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Charleston on the Cheap

Heading down to Charleston/James Island/Isle of Palms, and just found out house needs $2500 electrical repair when we get back. SOOO, need good, cheap eats. No SNOB, no 82 Queen, no Penninsula Grill. Know them, love them, eat there often, but we need good and cheap.

Thanks for your help!

Nashville, TN......Best Fine Dining......

My wife and I ate at Acorn when we were there last week and it was fantastic. Excellent crab cakes, salads were right on, and the beef tenderloin and lamb we had were killer. The service was great, and we'll definitely be back.

Nashville Anniversary reccs wanted

Thanks for all the replies. Based on their Web site menu and several reviews, I think The Acorn gets the nod for the anniversary dinner. I'll let you know how it was.

Nashville Anniversary reccs wanted

Thanks, fluffernutter. You are correct, we are staying at the Gaylord hotel. I'll look up the places you mentioned. I looked at the restaurant in the Gaylord--entrees are $25 to $46. I don't mind paying for good food, but even for fine dining, $46 is a bit much, even for a special meal. I'd go for it if I knew the food was going to be a religious experience, but...

Thanks again. I'll check out the places you mentioned.

Nashville Anniversary reccs wanted

Will be in Nashville May 22-24 and need reccs for a fairly nice place to take my wife for our 15th anniversary as well as reccs for good, inexpensive lunches.

For the anniversary dinner, something fairly easy to find from the Gaylord (neither of us have been to Nashville before and it'll be dark) that does tappas or small plates, or decent American, or Italian (not spaghetti and red sauce!) would be nice.

For lunch, are there any good Southern or diners, drive-ins or dives that aren't to be missed?


Cooking classes in Asheville

The name of the store is Chef Cargo.

[BBQ near Asheville]

Twelve Bones is good, but only open for lunch during the week. There is a new place in Swannanoa (exit 59 off I-40) called Okie Dokie's Smokehouse that has good barbecue. If you're willing to drive an hour down US 74 to Shelby, Bridges Barbecue Lodge is the best you'll find short of driving all the way to Lexington, NC.

Fish and chips in Asheville

I used to like Jack of the wood, but the last time I got fish and chips there it was terrible, and I haven't gotten up the nerve to order them again.51 grill on Merrimon has a fish and chip special on Friday night that is pretty good. The batter is light, you get three pieces of cod and a mound of fries served with a pretty good coleslaw. Hannah Flannagan's has good fish and really good tartar sauce, but their "chips" are out-of-the-bag waffle fries and the second-hand smoke is unbearable unless you eat outside.

Asheville Comfort Food

Now that it's finally beginning to feel like fall, I'm looking for some good old fashioned "comfort food." Who has the best chicken and dumplings, chicken pot pie, pot roast...

Hot Chocolate in Asheville

Who has the best in town? Double Decker Coffee Company is pretty darn tasty...

Asheville - Dessert desert?

Temptations has a serious coconut cream pie with a choux pastry crust. They usually have pretty good cakes, too.

Asheville - Frankie Bones/Citizen-Times review

He didn't compare Frankie Bones to Zambra. He said Zambra used to have a steak marinated in coffee.

The two times I went to FB, I thought the food was pretty good. Not great, a tad pricey, but pretty good.

looking for cheap (but good) eats in asheville

A few caveats to mark's post... Hunter's Lodge is no more, according to another post here, being remodeled/retooled as a German place, I believe. Not sure Tupelo Honey is open for diner on Mondays, I'd check their Web site. There are several other places that come to mind, but none open on Monday night...If everyone can agree on fish, Harbor Inn Seafood on Brevard Road does a nice job on fried and broiled seafood at very reasonable prices. The dreaded Moose Cafe (not a favorite of some folks on this board) serves up local produce, but in a very uninspired way; better for breakfast than dinner.

Charlottesville and VA. Beach inexpensive eats

Thanks for the tips so far. To further clarify, me, the wife, and formerly picky eater 11 year old son. Looking for family-type, cheap-eats joints; sandwiches/burgers for lunch, dinner less than $10 a head. We're definitely doing Monticello, Williamsburg, Jamestown. Will spend Sun. night-Tues. afternoon in C'ville, then on to VA. Beach Tues-Friday nights.

How about it, VA. Beach hounds? Where's the good seafood?

Charlottesville and VA. Beach inexpensive eats

That might help narrow it down, might it not?

American, Southern, barbecue, seafood, Cajun, Italian, breakfast...

Asheville breakfast joints

Tomato Jam Cafe on Biltmore Ave near the hospital is great, but again, 8 a.m. is as early as it gets for them.

Charlottesville and VA. Beach inexpensive eats

Taking a vacation to Charlottesville and Virginia beach and need rec's for inexpensive, non-chain eats. Gas is going to be high, so good, inexpensive local chow is the order of the day.

Kings Mountain, NC

Talked to a buddy of mine I grew up with last night, who spent last week in KM taking care of his mom after she had a knee replaced. He reminded me about Love's Fish Box on West King street (business 74 headed towards Shelby). They have good salt and pepper catfish. Also, he says there's a sandwich shop in the same little shopping center with the fish box that has killer hot dogs. Wiener Works, across the street from the fish box has great burgers.

Kings Mountain, NC

When you get there, ask for Captain Bobby King. Tell him "Wahoo" said hey and said for him to tell you where the good food is. He'll hook you up. Good luck!

Kings Mountain, NC

Hi, John-
I was born and raised in Kings Mountain, although I haven't lived there for a while, I can offer a few rec's.

Bridges is a must (Bridges barbecue lodge, AKA Red's). For great burgers, try R.O,'s in Gastonia (Take Hwy 321 exit off 85, go south, turn right onto Airline which becomes Gaston Ave., R.O.'s is on the right). Take home some of their slaw and eat it with Frito's.

Twin Tops is the best Gastonia fish camp. Take 85 to the New Hope Road exit, turn right. You'll go out quite a ways, and it will be on your right.

I don't know if it's still there, but Kiser's in downtown KM was a good 'Meat and three" place.

I was a judge at the very first KM cookoff. Is the fire Department still the sponsor?

yes, good BBQ in ASHEVILLE(one day only)

I was one of the judges this year, and the barbecue was outstanding. If you missed it this year, don't snooze through it next year.

Greensboro to Danville on 29 BBQ and all else...

Short Sugar's is one of the great Piedmont barbecue joints, along with Lexington #1 and Red Bridges in Shelby. If you stop at Short Sugar's, you won't be disappointed.

BBQ in Asheville. Recs needed for dinner

Unlike the vast majority of people you will meet in Asheville, I am a native North Carolinian, I have eaten at almost all the famous barbecue restaurants in the state. There is no barbecue in Asheville. 12 bones has the best ribs you'll find, but their pulled pork is stringy and flavorless compared to the best barbecue places. The new place mentioned above is called luellas. I haven't eaten there yet, but I agree withmiss piggy- there are far too many good restaurants in town to risk a bad meal trying to find good 'cue.

Mar 22, 2007
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