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Bitter Truth bitters in Toronto?

Does anyone know where you can find bitter truth bitters in Toronto?

Has a chowhound done a vodka blind tasting? Post results please.

I have been told that it is unfair to taste vodkas that have glycerin added with vodkas that haven't. Glycerin adds to a smooth, creamy mouthfeel, and while it is not allowed in some vodka producing countries, it is permitted in others. Therefore, natural vodkas may lose in a taste test to a vodka with glycerin, but as the 'smoothness' is artificial, they shouldn't be tasted together. Anyone know more about this?

Mar 05, 2008
MartiniGirls in Spirits

American gin

Not sure of the price, but there is a little gin out of the west coast called Aviation that is lovely- very unusual botanicals

Mar 04, 2008
MartiniGirls in Spirits

Julie's Cuban Restaurant-Have YOU been?

i have only been once and the experience was shocking. It was very busy, summertime, and although we had called in advance, when we arrived they said they couldn't seat us on the patio. Fine, but we noticed there was an empty table of four on the patio the whole time we were there. Waiting for a VIP, I guess?
Our waitress took forever to get to us, then took our order distractedly and disappeared. We tried to flag her down and she whooshed by us a few times, but to no avail. The app's finally arrived, delivered by someone else, and they were fine. We asked the deliver-er of food about the wine we had ordered, but alas, not being our waitress, he couldn't help us. I typically like my wine to arrive before my food, but maybe that's just me.
Our mains arrived shortly after the app's, delivered by our waitress. She dropped the plates and ran. We assumed she was picking up the 4th main for our table of 4. Ten minutes later, with 3 mains in front of us and our friend meal-less, we flagged her down and asked if his meal was coming. She stared at us blankly, then said she must have forgotten to order that one. We asked if she could rush his meal through the kitchen, or if she could recommend something that could be served quickly. We were super polite about it. To our astonishment, she said "oh no, you'll all be finished by the time his comes out anyway". No apology, no offer to fix the problem, just a shrug. Our very sweet and starving 4th graciously said he'd share with his girlfriend. We asked if maybe it was at least possible to bring our wine. We were so in shock at this point that I don't even remember my main, except that I gave a quarter of it away to Mr. Meal-less. As we finished, our wine arrived.
Now, I am a radical over-tipper. It's a knee-jerk reaction for me. But at this point, we decided it was not service that could in any way be rewarded; she had done nothing to fix her mistakes or even apologize, and what about the poor person she served next? So we left a 9% tip on the total bill, including the wine we didn't drink.
As we were leaving, she said to my friend, "how could you leave that tip? That's horrible". She said it loudly, so that the table next to us looked up with furrowed brow. At that moment, we could have rioted, or we could just get the heck out of there and end this misery. And so we left, past the open table on the patio, feeling hungry and guilty and utterly dejected. Never again, Julie's- once left us with enough memories for a lifetime.

Pink Pearl on Avenue Rd. Closing

it was their dim sum that was good. now where do we go for dim sum?

Best Cocktails and Dinner in Calgary?

I really don't care about fancy- my favourite spots are usually hidden (sometimes grungy) gems & I will NEVER stand in a line up or frequent a place with a roped entrance. And limos..uugh!
If Opus is indeed open, is it the best choice?

Oyster bars in GTA

Most of the oysters in Toronto come from 3 sources- Rodney's, Oyster Boy or Starfish. Each of them own their own oyster beds & buy the imported oysters from the same suppliers. They then sell them to other restaurants.
For a casual night & a pint of Guinness, Oyster Boy is great. For more upscale (and more variety), Starfish can't be beat.

Fabulous Sushi 930

can someone ask sushi 930 to improve their rice? it seems a shame that they are losing business to such a correctable problem!

Juniper berries??

several places at the St. Lawrence Market carry them- downstairs in the south market you can find them packaged (can't remember the name of the place, but it's where they sell lots of spices). They are almost always dried- which is perfect for cooking.

Thursday Eats + Cocktails (Toronto)

what about the drake- the dining room is a bit much, but eating in the bar area (as long as it's early) is fun.

