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REAL Thai food in Brooklyn?

One day last week I went to Chai's mid-town location with a good friend who travels to Thailand several time a year (I have also been to Thailand).It was really really good and very authentic. I plan to check out the W-burg location ASAP.

Sep 22, 2007
pooch1995 in Outer Boroughs

Bars on Smith for a meeting

I need to hold a meeting on a week night at a bar on Smith Street. Part of the meeting will consist of a mini-speech and then some socializing. There will be about 15 people in attendance. Anyone have any suggestions for a bar or winebar for the event?

Aug 06, 2007
pooch1995 in Outer Boroughs

Clinton Hill update

Kum Kau is a Clinton Hill institution, but you don't eat there. Get take out like the regulars.I like the chicken and eggplant. And I hear there is a new sould food spot on Clinton that is pretty good. And head up to DeKalb. There are some good spots up there.

Mar 23, 2007
pooch1995 in Outer Boroughs