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Private Event in MN

Greetings Chowhounders. I am looking for a space to host a private event (maybe 25 people) in Minneapolis or St. Paul. Any suggestions? My hope was a non-chain resturant that is easy to get to with ample parking and a private room for lunch....

Breakfast around Dupont Circle

I would say TEAISM for sure. It is by far my favorite in DuPont--sometimes crowded on weekend mornings but worth it. The cilantro scrambled eggs or tea cured salmon are best. Don't miss the ginger scones, either.

Which branch of Teaism is best? What do you order?

I think the dupont location is best. I usually get the salmon bento for lunch (with a green mint iced tea). Breakfast is the best--cilantro scrambled eggs, naan (only on weekends), tea cured salmon, and a mango juice. If I am just looking for a snack, I get the ginger scones with an extra apricot jam. The WH location is small but a bit more 'polished.' They have a delicious chicken bento for lunch with horseradish sauce that I really like. The menus are similar but different.

AUTHENTIC Dinner Destination in St. Paul

Anything delicious? I have a friend who'll be coming from Minneapolis so we can also go somewhere there. I am really open to anything that is unique to the Twin cities and fantastic.

AUTHENTIC Dinner Destination in St. Paul

Dear Chow Hound Gurus,

I will be traveling to St. Paul this weekend for work and have Saturday evening free for dinner. I'm looking for something really authentic (and potentially Swedish) near the Crowne Plaza Hotel St. Paul Riverfront (I can take a cab to my dinner destination). Any reccomendations? Thanks!

Breakfast in Chi-town for a business traveler

I am traveling in Chicago for work and need a GREAT and affordable breakfast place. The event that I am attending is at DePaul’s Loop Campus but I am willing to travel somewhere authentically Chicago!

Mar 24, 2007
EPGoodstein in Chicago Area