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Hot water + ______ = a nice drink

I'm surprised there isn't any mention of hot cocoa! Well, maybe there is and I skipped over it somehow--but thats the first comfort drink I think of with the thought of cold rooms. I always start off my hot chocolate with some milk and unsweetened cocoa powder, heated with some sugar (maybe even a little brown sugar), leftover coffee, and a cinnamon stick. I've tried to find some good hot chocolate recipes in the past, and I always end up overdoing it a little.

Mar 26, 2007
Nham in Home Cooking

Grapefruit Spike

I've been pretty obsessed with grapefruit lately, so I will take this recipe as a sign to keep on endulging.

Mar 26, 2007
Nham in Recipes

Everybody's a Critic

I think its easy to get a little touchy to find that our favorite writers are being outdone by some untrained nobody on, but I really do think blogs and yelp are very helpful to some. My boyfriend is a cook and from what he has observed, his chef spends a whole lot of time reading blogs and postings on yelp.

No industry is without politics. Maybe readers are getting weary about which reviews are genuine, and which are bought. This is just my two, of course.

Mar 26, 2007
Nham in Features

Good Food in Livermore?

There is a Fish Market in Fremont worth trying. The Mudd House in San Ramon/Dublin is a nice family place: beautiful garden, good food, and great lavender lemonade. I love Max's Diner in San Ramon as well.

Mar 26, 2007
Nham in San Francisco Bay Area