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Chile Rellenos in Long Beach?

I agree with everyone Enriques is the place! It doesn't come with that
overly decorated Mexican Fiesta style restaurant, and I am not sure of the
liquor license as to whether or not they have one. I don't seem to remember
Great Margaritas as a choice, so that maybe a consideration. But what I do
remember is GREAT GREAT food. Duh just read the other post and yep only beer and wine.

Mar 22, 2007
nut4food in Los Angeles Area

Casual in the South Bay?

Looking to hook up with friends at half way point in South Bay. Craving
a picnic table style dining with booze, of course. Similar to Reel Inn in the Bu. But different? Can anyone suggest?

Mar 22, 2007
nut4food in Los Angeles Area