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'celebrity chef' restaurants in Dallas

Visiting TX for a week long trip with 3 days/nights in Dallas/Ft. Worth. Looking for 'celebrity chef' type restaurants. James Beard nominee's, F&W best new chefs/award winners, Bravo top chefs, etc.... For any kind of food. $ no object.

Mar 27, 2010
mrl0323 in Dallas - Fort Worth

unpretentious outdoor drinks

Hi I'm trying to get small group (20 or so people, age: 30somethings), together for outdoor cocktails. In today economy, i’d like not to offer $12-$15 drinks and am looking for something more low key. Looking only for Manhattan. It will be a monday evening in June. I’d like to keep it near trains, so people can get there easily. Am trying not to go north of 57th st. but would go down as far as soho, east village, west village if the spot was cool.

Have already considered:
Me’ Bar
Sutton Place
Ava Lounge
Rare View
Hudson Hotel
Boat Basin
Social West
Red Sky
El Ray Del Sol
Belmont Lounge
Stanton Public/Social

I’ve checked NY Mag, Citysearch and Time Out NY. I’ve checked Yelp and chowhound and i’ve asked all 400+ of my facebook friends.. im not finding anything....

Any other suggestions?

Please help.. :)

May 31, 2009
mrl0323 in Manhattan

2 casual breakfast suggestions (weekdays)

These all are great selections but a lot of them only serve brunch on the weekends..

Jul 08, 2008
mrl0323 in Manhattan

Future In-Laws Coming to Town: Dad wants seafood, Mom wants "somewhere famous"

BLT Fish was soooo yummy. So fresh and semi-famous... delicious.

Jul 08, 2008
mrl0323 in Manhattan

Any tips for a Babbo first timer?

I didnt read all of the replies... but when i went, we ordered the tasting menu with matching wine pairings. Go Big or go home. Dont think. just eat and enjoy.

Have fun!

Jul 06, 2008
mrl0323 in Manhattan

NY foodie needs ANY reco's for Key West

I'll be in Key West for three days in two weeks and would love reco's for all meals... i've never been and hear i need to each some conch (sp?) fritters. I love fried fish just like everyone but a tire can taste good fried...

There has to be awesome delicious seafood places and although i'm staying in the heart of the tourist side of the island, i'm willing to hail a cab for delicious food.

Breakfast suggestions are also welcome, as i hear that truely is the jewel of eating on Key West...

Jul 06, 2008
mrl0323 in Florida

Restaurants near 38th and Madison Ave.

Salute is a great italian spot. Fantastic freshly made pasta and great wine.

Butterfield 8 is also pretty good.. good for drinks too.

Jul 06, 2008
mrl0323 in Manhattan

Adult (but casual) drinks near Otto

Looking for a nice, adult, casual place, for drinks after dinner at otto. We dont want to walk more than a few blocks (3-4) and dont want to party with NYU students.

Jul 06, 2008
mrl0323 in Manhattan

Dessert & After dinner drinks after a B'way show

Looking for a place ANYWHERE in Manhattan to have a cocktail, after-dinner drink and dessert after a broadway show (around 11pm).

Nothing too touristy.. Something with old skool NYC charm, perhaps...

Jul 06, 2008
mrl0323 in Manhattan

2 casual breakfast suggestions (weekdays)

My parents are in town and i need 2 suggestions for a casual breakfast.

Day 1 can be anywhere in Manhattan, however, it would need to be near 'interesting' places to walk around afterwards. And serve breakfast around 11am on a Thursday.

Day 2 needs to be on the east side from 14th st-ish area to the UES but needs to be around parking. 10am on Friday am.

I'm looking for a place other than a Diner that will serve Diner-type food without the paper napkins, yellow small water glasses, and counters w/stools.

I'm looking for a place to get regular sunnyside eggs, toast, bacon.. fantastic coffee for them, but something to keep my interest, like huevos rancheros, yummy real french toast...etc. Cloth napkins, option for a bloody mary that will start thier vacation off right.

Any suggestions?

Jul 06, 2008
mrl0323 in Manhattan

Dining Alone in the French Quarter

I'm going to be staying in the French Quarter, alone and will be dining as such for 7 Days! Does anyone have any suggestions on places that easily accomodate parties of 'one'? Or does anyone have a suggestion that would somehow 'pair' me up with another diner who was also planning on eating alone?

Mar 24, 2008
mrl0323 in New Orleans

1st date - inexpensive drinks, quiet/Sat. night

I have a blindish date with a guy from outside the city. I need to come up with three suggestions on a low key, causal place to meet for drinks Saturday night that will allow us to talk at a comfortable level without shelling out $$$$$ to sit there for awhile.

He's driving in, so any neighborhood that would have some place to park would be helpful.


Mar 23, 2007
mrl0323 in Manhattan