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Asakusa Monjayaki

I took a look at the restaurant web site and that looks like the place, thanks again!

Apr 09, 2009
I make my own pickles in Japan

A Japanese Whisky Primer

If you want to pick up Japanese whisky a good place is the airport. There's a chain called "DFS" and you can find them at most major airports and they usually stock a pretty good overall selection of Japanese whiskys.

Asakusa Monjayaki

Hi Chowhounds,
Going to drop an impossible question on all of you:
I am trying to remember the name of a restaurant I ate at in Asakusa about 11 years ago. It was a monjayaki place, full tatami. Seemed like it was famous. There are pictures of a famous writer (who may have been the owner?) from what appears to be 80 or so years ago.

Does that ring a bell with anyone?


Mar 19, 2009
I make my own pickles in Japan

SoCal for 10 Days-Top Japanese Must-Hit Restaurants

$390...Hmm you could actually fly to Tokyo between now and May on that amount. $30 airport to hotel and $6 in train fare more and your at Tsukiji. Plus your sleeping schedule is already out of sorts, so you will be waking up at 3am anyway. :)

Need recs for WSGV Sichuan or Cantonese

Is that the good Chung King? I have heard there are two or three with similar addresses.

Sushi on Westside

In general, there may be only a few suppliers of fish, but the skill of the chef is in picking best the fish from few suppliers.

South of SFO Airport, where to eat?

Hello Chowhounds,
I am going to be staying for a few days in Burlingame about 3 miles south of SFO and need a few recommendations for places with great take out food nearby.

Thank you in advance for all your help!

Need wine tasting in December

Thank you very much everyone! I am looking into these places.

Need wine tasting in December

Thanks everyone,
I was mainly looking for a bottle shop in the Orange County or Los Angeles area of Southern California. Seems like everyone will be too busy.

Need wine tasting in December

So all the local wine shops seem to have closed their tastings in December.
Anyone know of any places to do a good tasting (and shopping afterwards) from December 23-December 28?

Thanks in advance

Good Anaheim Eats?

Cortina's Deli in Anaheim is a nice Italian Deli with that does an ok job.

Octoberfest in LA or OC

Thank you everyone for your posts and information, I appreciate it very much.

Tokyo Birthday Recommendation

Jackpot is insanely crowded and they always have some very noisy parties going on. The foreigners there are usually with their g/f so no one will be that friendly. Its really hard to pick a place to eat alone and you won't be able to read the menu (??) of many of the good places. So I suggest talking to your orientation people etc and mentioning that its your birthday to see if anyone would want to get together with you.

Aug 31, 2007
I make my own pickles in Japan

att steamer, silverjay and robb s, i'm lost in translation

September October generally is regarded for (among things with less than 3 months seasonality):
iwashi-Japanese sardines
saba-mackeral-chub mackeral
sanma-pike fish
ebi-shrimp (from Oct-Jan)

most potatoes and mushrooms--most famous are
satsuma-imo potatoes and matsutake mushrooms

Vegetables and the like:
chingensai--bok choy??
tail ends of season for
nasu -eggplant and
kabocha--Japanese pumpkin season

Aug 31, 2007
I make my own pickles in Japan

good eats in Shinjuku?

You might want to ride north 2 stops (about 3 minutes) on the JR Yamanote line and go to Shin Okubo where there is lots of great Korean food. That would be my first choice at that price range.

As for Ramen, there are two places in Takadanobaba (about 5 minutes or 4 stops north) the main one is Ganko Ramen. Exit at the Big Box go right past the plaza. Its about 4 minutes walk on the left hand side. (If all else fails, the police box at Takadanobaba station will be able to direct you there)
There is a Kyushu Ramen place across the street that is also great. You will know it by the two giant demons painted on the door outside.

Also a good bar in Takadanobaba is the Fiddler-a british pub. You can get all manners of beer there. Kirin Heartland is a decent local beer. But you cant go wrong with any of the brit stuff. Thats in Takadanobaba, same general direction. Not quite Shinjuku, but its about a $10 cab ride to your hotel if your out too late.

I didn't do much eating in Shinjuku when I was there, even when I lived in close by. I generally prefer. North (Shin Okubo) or South (Ebisu, Meguro) nearby there.

There are at least 10 or 15 good and reasonably priced places in Ebisu alone.


Aug 31, 2007
I make my own pickles in Japan

Izakaya Honda Ya

I have never thought much of this place myself. I don't like the way they cook their meat/fish and their menu does not reflect the season IMO.

