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Best Pizza (NY Style) in LA

There's only 2 places I visit for REAL pizza. Too bad your qualifications are strict.

D'Amore's Pizza in Malibu or Westwood

Two Boots Pizza...hands down THE BEST IN L.A. in Echo Park.

I'd even venture to say Caioti's is pretty damn good.

Anyway, good luck searching for the virtually impossible in your area.

Good Banh Mi in the Hollywood/Koreatown area?

My Dung Sandwich Shop on Ord between Broadway and Spring is pretty. Only had the chicken banh mi, but it was flavorful - huge - and $2.25.


I went in November, sadly disappointing. Too much sauce on the Chinese fusion food and the portions were pretty small for the price.


Anyone gone yet? It's on Washington Blvd. across from Sakura House (Mar Vista/Culver City?)

Songkran (Thai New Year) 4/13 in Thai Town

Thai Town was a let down. Vendors RAN OUT of food and no water spraying to be found. I am so dissappointed.

Pho or Vietnamese Sandwiches on the West Side?

update: went to phoreign. um...i have never had chicken pho where most of the chicken was skin. I understand homemade, but that was overkill.

I'd back go there as a very very last resort.

Thai Street Food Vendors

That makes me so happy, definitely will be there. Thanks for the heads up!

Does anyone have comments on LAX-C?

Thai Street Food Vendors

I'm missing the days of Wat Thai. Has anyone found another experience like it?

I was thinking about trying LAX-C but not sure if they have a food court a la Mitsuwa or is it really just a Thai Costco?

Thanks in advance!

Pho or Vietnamese Sandwiches on the West Side?

Red Moon is closed...thank god! I've never been to Phoreign...should I? We went to Le Saigon and I was underwhelmed.

We live by China Beach and I highly recommended it.