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La Caraquena -- Falls Church

I was just driving down 7 and noticed there was a film crew in front. Then I recognized the bleach blond hair - Guy Fieri. So I guess La Caraquena will be on the food networks's Diners, Drive-ins and Dives show.

That Restaurant You Always Wondered About??

They are known for their veal chop which I have never consumed. I can however testify that I had the best cheesecake of my life there. It was made with ricotta and light and wondrous.

"cheap eats" lunch for one near Fair Oaks Mall, weekday (NOVA)

I 2nd Pomodorro and for the eggplant fan, they do incredible eggplant parm.

Yemeni cuisine?

The Build America strip mall plaza on south George Mason which bisects Skyline between Route 7 and Seminary road has a rapid turnover of strange little restaurants that typically are middle eastern and Ethiopian. I think there may have been an Eritrean place at one time and probably a hookah bar or two. I would meander over to that strip and see if anything strikes your fancy. It will be an adventure !

Restaurant ideas in Annandale near Little River Tpke


La Caraquena -- Falls Church

I had the pleasure of dining in the outdoor seating area of La Caraquena on a lovely warm afternoon this past weekend. I can strongly concur with Steve's tequenones recommendation although I enjoyed 2 of the 3 provided mayo-like concoctions served with this appetizer. I also barely had room for desert, but nonetheless greatly enjoyed the Tres Leche cake and also the flan type concoction. Both were not exceptionally sweet - a big plus for me. My main course was the sirloin and corn salad - fairly simple but pleasant fare. I will be back to try the shredded beef. The waiter/owner is also an extremely amicable fellow and although the items came out at a leisurely pace everything was so fresh and non-processed tasting it was well worth the wait. I will return soon !

Places near the Jammin' Java on Maple in Vienna

Anita's Green New Mexican Chili Sauce = YUM !
- no counter argument here.

Any cider mills (or something similar) in metro area?

There is a place on the edge of Front Royal that has cider and fresh made apple cinnamon donuts. I think it is called the Apple Mountain House.

Location of Death claims another victim

I worked at Red Barn in HS and then across the street at the bank in college. Red Barn closed in Spring of 1981 and a few months later Joe's came in that spot - there were no intervening restaurants between Red Barn and Joe's. And I too loathe any place that occupies that spot now that Joe's Bailey's x-roads is finito !

Ray's Hell-Burgers Opens in Arlington

No - there are no free refills. It is very high quality Old Dominion Brewery root beer and is sold in a glass, mug, or pitcher. So 3 sized are available.

Ray's Hell-Burgers Opens in Arlington

I had the side of piranha sauce today during my first Ray's visit. I needed to de-cob the corn to consume it and I found that a bit of the sauce mixed with corn and fresh tom made a really tasty side dish. As long as they continue to offer the piranha sauce I will be adding it - yum ! I am getting my burger "recommended" instead of medium next time as I like less cooking and I look forward to adventures in cheese choices i.e. Gruyere, Gouda, and aged cheddar.

Tart Frozen Yogurt Wars Have Begun in DC

Since the temps went back to normal August hot today I decided to pop into Yo Fruit. Yo Fruit is located in the strip mall in Annandale on Little River Turnpike which contains the Safeway. On my first visit to Yo fruit I had not been impressed with the pomegranate tart fro-yo. I found it not very tart and seemed to be more like conventional fro-yo, not the Korean tart stuff. Today's visit left a completely different impression. The machines were dispensing Mango, Vanilla and Green Tea fro yo. I selected a small mango - no topping. However my cup only got half filled when either the machine jammed or the mango ran out. I told the ladies to fill the rest of the serving with green tea and boy was I glad. I found both the green tea and mango to be awesome tasty tart and the combo of the the two was really complementary. I always get mine to go, but the seating area is cute and funky and the staff very welcoming. I look forward to trying more flavors albeit I'll skip the pomegranate but will so be repeating the green tea and mango combo.

BBQ Ribs - Where to eat

The GAR ribs are baby backs, I prefer a real slab, but for baby backs they are often quite good.

