Lebanese Taverna worth a visit? I really enjoy Middle Eastern/Greek food, so any recommendations of other such restaurants is welcome.

Peanut Butter Sauce for Ice Cream Sundaes??

I know Wegman's carries a peanut butter ice cream topping in NY State. I haven't checked for it in MD/VA though.

Jul 22, 2007
smdeneau in General Topics

Hella's - Millersville, Md

I've been a few times. Decent crabcakes and Greek specialties. They have a dessert display that looks tempting, although I've never indulged. Not much atmosphere though. The dining rooms feels too open, almost like being at a wedding reception in a big hall. I've never eaten in the lounge because of the cigarette smoke.

Wegmans Plans to Open Store in Columbia

I'm a Western NY native and Wegman's was my regular grocery store. Imagine my surprise in moving to AA County 2 years ago and having to shop at Giant. Dirty floors, lame produce and the smelliest seafood dept I've ever experienced! I think people put up with it because they don't know it could be better. Bad news is I will probably be transferred out of the area before Wegman's can open!

1/2 Between Baltimore and Annapolis

Christopher's in Crofton on Rte. 3 is really outstanding. Doesn't look like much from the outside, it's in a strip mall, but the food and atmosphere are top notch.

Favorite Cheap(er) Eats in No.VA?

I like the Luna Grill fand for Mexican, I like Guapo's, both are located next to each other in Shirlington.

West Chester/Brandywine suggestions

Thanks for the suggestions. As it turns out, we ended up at Simon Pearce on the Brandywine. Had an excellent meal, great service, and the 4 of us walked out of there for just under $200. Happiness all around. What a lovely area! Can't wait to visit again.

May 29, 2007
smdeneau in Pennsylvania

West Chester/Brandywine suggestions

Will be dining out on Saturday in the West Chester/Brandywine area. Looking for some suggestions. Willing to consider any price range. Looking for quality food and good service and am willing to pay for it. Thanks!

May 14, 2007
smdeneau in Pennsylvania

Good Brunch spot in Santa Monica area?

Looking for a good spot for brunch in the Santa Monica area that has good food and is reasonably priced.

Apr 22, 2007
smdeneau in Los Angeles Area