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Has anyone ever made those black bean brownies or chocolate cake?

I've made the Black Bean Brownies recipe from recipezaar.

A friend who cannot have gluten ADORED them. I thought they were barely adequate as brownies.

I think perhaps a different kind of bean, maybe cannelli beans or something that isn't as flavorful as black beans might work.

She really did love them however.

Nov 18, 2009
poppet in Home Cooking

TONITE: cocktails, entrees < $20, cambridge, t-able

redline is definitely on the list of places to try, but according to their website they have a dj starting at 8pm tonight. we want to chatter, not dance, so we'll get there another time (and thanks for the repy!).

Mar 23, 2007
poppet in Greater Boston Area

TONITE: cocktails, entrees < $20, cambridge, t-able

the girls want to go out for drinks and dinner tonight. i've searched, but am having trouble finding recomendations that combine:

cocktails (not just wine and/or beer)
entrees less than $20 (even cheaper would be nice)
cambridge area
NO CAR - besides, w/ cocktails, a car is trouble.

is there anything? we'd prefer NOT italian. otherwise, anything that a chowhound might suggest would be LOVELY.


Mar 23, 2007
poppet in Greater Boston Area