Opinions of Church Street Pizza in Vienna?

I ate there tonight - large pizza with mushrooms. The cheese was decent quality however the tomato sauce was too sparse.

Now I do not like sweet beverages and typically carry my own bike style water bottle which I keep tap water in however I was in a new car today and forgot it. When I requested a small cup for water (tap is at the self serve soda fountain) I was told they only sell bottled water. I will NEVER set foot in this establishment again for that simple reason. I do not buy bottled water in the USA - land of clean and plentiful drinking water.

best onion rings in nova? best fried calamari?

I must agree wholeheartedly - Popeye's rings beat a substantial portion of pricier options !

Arlington's The Broiler, Alexandria's Al's Steak House

I think it was provolone. The Broiler is definitely the quintisential DC steak and cheese - it includes mayo/lettuce/tom and optionally onion.

I like Al's but I found it needed some condiments - it seemed to be just steak and cheese and onion without mayo/lettuce/tom.

Fairfax-Nova NY pizza find

Pomodoro's eggplant parm meal is top notch.

Recs for Indian food in NOVA/DC?

I'll 2nd the Haandi rec, though I frequent the Falls Church location.

Oceanaire RW

I tried the Oceanaire once a few years ago. It sounds like it hasn't changed much. I guess this place stays in business from biz-lunch expense accounts.

Banana Splits + PBR

Since you are a few years older, do you think it's time to upgrade your beer selection - if you want to take baby steps maybe try a Michelob ;v)

Breakfast like Chicago in Northern VA

I miss the Four Seasons, I pine for the Onassis salad - marinated london broil on a Greek salad.

D. C. Frozen Custard

Nielson's typically has at least 2 flavors of the day in addition to vanilla and chocolate. They are not the imaginative creations of Dairy Godmother (Kulfi and Mozambique come to mind as to of my favs), but Nielsons has some top notch flavors on occasion. Their peanut butter is outrageously good.

The original Frozen Dairy Bar when run using the old electro freeze offered vanilla, chocolate and if they were feeling really wild and crazy - strawberry. I much prefer the new version of Frozen Dairy Bar sans electro freeze that has some very original and tasty flavors of the day.

I would encourage everyone to try Rita's just without the expectation that it is Wiscon-style custard.

D. C. Frozen Custard

The custard at Rita's is more like soft serve than the hand scooped custard of Dairy Godmother, Nielson's and Frozen Dairy Bar. But the combo of frozen ice with custard can be very refreshing in the dog days of summer. I am a big fan of the sugar free tangerine ice topped with vanilla custard at Rita's.

I adore all of the above custard spots, my only complaint with Nielsons is they lack a web site listing the flavors that day.

Coffee Culture in NoVa

There is a pretty funny story about Murky Coffee here:

The owners rebuttal is here:

Breakfast in Fairfax?


Harrisonburg, VA chow?

What's up at 29 & Gallows (Fairfax)?

The county is widening Gallows between Dunn Loring and 50. It is part of the Merrifield town center development effort.

Salad Bars in Arlington?

Joe's Pizza and Pasta on Lee Highway has a good lunch buffet that includes a nice salad bar and some pretty good minestrone.

Tart Frozen Yogurt Wars Have Begun in DC

I just had my first ever tart yogurt last night at Shilla's bakery in Annandale. I must say I could easily become addicted. I had a small w/blueberries which were a nice complement to the fro-yo. The basic small cup is about three bucks before toppings. Someone was getting a strawberry bing soo that contained a major swirl of fro-yo and was a work of food art to behold. I may need to try that eventually but a simple cup w/out any toppings is going to be added to my frozen confection standard summer fare. I'm adding Shilla's to my frozen confection rotation list which include Dairy Godmother's, Frozen Dairy Bar, Nielsen's Custard, Woody's, Rita's Italian Ice, and even DQ when the mood strikes.

German in NoVA? has some schnitzels and many of my friends have enjoyed it. It is in Ffx City