Going on a date, with my wife, need advice on resto

i love weezie's- it's small & run by a lovely couple, prices are good & the food is homey & consistently good. The tables are great for a date. prices are very reasonable.

Licor 43

makes sense- Licor 43 has 43 different flavours, Navan has...2? However, we have to make do with what we have here in Canada....

Feb 27, 2008
MartiniGirls in Spirits

Best Cocktails and Dinner in Calgary?

thanks guys- Ming has received great reviews all around- I'll let you know how it goes!

French restaurant recommendation needed

every time we go out, all things are considered; price, location, service, food... sometimes homey is all I'm looking for, sometimes price will keep me away from a restaurant I love. That said, I wouldn't eat at Susur every week, but I am glad I had the chance to experience it. anyway, i do appreciate your personal selection on this one- batifole is a great little spot, especially in that area & I didn't intend to diss it.
on another 'off the topic' mention- I never have the perfect dinner when out with work, no matter how nice the resto- it's just not the same as enjoying dins with friends..

Licor 43

and Navan is going to lack the citrus notes of Licor 43?

Feb 26, 2008
MartiniGirls in Spirits

French restaurant recommendation needed

i guess the question then, is whether or not Celestin is in a different league in price AND food; if so, $80/head is worth it.

Licor 43

any idea what is the best liqueur to use if you don't have Licor 43? What would be a good substitute?

Feb 26, 2008
MartiniGirls in Spirits

Best Cocktails and Dinner in Calgary?

hmm.. sounds like an opportunity for a new bar/resto.. do the places you have mentioned above serve food?

Petit Dejeuner =

Has anyone tried dinner at Petit?

French restaurant recommendation needed

Totally agree Erly- not sure why nobody mentions it. The food is innovative French but is served without pretense, the room is lovely- is it a secret spot Chow people don't nkow about?

Really good Mexican in Toronto does exist!

Not sure why the Danforth has all the good Mexican restaurants, but El Sol (Danforth & Monarch Park) is also fantastic, although the service is spotty. Their margaritas are well paired with the food- super tart lime and cracked ice. My favourite dish is the vegetarian platter.
What is good at La Cabana?

Best Cocktails and Dinner in Calgary?

I am from Toronto and I am looking for the best place to have really great cocktails, followed by dinner. It doesn't matter what area or price. Any suggestions?

Petit Dejeuner =

Morning glory is fantastic- not just their breakfast but sandwiches are great too.
For breakfast pancakes, the Patrician (219 King Street E) is awesome- a simple, good batter recipe cooked up by a real diner cook who knows how to work the stoves. Fluffy, cooked through (HATE pancakes with undercooked centres!!!) with a bit of crunch on the outside. Only complaint would be crappy maple syrup- I bring my own.

French restaurant recommendation needed

I have always had a lovely time at Celestin, and the food is excellent.


i love how we all have a sliding scale on 'over-priced'. allen's capon wings are overpriced, Colbourne Lane's $16 soup is.... not?

Looking for great sushi (yes, another thread)

isn't there some james chatto-touted place out on the queensway? anyone been? i never bother with sushi in toronto, it's no match for vancouver, but i miss it & would die for some worthy sashimi...

girls nite out - need recommendations

i second tomi-kro & the new terroni


I think El Sol is awesome across the board- from the knocking carts across the floor to the cracked-ice margaritas to their guacamole- it's a family run operation & authentic to the region- the tacos palapenos are the best I've ever eaten.

Terroni or Cava?

To your original question, I think Cava is a better restaurant by far , I disagree with torontofoodiegirl - I've always had a great experience there, and the fact that it's this wierd stripmall atmosphere makes it feel like a hidden gem. That said, I also think there are better restaurants for romance- Globe & Starfish are great for food & service. Jamie Kennedy wine bar is only good if you get one of the tucked away tables, and watch out for waiters seriously up-selling you (I asked for a port after dinner and without knowing was served 2 @ $30-or so...)

Which one for drinks on Queen East?

hey- that's great about citizen. i went there and the kitchen had just closed, but we were starving- the bartender was so sweet & went to the back & the kitchen put together some really nice snacks for us. next time I'm in that area, i'll choose citizen over comrade. we should be rewarding good service.