I think Musha in Torrance is a better option personally (I think Musha is just okay, but their menu is better and reflects whats in season). On the downside, Musha is very crowded and your often sitting elbow to elbow with the next person.

Musha is next to Japantown on Carson and Western? (I believe)

Octoberfest in LA or OC

Hi all,
I was wondering what are the best of the Octoberfest's in LA.
I have only been to Old World in Huntington about 7 years ago.
I know there is something at Alpine Village and also something at the Phoenix Club? in Orange.
I live in OC so OC locations are best, but if there is a great place you know-please tell me.
Also best time of week etc. All recommendations welcome.

Foodie visitor from Japan?

Orris is a good rec IMO.
In general, Japanese don't like Mexican food as evidenced by the abundance of Mexican fare served in Japan (and its awful! They refuse to use anything but Japanese rice in their arroz-sticky arroz is bad). If you do a mexican place, make sure you do it for "the cultural experience" so get some Mariachis and margaritas, a tequilla shot and make it fun.
After a little bit of thought, why not try outdoor seating Kings Fish House. The food is ok, but I think its a good "American" experience that is not expensive and the oysters plates are not bad. You can get in and out and done in less than 3 hours, wear jeans and have a good laugh.

Foodie visitor from Japan?

I would try things our restaurants have competitive advantage in like:
1) Pacific Rim/Fish
2) Chinese
3) Oysters
4) Wine Bars

I would stay away from beef because Japanese people like very marbalized and fatty beef.

The Best of Little Saigon – Pho and More

Pho Kimmy is decent, but the soup is a very rich and dark soup. The soup doesnt require adding anything (lime, etc.).

I personally prefer Pho with a lighter, subtle flavor myself.

San Diego-Little Italy

Hi all,
I need some recommendations for places to chow in little Italy.
One or two low cost local eateries (around $10, takeout etc.)
and a medium priced place (less than $30 a person for food only.)

General downtown SD is welcome as well, but I would definetly like to hit up Little Italy for a night and a lunch or two.

I just found this thread that looks like it has some nice ideas-someone in a very similar situation to my own.

thanks to Alice Q for her excellent blog as well.

Test my Orange County Knowledge and Creativity

Ok, here is my situation:
I need a place for lunch with six coworkers in the South Coast Metro, or Tustin/Irvine off the 5 freeway area.
Lunch should be around $8-15 a person and the restaurant should have table cloths.
Anything but Japanese is fine.

Also needs to be not very noisy so we can talk shop for a few minutes.

Lunch in OC

I found a thread with some good recommendations at:

Lunch in OC

South Coast Metro/ Irvine/ Tustin area please.

Thanks again.

Lunch in OC

Hi all,
I need a nice place for lunch with standard American fare in Orange County. Going with about 10 people from work and would like to keep prices around $8-$15 per person (no drinking).
Any ideas for a place are much appreciated.

Photos of Food In Japan

Nice photos. What were your favorite places in Tokyo?

Apr 30, 2007
I make my own pickles in Japan

Ryugin in Roppongi

Hope this thread is still alive. I am going to be in Tokyo for Golden Week and was thinking of giving this place a try. I am guessing this is the restaurant you went to?

Also is there a time limit on table? Looks like there are only a few seats in the place.

Apr 30, 2007
I make my own pickles in Japan

Review: Izayoi - Little Tokyo **

Is that a season end of July thing?

Is that fresh water eel or ocean going?

Review: Izayoi - Little Tokyo **

haha the staff know that the natives actually tip.

I thinks its a good place, if your in the right mood for it. The food is good, and I like it better than Musha (Musha has nice variety, but most of the food is a little too sauce heavy for me). But the time I went it was pretty loud and there were a lot of younger people drinking in there (I dont think they card anyone in there). So if your in the mood for a lively and casual night it might be a good place to stop.

Shame about the sardines, but I guess they just passed out of season (best time is early February is what they say).

someone should post a season to Japanese cuisine schedule.

Newport beach/etc area for NY chowhound

Sushi Shibucho wasn't bad, I have only been there once. Newport Beach is about 30 minutes from Long Beach, and if your after decent food you might want to make the drive 30 minutes north from Long Beach.
But if your looking for a way to experience NB, Bluefin is probably a good bet.
I went to Garlic Jo's about a year ago and that was ok too.
Hope you have a great dinner.