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Soft Shell Crabs

how is the new blue front? anyone been?

Soft Shell Crabs

Anyone know the best place for MSP for some soft shell crabs? Saw an article on the Chicago Tribune website that got me in the mood, though a trip down there isn't in my immediate future.


Dinner with the Parents

Had a great dinner at Red Stag on Friday night, four of us got the blue gill fish fry special, one got the softshell crab (amazing) and one got the pork.

The food was great, thanks so much for the recommendation!

Dinner with the Parents

Red Stag is a great suggestion, and one that I hadn't thought of. Any recommendations? We're thinking of going there on Friday for the fish fry.

Dinner with the Parents

Need a couple of recommendations for dinner with my parents and my partner's parents this weekend. They like a supper club kind of place (similar to Jensen's in Eagan), but I'd rather do a neighborhood place (we live in S. Mpls).

Some fish lovers, one pork-aholic, and good drinks or wine are a must. Need a more "mainstream" menu since we've got some unadventurous types. I've been thinking about First Course or Craftsman, or maybe Al Vento.

Any thoughts from the peanut gallery? Thanks for your help!

First Course
5607 Chicago Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55417

Al Vento
5001 34th Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Trader Joe's MSP - Crushing Disappointment (very long rant)

Seems it is owned by Aldi...

Steak suggestions?

Thanks for the recommendation Foureyes. Went to Manny's last week and had a delicious ribeye for my birthday dinner. Service was great, steak was amazing, all in all a great dinner.

Steak suggestions?

Foureyes, which would you recommend?

Steak suggestions?

Because I'm cheap...did you pay the $33 per person ($66) for it? I also saw that there's currently a ribeye on the menu at 112 Eatery, but not guarantee that it's still there in a few weeks...

Steak suggestions?

I haven't had a lot of grass fed steak, but the one I had at Al Vento a couple of years ago that wasn't very good and has made me a bit hesitant. I just want a good ribeye with good service and atmosphere, and don't care a ton about the sides. Just so the steak is right. I looked at Lurcat and they only have the ribeye for two, so that's out since my dining partner isn't as into the ribeye as I am.

Steak suggestions?

Trying to figure out where to go for my birthday dinner, and want a good steak. My favorite cut is the bone-in ribeye.

I saw the reviews in the last Mps.St.Paul Magazine and was leaning towards The Strip Club. Any thoughts or other suggestions?

Any rec's for Fall trip to Door County [WI]?

I can almost guarantee that the Greenwood isn't closed for the season, Fall is a big time up on the peninsula, esp. around Labor Day.

Door County Fish Boils

I also recommend the Old Post Office.

MSP - Sea Salt Eatery

If you go to the homepage ( you can find that day's menu.

They occasionally run out of the specials (I was there tonight hoping for the gazpacho but they were already out) but everything I've had has been great. I recommend the calamari and clam strips for starters, the tacos and po boy's are also good. I'm not a huge fan of the baskets because I don't like the coleslaw (I'm picky about it). If they still have the mussels, they were great, too.

Early Breakfast in the Twin Cities

I second Colossal Cafe, and it's close to the airport, just up Cedar. So delicious...

Minneapolis - Cinco de Mayo thoughts?

I don't know about the margaritas (I usually get take-out) but Dominguez near E. 50th Street and 34th Ave S. has good mole on their puebla enchiladas.

Five Guys (MSP) [Moved from Midwest Board]

I don't know the address, but it's in the same strip mall as Potbelly's and Leann Chin's across from the new Container Store. I think it's on Gallagher Drive.

As for my review, burgers were good, but not as good as I remembered. Needed a little more seasoning. That might come in time. But the fries were fantastic, and I got a ton of them.

Apr 28, 2009
sullysully in Chains

Five Guys (MSP) [Moved from Midwest Board]

it originally wasn't supposed to open until mid-may, so it was a soft open.

Apr 24, 2009
sullysully in Chains

Five Guys (MSP) [Moved from Midwest Board]

Anyone been to the new Five Guys in Edina? I loved their burgers when I lived out in DC and hope they can recreate the magic here. I think they opened in the last 1-2 days, so I think it's a little early to drop by...

Apr 23, 2009
sullysully in Chains

112 Eatery (MSP)

Had an amazing dinner last night. Started with the lamb scottadito (which wasn't as good as I had remembered, but was good) and the avocado with fall harvest olive oil which was great. Our entrees were the seafood cutlets (my partner really enjoyed them) and I had the cheese burger which was one of the best I'd ever had. Our side dishes were kale with pancetta and the gnocci which were both outstanding. We finished with the chocolate pot de crème, which was good, but no butterscotch budino.

Thanks for all the suggestions!

112 Eatery (MSP)

Heading to 112 tomorrow night, any recent faves to be on the look out for? Thanks!

T's Place on Lake Street (next to Town Talk) [MSP]

Singapore is definitely open, it was last night and it is again tonight. The hours are spotty (at best) but they're still in business.

MSP: Solera recs

I was there last Saturtday night and had a great dinner. Our favorites were the poached salmon with apple-celeryroot puree and the scallops a la plancha. So good.

MSP: Solera recs

I'm headed to Solera for the first time on Saturday night. Any things I shouldn't miss, and what should I avoid?


Any rec's for Fall trip to Door County [WI]?

My family has a place in Sturgeon Bay, and I just spent a couple of weeks up there. For a real Wisconsin supper club, I love The Greenwood in Fish Creek.

For the best whitefish chowder you'll ever have, go to Shoreline in Gills Rock. Sit on the porch off the bar.

If you want to do a fish boil, I like the Old Post Office Restaurant in Ephraim. Be sure to have them de-bone the fish for you. http://www.oldpostoffice-doorcounty.c...

If you need a place to stop to eat on your way to Sturgeon Bay, I like Rock Falls Supper Club which is in Luxemburg just off 57.

Big Fat Bacon (MSP)

I had Big Fat Bacon on Sunday, and I was disappointed. I love bacon as much as the next person, but my piece was greasy and not as crispy as I like it. The flavor was good, but the chewiness really turned me off.

Wheelchair friendly places MSP?

If you have a handicapped parking placard, you can actually park right in the circle. My partner has MS and that hill can be really steep, but since we figured out that we can park there it has made Sea Salt a more regular stop for us. Hooray! BTW, I had the best Blue Crab Roll there a couple of weeks ago.

Milwaukee & Door County WI

My recommendation for a fish boil in Door County is at the Old Post Office Restaurant in Ephraim. It's delicious. You need to make a reservation, they usually have two seatings a night. 920-854-4034 Be sure to ask for a table by the windows, you'll get a great view of the bay.

pizza puffs and itailan beef (St. Paul, MN)

They also have pizza puffs at Chris and Rob's.

Help locate this Thai Place

Can anyone point me in the direction of a GREAT Thai omelet? I visited Thailand years ago and my Thai mom made the best omelet. I know that nothing will compare, but want to have a good one in Chicago to see if it's close. Thanks.

Apr 22, 2008
sullysully in Chicago Area