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Best place to buy lox in Bay Area?

don't see any mention of Creekside Smokehouse in El Granda (north of Half Moon Bay). Their hand sliced cold smoked salmon is the best I've had in the Bay Area. It's a bit $$$ and out of the way but soo good. They also sell hot smoked salmon, cheese and butter as well as some seasonal smoked seafood such as albacore and crab spread. Be sure to call ahead to confirm their open and availability of the cold smoked salmon. 650 712 8862.

feta cheese san francisco to san mateo

Looking for help locationing a retail store selling a good variety of bulk feta/non packaged. Been buying at Cross Roads in Menlo Park but its a a long drive. Thanks for any assistance.

3 day food itinerary in San Fran - how does it look?

You really can't begin to experience the great food that san francisco offers
in such a short time frame. My own suggestion is to include Zuni, the chicken is exceptional (its for two people and served w/bread salad which is yummy), their ceasar salad is the best ever, great oysters and definitely an only in san francisco experience. Must have reservations if dining during prime time Friday night. If time for lunch on Friday, another great sf spot, in the Mission @ 25th, La Taqueria for carnita tacos with cheese and guac and load on the green sauce at the tables. Tartine Bakery is wonderful but unfortunately their great bread is not available until 5pm and sells out quickly. Aziza is a very special spot. Over on Polk st is Swan Oyster Depot
for the crab shrimp salad. Slanted Door @ the Ferry Plaza is exceptional.
Yang Sing in Rincon Center for dim sum.
left us know where you ate.

Gorilla Barbecue in Pacifica

Yes, it is the only bbq in Pacifica. Yesterday about 6pm, the line was coming well out the door. I'll give it a week or so and then give it a try.

Gorilla Barbecue in Pacifica

Gorilla Barbecue finely opened up on saturday on Cabrillo Hwy. Heard it is the best barbecue in Pacifica. Have any hounds tried it yet?

Memphis Chowhounds coming to SF

For a "feel for SF" don't miss Swans Oyster Depot on Polk St. Amazing crab salads and a great group of servers. Limited seating, believe only about 10 seats at a counter.
Doubt anything like it in Memphis. Interesting neighhood.

mexican food in pacifica

wishs, three amigos in hmb is good, also in Daly City-Estanda's on El Camino, they
put vingear on their hot chicken tostadas and it creates steam which gives you a vingear
facial while you eat. Tastes better then it sounds

Breakfast with HASHBROWNS?

right on about Art's, they are fresh potato's and the cook prepares them in those big sheets of hash. The best thing on the menu.