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CPK, Other entrees besides Pizza

The Waldorf is my fave with the dijon dressing. My daughters love the carne asada pizza.

Mar 25, 2007
lenguajoy in Chains


Read this and never forget what I'm about to tell you. Vegetarians and omnivores alike will LOVE this combo (except those that don't care for the tortilla):
Fajita-style vegetarian burrito - 1/2 spoon rice, black beans, corn salsa AND a spot of the pico de gallo, NO sour cream, just a few shreds of the cheese lightly over the top, and a spoon of guacamole. Period.

Mar 25, 2007
lenguajoy in Chains

Your choice for Trader Joe's BEST item

There are so many favorites for me. Lately, its been TJ's Green Plant Drink (16oz.)with 4 TBSPs of TJ's Oat Bran stirred in. My daughter is nuts about TJ's Figments (dk. chclt. covered fig bits)!

Mar 23, 2007
lenguajoy in Chains